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Heartbeat - August 2017

Services and events during August, around the Bacton Benefice Churches.

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Heartbeat - Forever the 1960s

The grey sky engulfed Aidensfield as PC Crane whizzed around the tight Yorkshire country lanes on his motorbike. With that heavy chill in the air Dan could feel that more snow would be on the way. 2,112 more words


soulmates, far apart

harmonized eternally

with every heartbeat

Daily Prompt: Harmonize

Creative Writing

Heartbeat of Words


long dead

in utter silence


have come alive



long paralyzed

and crippled


come dancing to me



buried deep

along with my feelings… 27 more words


One Step at a Time

George stood at the bottom of the stone steps leading to the top of the grassy hill. He looked up toward the top and started counting the steps, reaching twenty before he had to stop, as the steps above the twentieth were difficult to individually discern from his vantage point. 353 more words


Love beat

I’m still experimenting with the new software. This is basically two lines embroidered close together. It looks quite dense in the mock-up, but I’d say in reality is would look a look finer. 44 more words

Free Embroidery File

Cardiac Arrest

The flat edge hits my nose.

Sharp. Unwanted.


‘An evening of heart’,

the print on my face reads.


I’m flung waist-deep into the quadrants – 66 more words