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At least once a year I lose you all over again...

On this day 5 years ago I flew from Vancouver to San Francisco eagerly awaiting our reunion after the failed start that was Canada.

I hadn’t heard from you which was incredibly strange and off the back of the events of the precious 48 hours, to say I was a wreak was an understatement.  599 more words

Leave it on the Mountain

When you’re hiking up a mountain and you get to the point where you are completely exhausted, it’s hard to think of anything other than how much your legs hurt, or how there is no way you’re going to get to the top. 391 more words


The Fist

It’s hard to imagine the hands of someone you don’t know the identity of.

I’ve likely never studied the finger pads of these hands; it’s entirely possible that they’ve never touched me. 182 more words

Coffee Chats

Does it really feel like home?

One day…one hour…one minute… one second…

that’s all it takes for your entire view of this world we comfortably call home to change. There are few things certain in life. 383 more words


I Wonder What You Think Of When You Hear My Name

I wonder if my name is a scarlet letter on the tip of your tongue. I wonder if every time you pass by something that reminds you of me, you swallow it down along with every memory that’s tried to claw its way back up. 537 more words


I wish my heart wasn’t so flimsy. I wish I didn’t open myself up to whoever glanced in my direction, but I can’t help it. I crave a connection that I have read about, learn about, but never experienced. 66 more words


Painful To Be

It is painful to be around him. It is painful to know that he doesn’t love me like I love him. It is painful to dress up for him, but not have him notice. 151 more words