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I Believe In Music

Like How Some People

Believe In Fairy Tales.

Cause There Is A

Song For

Every One Of

Your Moods

Matching Your Heartbeat…

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In a heartbeat..

Is it your eyes that smile
Or just the heart reflects through
I found that love is felt in a thousand ways
And i found it through you… 190 more words

3:00 a.m.

It’s 3:00 a.m.; do you know where your heart is? Is it broken and cast in a dark corner of your chest, alone and frightened? Does the pain hurt so bad that you want to just lie down and die? 462 more words

Something for Now; or, Drunk Punk Music

Alone I walk to the rainbow.

The only other beings on their feet are smaller, and have quicker heartbeats.

Listen too loud and you manage to convince yourself that your actions are justified… 34 more words




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This is my version of "Monsters" Hope you enjoy both mine and the original post from Sue:


  Monsters are real to an extent, it seems, But they mainly stick to really bad dreams. At times, however, a feeling I get That one may be lurking in the shadows yet. On a foggy night that fills me with dread, I think I feel persons long since dead. They creep through the night and whisper to me; They tap on my shoulder and laugh with glee. I feel the icy cold fingers grip me tight And not want to let up for the rest of the night. Footsteps behind me make me increase my pace; In the window’s reflection, I see a dead face. I hear spectral laughter, my heartbeat increases, And fear makes me sweat, and want to go to pieces. I feel the small hairs on the back of my neck Prickle and stand up like sailors on a deck. The air turns cold all the sudden it seems, And then I hear blood curdling screams Of people who’ve been taken before their time And search for whomever committed the crime.   (c) 2010 by John T. M. Herres


Good morning! Sorry for the late posting…I was too full of excitement yesterday to function!

We had our first sonogram and it went wonderfully! I seen my little squiggle’s heart thumping and even got to hear it! 891 more words



The sun is blocked by faces

Staring in despair

Gratefully devouring

Every sacred breath of air

They wonder how it happened

When the blood began to spill… 84 more words