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Her Changing Room

She outgrew him like that favorite dress of hers

As the seasons had passed he had lost his charms

There were stains she couldn’t get rid of… 167 more words



I let go with love in my heart and forgiveness in my soul.

I let go because holding on became too much of an act. 190 more words

You're going to make it

Your gonna make it thru

You may not truely understand
Why you’ve faced such sorrows
Those times have felt like quicksand
Like there’s no tomorrow… 82 more words

Child Abuse

Adoption—what’s in it for the social worker?

True story…when I was thirty years old I discovered the name of the social worker who handled my adoption. I telephoned her office and requested a meeting. 797 more words


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Dumped Twice in 24 Hours

So. That’s a thing.

That’s a thing. Indeed.



Your words, once spoken, had an affinity for being lost in translation You spoke softly, and had access to a tenderness
that made its way from me upon opening my eyes every morning. 187 more words

My heart hurts.

So many things to say, but often left unsaid.

And so, here, in this special place of mine, posted or left as a draft, I’ll lay it all out. 224 more words