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We are all pilgrims

In John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, Pilgrim sets out on a journey and soon discovers that companions are welcomed along the road of life. It is a dangerous journey and it is only a matter of time that we will either need help or be the one to offer help to another. 574 more words


Time rolling over itself–

Years concealing agendas like

Waves hiding rocks beneath.

Separate lives lived in


Howling silence, heat-suffused fragrance–

Roses lying on floor– 9 more words


Miss Imperfect

I do not know what to say everytime you tell me I have to take risks. You say you only want adventures with me, and honestly, I love adventures very much as well. 260 more words



She’s got him now,

She doesn’t need me.

She’s got a life now,

One that isn’t with me.

How do you go from being someone’s one hundred percent, 159 more words



you said
you were broken
and that I can
believe. but
you’re not
the type of broken
that needs
someone like me.
we are two pieces… 36 more words



How often did Phoenix

Rise, ashen tears falling?

Was it a one-time

Occasion, last coppery sparks


Flashing like angelic fireflies?

Or were there untold… 25 more words