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Even the Brightest Stars Have a Dull Day

I have channeled all my positive vibes and energy into the world and felt so uplifted and amazed at the blessings from the Universe, but even the most positive of people have days where they get in a funk. 168 more words

My Life

'If you cant handle the heat, get the fuck out the kitchen.

You can only blame yourself. I am the only reason I smile. The only reason I cry. The only reason I become insecure and run away. 264 more words

So much more than my dog...

When Davidson was given to me, only 5 weeks old, I could never have imagined how big part of my life he would be. For the past 12 years he has been my one firm point in life. 310 more words



The weather today will be mostly sunny with mild temperatures and a very light chance of rain.”

That was the daily forecast of my life until the fog rolled in very unexpectedly. 298 more words

My Thoughts

Aching for you

For a headache, aspirin

For a muscle ache, ibuprofen

For an ear ache, antibiotic

For a stomach ache, Tums

For a heartache…what?

I know one thing for sure: 57 more words

Creative Nonfiction

Accept It Or Neglect It

These memories will never die
I’ll keep them, keep them deeply in my heart.
So don’t cry.
Those tears were never met for me
I finally realized… 29 more words


My First blog....... Break-up

Today I have experienced one of the worlds worst pain. We all have been through it one way or another. Some being responsible for the pain and some unaware that the pain is about to knock you out. 517 more words