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Daily Shorts - Everywhere I Go

I’ve been doing a decent job at keeping focused with dance, channeling my hurt into my dancing and with gym as well. I met up with a friend from breakdance today, who taught me a few new things, and I worked on my current choreography as well. 279 more words


Lost Again

I didn’t make the move
I waited for you to take the lead
I really did wait…
Stupid me. 65 more words

My Crazy High School Verses

心酸-林宥嘉 Heartbreak-Yoga Lin

Lyricist: Derek Shih
Composer: Ding Shiguang
Arranger: Ding Shiguang
Producers: Bing Wang aka Wang Chi-ping and A’da Liang

走不完的長巷 原來也就那麼長
The endless alley as I remember is actually not too long… 184 more words

Chinese Pop Songs

autumn of 2014

as her snake like rhetoric slinked behind

she began dictating,


with venemous teeth in my wayward mind.


Toxic Relationships...

Have you ever met someone and they instantly took your breath away ? I mean you fell completely in love at first sight, and as time passed it felt like you met your soul mate? 666 more words


i miss you tonight

It’s the type of miss I wish I could share.

Like back a few months when you’d say it and I felt my feelings get all giddy. 55 more words



“That’s the problem with putting others first – you’ve taught them you come second.”
I hate how much I second guess everything. Little changes in the way people word things or say things, a tone of voice, an emoji not sent. 685 more words