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On a bus

Top deck. Feeling low. High expectations. Can’t grow. Look down. Happy people. Smiling friends. Content lovers. I’m neither. Open phone. Remember past. Close eyes. Don’t cry.

Losing Battle

Every time I think of you, I cry.

Like, why couldn’t you be better?

Why is my life like this and yours, like that?

It’s makes me sad beyond words. 118 more words


I miss haiku

How do I last with

My heart having to leave me

Every single time?

Self Written


All things get easier in time yet regardless of the time that has passed whenever I lay and think and I mean really think of you I can’t help but feel an ache, a craving, a complete void open in nearly an instant. 187 more words


I used to always say the one I loved felt like a dream. They felt like a dream because I couldn’t believe that someone so incredible could exist outside of my head. 71 more words


It all seems so hazy now. Loving you. Sometimes it’s hard to believe it ever happened. It’s hard to believe I laid next to you in awe. 94 more words


Woman. Head cocked and eyebrow raised. Without even saying a word her demeanor reeks of conviction. She sees me. Not the me everyone is currently seeing. 1,258 more words