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I'm THE Girl

I’m the girl that would be happy spending the entire night in your arms instead of being in a crowd full of people. I’m the girl that would be happy eating McDonalds under the stars on a blanket instead of spending a ton of money at some fancy restaurant. 632 more words


Sad Eyes

She walks around with sad eyes

Every where she goes.

People think she’s happy,

But no one really knows.

She walks around with sad eyes… 176 more words

Who I was, who I am, who I'll always be

The day I have been dreading is almost here. Both slowly and all of sudden it has come, and very soon I will have to face it: the one year anniversary of the day my son left this world. 806 more words

a lot has been going on...

For the last 6 weeks I have been taking an acne medication called Isotretinoin (sometimes known as Accutane). I made the tough choice to do another round of Isotretinoin this year after my dermatologist and I couldn’t get my acne under control. 1,212 more words


Winter Blossoms

It was freezing that day..the first snow had ushered the year’s winter in but from the person holding her in his arms..she could feel the warmth of summer. 33 more words


My Lady the Moon

She has everything now,
up there.
And when she turns to me,
as if to say
there is no one else you could love,
her regard bores through… 81 more words



I curse you
Under my breath
Out loud
I hate that every now and then
I’ll think of you

Just when I’ve forgotten
You somehow reappear… 30 more words