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Why forgiving them will not help you.

Have you ever had a best friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, family member (or a co-worker) that you trusted for a good amount of time in your life and then POOF! 1,282 more words

On Organ Donation

On Organ Donation
by FT Ledrew

i checked the box
for organ donation
but you can take my heart now –
i have no use for it



All broken inside. Tears well up unbidden. Feels like I’ve taken my heart and ripped it out voluntarily. Feels like I’ve destroyed everything that was kind and beautiful in my life. 625 more words


I was worried about this.

Now that things have calmed down on every other front but mine, I’m finding I’m starting to feel. And I don’t like it.

I suppose the healing has to begin sometime but right now is not the time.


lily pads

Lonesome Road – Mr. Airplane Man

On lily pads

ever so light

ever so quick

I escape the fate

they want me to


No not me… 109 more words


When standing here

with you

I don’t know what to do 

or who to be

A lost and broken


Holding out his


I don’t know…

23 more words
Kait King Author


My latest adventure is one of love. And, boy, is it a wild ride!

I generally prefer to communicate in writing (shocker), so I took a risk yesterday, and wrote him a letter, to express my thoughts and feelings on current circumstances between us. 369 more words