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Love Is

Lynn Altman has a new poem to share about the One Presence as the Love Within, for the Spiritual Poetry Corner.


Where The Divine Feminine Lives

Ali Jones-Carter has written a new poem for the Spiritual Poetry Corner.  It’s about a place of  Inner Peace and Tranquility.


What It's All About

Through our personal journey in life, we have come to the conclusion that what life is all about, is the experience of the Divine within, as the… 56 more words



Emily P. Freeman invites us to explore what we have learned at the end of each month and share it with her readers. It can be funny or serious. 593 more words

heart thoughts {the 5 most important things}

I regularly follow blogs, and have for years, and often get sucked into the ‘black hole’ of the internet. Whether it’s pinterest, money blogs, lifestyle blogs, or current events – I can usually find a way to spend hours online. 427 more words


Time with Ricki Byars-Beckwith and Michael Beckwith

We got to meet up with Ricki Byars-Beckwith and Michael Beckwith while they were visiting Maui.  It was great getting to spend some time with them.  46 more words



Lynn Altman has sent us a poem for today … it’s about going within and connecting with the stillness of Divine Love at the center of our… 6 more words