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When Blood Ceases to Flow

When Blood Ceases to Flow

Fly away my angel.
Be forever young.
My longing will linger into eternity,
But you are at peace.

Your laugh lives always on the warm breeze, 33 more words


In a Heartbeat

In a heartbeat,

The car turned the corner too fast, and turned over,

The last thing the mother did was scold her

Son for chewing loudly. 162 more words


Matters of the Heart

Warning: This post contains a real heart.

I dissected a heart this week. It’s strange how this fist-sized pump keeps us alive. Lubb-dupp. Lubb-dupp. An avarage of 72 beats per minute. 140 more words


“He’s hurting you, whether he knows it or not. But he makes you happy anyway, and I can’t do anything about it.”


“What am I to you?”

84 more words

To the Ghost of the Homeless Man I Met by the ATM Last Night

by Peter Haynes

When you glided near and asked me to spare a breath, I might have made a noise like a startled cat. I didn’t see you in the doorway. 522 more words

Flash Fiction

The Evolution of Sound to Rhythm

The sounds of nature have always been so soothing, peaceful whether it’s birds singing in harmony in the morning breeze or wind gushing through a dense forest, shaking each leaf to create a note to our liking. 227 more words

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