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{intentional love} reclaiming

I have a sister-in-law who is forever seeking connection…she pokes and prods. She asks questions and makes you define your words. She talks about experience and sharing. 902 more words

From Hands To Heart

Anam Thubten - Prayer To The Queen Of Compassion, Aryatara: Devotional Calling From The Uncontrived Heart

From the Potala Palace of one’s own sacred perception, the divine who shines forth from the beautiful syllable TAM, the mother of all Buddhas, Aryatara, I take refuge in you until awakening.  29 more words

Spiritual Wake Up

{of company & comfort}

Lately a common theme is running through some of the blog posts and articles I’ve found: the idea of community. Dinner clubs or monthly spaghetti night. 400 more words


{on writing}

“You haven’t blogged lately.”

“No, but I’ve been writing.”

“What have you been writing?”



Lately I’ve been writing but not blogging, mostly to make sure blogging isn’t my only writing. 468 more words


{curves and brakes}

Crafting a life with meaning and adventure. The word adventure often evokes feelings of wanderlust and picture perfect backdrops. This tendency often leaves me wondering how we find adventure in our everyday lives. 396 more words


{becoming curators of our lives}

In efforts to care more about words, I’ve been thinking more about the words I use to describe my everyday actions. One I would like to adopt into my thinking is the word “curate.” 456 more words


It Takes Time by Cristen Rodgers

It Takes Time …

I’ve finally learned what it means to love the clouds and the storms as much as the sunshine – and it hasn’t been as easy as that simple sentence makes it sound.   34 more words