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I Don't say "I Love You"

I don’t say the words “I love you”
I’d rather let my life show you
Rather give you the respect you deserve
Than speak the words and offer the hope… 122 more words


50 Word Stories: Life

My friends said it inevitable that I'd lose her. She'd always had her heart set on bigger things, stardom, the good life. Her eyes strayed about a second after we'd first so passionately kissed. 18 more words


Temporary (Poem)

There will come a time when you will be unable to stand back up again
but it will be temporary

your legs will be too weak… 108 more words


Lost and Found

“It’s in this world that wandering hearts come lost, to be found.” – Pia Jane Bijkerk, “My Heart Wanders.”


Made My Bed

“Jesus loves you”

This I know

Every word that is written in the book reminds me so

Every painful word

I can’t read it anymore, it’s hard for me to admit… 241 more words


Worm Food

Lost myself in a touch
I was no longer clever
For only fools keep tripping
Over their own feet
I forgot to listen
To the rhythm of my heart… 39 more words