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Garnet crystal crashes

To the floor

Red wine bleeds into the cracks
You speak her name

And I too am shattered

She haunts your mind… 93 more words


Tim Tebow, I'm Dealing With A Breakup Too.

Anyone who’s been through a breakup knows that they suck.

And there’s nothing more heart-wrenching then trying to give up the idea of  what used to be. 766 more words


Just Breathe

December 1st, World AIDS Day.

The topic always makes people think about their mortality.

December 1st, the last month of the current calendar year.

The notion makes me think about my place in the world. 99 more words


Last Dance

I’m looking through all of our old photographs.
Picking and choosing the ones that showed the best of them.
We were once those two.
And I wonder why we fell through. 27 more words


Checking up on the ex

My first impulse was to look over my shoulder to see if no one could see me, clasping my laptop with a mixture of surprise, curiosity and horror. 224 more words


Chapter 12: Midnight

Have you ever thought about the significance of midnight? It can mean a bunch of things. Obviously, it’s the moment we all count down to on New Year’s Eve. 1,371 more words

Hello - The Gospel of Adele

It’s difficult to go anywhere and not hear Adele. She’s everywhere. The other night my wife and I saw a Target commercial that was simply 60 seconds of the newest Adele music video. 402 more words