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What Kind of Hard Will You Choose?

Last year, while I trudged (and sometimes dragged) myself through the struggles, I realized something that changed the way I waged the war. In the midst of the valley, I found myself fighting for joy. 810 more words

Life & Learning

A final ‘Thank You’ note to my ex that I never actually gave to her

For you, whom I loved so much, but shouldn’t have!

Hello. Hope you are doing great. This was something I wrote post my breakup, still remember the day and time, you left me for something freshly beautiful in your life. 654 more words


Her Yearning

Check out my poem “Untitled” made with Instant Poetry 2

evening thoughts

i’ve been sad for a few days now,  as sunday before last, i lost my very pretty baby girl bastet. on friday (april 6) evening when i got home, there were indications that she had been vomiting and when she saw me, she cried aloud. 1,209 more words


I wish I were a better writer, then maybe some of the heartache I’ve felt over the past couple of months could be channeled into something that’d make all of it meaningful. 340 more words


Bereavement - Time Out

The last 11 months have been the worst of my entire life and I have struggled to understand how my heart still beats, how I manage to get out of bed, to get dressed and to function. 118 more words