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I know I should hate you. For leaving me.

I should be thanking you. For staying faithful until the end.

I must not look for you. 763 more words


New details.

New details were released from a local news station yesterday. Details that could have been kept in the court room, not out for everyone to hear. 199 more words



I don’t have the words but I have the need to speak. 498 more words


Missing the point

For the past few days I’ve been wondering what role I have in Chris’s life. I used to be privy to that kind of information. Funny how a year can go by with so much intensity, finding the way up and out is pretty rough.. 203 more words



By Charles Robert Lindholm

he didn’t mean to do it

he just fell into the trap

and when he finally told her

she gave his face a slap… 76 more words


Involuntary Silence

For the first time ever I think that my days are harder than my nights.

Maybe it has to do with the fact that I had gotten used to sleeping in the middle of my queen sized bed long before you actually left, only being joined by your presence when my phone lite up my entire bedroom and one last text came through for the night. 340 more words


Breaking to Tell Her

By Damien Knight

What do you do when everything hurts,
When your skin burns?
How do you speak when your lips won’t move?
Like your voice no longer works. 168 more words