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Perhaps One Day

You followed your dreams and I followed mine
We met by chance or luck or plan of God
We found a thing more precious than gold mine… 116 more words

In Loving Memory

My dad died today. When your worst fear has become your reality, it makes this day, and all the rest to come, extremely difficult. It’s truly heart breaking that I had no choice but to say goodbye. 341 more words


2nd Date Heartache

I didn’t think it was possible to fall quickly for anyone. I have never really been that kind of girl. I can get carried away quickly in my mind, imagination runs down the path to all the things that could be ahead, but it doesn’t run for long before giving up and coming back to reality. 314 more words


I'm Forgetting What It Felt Like To Love You

I was laying on an unfamiliar bed thinking of you.
I started thinking about this moment where I am now. I’m laying here staring out the window and I can’t remember your scent or what your touch felt like. 401 more words

make them stop

inside my head, there is a voice.

it is wiser than a sage, holier than the grail.

it is not bound by the rules of nature. 191 more words


Think of Me

You wouldn’t know this,

But when I dream, it’s still of you.

I find it funny┬áthat you were ever mine —

Funny in a breaks my heart kind of way. 60 more words


It has been 6 years and 9 months, I still miss you every single day

Dear Maya,

You don’t read wordpress blogs. Of course you don’t. I haven’t written here for a long time. Not that means anything. I miss you and I miss you every single day. 319 more words