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Ruined it.

I told him not to ruin it and I’m already mad at him for it. Here I am, with his number written on a napkin, facedown on my kitchen table and I can’t tell if I should throw it out or… Call him? 787 more words



Mom came home from Costco today unusually quiet. I watched and listened more intensely all day because it was just plain odd.

The normal routine is this: she glows when she is getting ready to leave for Costco, saying, “OK, kids, gotta go Costco!” and then comes home equally glowing, with heaps of cool stuff to proudly show off to us kids. 1,020 more words

Heart Stuff

Belly Tickles

Belly tickles are really my favorite. When we wake up and after eating our morning dinner, Mom sits down and we gather around and she belly tickles for a few minutes. 138 more words

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The week after our date has had me pacing, staring at an empty screen. Last text Sunday morning. Thanks, from me. Anytime, from the Philosopher. I had asked him out again and had been gently let down already. 582 more words

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4 Reasons Self-Care When Traveling is Important + A Day Trip to Salzburg

Last week, I experienced food poisoning for the first time.

It was horrid—apparently my body had a severe adverse reaction to the vegetarian chicken wrap I’d had for lunch from McDonald’s, in an effort to be budget-conscious in an expensive city like Salzburg, Austria. 813 more words

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Single and the Sickness: Or how I'm learning to 'adult' my way

The movie ‘How to be Single’ starring Dakota Johnson and Rebel Wilson was sadly pretty forgettable … with the exception of one incredibly relatable part. The scene where Dakota Johnson is trying to get dolled up for a girls night and is literally throwing her shoulder out of socket to zip up her sexy dress. 1,808 more words


The icing on the cake: What I’ve learned after the first month of my happiness project

So .. it’s been a month since I officially began my own ‘Happiness Project’. What is a happiness project, you ask? Well, tbh I’m still kind of figuring it out. 1,590 more words