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"Say, 'Laa ilaaha illallaah.' So he replied ..."

Ibn Asaakir reported from Abdur-Rahmaan al-Muhaaribi that he said, “A man was on his deathbed and so it was said to him, ‘Say, ‘Laa ilaaha illallaah.’ So he replied, ‘I can’t, I used to accompany people who would order me to abuse Abu Bakr and Umar.’” 6 more words

Heart Softeners

Uthaimeen on The Heart

Shaikh Uthaimeen, may Allaah have mercy on him, said, “When you are afflicted with a physical illness, you knock on every doctor’s door for a cure and are patient with any pain that you must endure due to an operation and with the bitter taste of the medicine —so why don’t you do the same concerning your heart’s illness which was caused by sinning?” 13 more words


On Being Deceived

Haatim al-Asamm said, “Don’t be deceived by a virtuous place, for there is no place more virtuous than Paradise and yet Aadam faced what he faced there. 88 more words

Heart Softeners

Ramadan-a metaphor of life

I’ve learned something amazing. Ramadan is such a powerful and comprehensive metaphor of life. As with life, in Ramadan we must struggle hard. We must let go of things we love (food, drink, intimacy) in order to attain things we love more (mercy and pleasure of God). 327 more words


There's no escaping the agonies of death

Every person, whether pious or evil, will have to experience the agonies of death (sakarāt al-mawt). But for the pious person, it will increase him in reward or expiate his sins. 214 more words


Happiness is Found Here

In no era in history has the means of comfort and welfare ever been so within reach like they are today. Never has the knowledge of the world’s complex mysteries and the ability of subduing nature’s unfriendly elements ever been attained like it has today. 1,388 more words

Heart Softeners

Our love of beauty a Sign..

Have you ever seen a dog stunned by the sunset,Or a bear marvelling mountains capped by snow?Or a camel enamored by a starry desert night, Or a bird breathless by the scenes it sees below?And if you’ve never seen a cat gaze fondly, in the eyes of another with resolution impressed, 72 more words

Heart Softeners