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Feel-Know-Embody the Frequency of Who You Are

Below is another “Sound of Gold” audio transmission from 12/29/13. This particular one is part of a documentary in the works. Although I am only sharing audio at this time, it demonstrates the transition into the communion state, message translation, and then back to my ending perceptions about what I just experienced. 569 more words


Resonant Heart, Resident Mind

If there is a vibratory state that pulses from the formless, no-thing-ness, into the multi-dimensional formed every-thing-ness then at what point does it animate our physical form to life. 1,258 more words

Letters From Other Thoughts

Structure of Lack

A little video on the structure of lack and how it burdens and limits your life

Inner Heart Meditation

A great little meditation practice to nurture and support your life

Mysteries of the Heart by HeartMath

This is a short but poignant clip from HeartMath. It states that the heart was formed before the brain so, in essence, we once existed without thinking: just being. 33 more words

Heart Resonance

Head versus Heart - Attain a happier life

Head versus Heart – Attain a happier life

If you are like most people, you would most likely feel the pressure of modern life. It is after all normal right. 429 more words



The universal law of resonance

Once you understand this basic universal principle, you are going to change your life in a very positive way. 909 more words