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Too Far Gone: A Poem

My whispers won’t mean a thing
When you didn’t even care to hear my cries.

My eyes won’t awaken you
Because you never looked beyond the lies. 28 more words


Feel of Heart Beat

You are my love

You are my heart

I am your beat

Like the wave of the sea

You are my moon

I am your night… 42 more words



Teachings | KrsnaKnows

The fish said to the ocean, you cannot see my tears since there is water all over… the ocean answered I do feel your pain and see the tears since you live in my heart and I can understand it better! 9 more words

Quote Shots

beauty with one heart

forever the romance

and said on the sands

and for the roses

and called on the doing

and dreaming as the changes

and when it was the caution… 44 more words


#RomanticTuesday ~ Interwoven 

Hardly noticeable at the beginning

The way we thought alike

Not in the same vicinity of thought

But the exact same thoughts

We laughed at first and thought it to be cute… 164 more words


Jewel of the day: Patrick Malotki Heart Wedding Set

Patrick Malotki has interesting wedding ring options (one, dubbed Cracked, has a fine crack where the band is open top to bottom. Hey, let’s face it. 38 more words

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