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You Are Enough.

The darkness, the tranquil quiet,
beckon abandon, an undoing calm,
a drowning melancholy,
a beautiful kind of sadness,
now engulfs me.
Tears fringe the corners of my lashes, 271 more words


Will i ever float again?

There’s a lot of anger holding on to my heart, will I ever let go?

Will it ever change?

I step away, I watch my body function then I look around I see faces. 312 more words

Just For Fun

An Open Letter To My Ex.

I sit before my computer screen thinking about the decisions I’ve made in life.

Especially the silly ones.

But my dear ex, this letter I write to you to inform you that you were not a decision I regret but more of a life lesson one learns along the way. 497 more words


FRIDAY FEELS: To the Person Whom I'll Always Chase After...

To the person whom I’ll always chase after,

Why? Why do I let myself be dragged by you? It doesn’t make sense to a lot of people, but somehow it does to me.

293 more words

"One True Love" Is A Lie!

I’m almost feel like I jinxed it. I did, didn’t I? Just days after I posted What Became of Pretty Boy, he texted me saying his girlfriend dumped him. 525 more words



I left you today
Packed everything up
Went through the motions
Saw an end in sight
I travelled a far
And farther still
Saw many great people… 181 more words

Allow me to share my story with you, a 5-year-old love story that made and broke me:

Through 2010 and 2011, i had my first ever real lover. A little older than i and very experienced. She taught me everything i knew then, from how to kiss properly and other basic things, to how to not be bothered by a girl’s other boyfriends. 559 more words