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This post was dated exactly one year ago; a cry for help answered within.

*originally posted on FB aug. 20, 2016

This knife is sharp; like the one you left inside my heart, exposing my arteries and veins. I am brought to my knees and vulnerable. 58 more words

After Winter Must Come Spring

​“After winter must come spring. Change comes eventually” – Lauryn Hill

The mere fact that spring comes after winter is a clear indication to all humanity that no matter what you are going through right now, it will pass and things will get better.

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How I wish,

I would have an amnesia

If this is the only way, i’ll forget you….

because you’re already with someone else


Turn pain into power

Love will conquer all.

Love will let you go

Love will make me forget you

Love is what you will remember when I am with him. 43 more words


To my Gerry

It’s been 68 days when I met this guy on a dating app. We talked for 4 days before he finally asked me out. We decided to have dinner then watch a movie. 1,155 more words

Cancer, chemo.... doesn't beat poker or night swimming 

Went to a party today, followed by another . A swim party than turn poker with my guy. Had my first real kiss,

Impressed him with my poker skills and turn my ten bucks to 150 dollars . 102 more words


Leading Me To Insanity

The wind is deceiving my ears

I think that you are here

I hear you calling my name

Turn around to find the pain

I’m about to lose control… 30 more words