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I'm longing for a love that no longer exists. 

I’m trying to keep busy.

Occupy myself with art.

Occupy myself with music.

Occupy myself with my writing.

With new lovers.

My head still spins. … 73 more words

Ruminations on Love, Day 4

I have many loves

From all parts of my life

In all my years of being.

Love for God and good

And triumph over evil… 167 more words


Collage Hearts

I turned back around hugging my scarf to me for comfort,clinging to my last shreds of dismembered dignity. And as I contemplated my sudden wave of confidence, and how in one minute everything would change, I spoke. 261 more words

Blogmas 2016

Small steps. [16]

When you are feeling as low as me right now (and trust me i am feeling low, the lowest I’ve  ever felt in my entire life), you find a lot of people just tell you the usual splurge “ 352 more words


coast living came easy.

the far side,

it’s a far cry.

wishing and waiting for her,

the one with someone else

the one who holds your finger. 90 more words


The Game

And then it shattered.

No words can explain how nice it had been. The freedom he donned himself in for every second of his life, as he knew how much such subtle decisions may change the life of a certain person. 684 more words

Chapter 2- Their Eyes

(If you haven’t read my first chapter of this story, go check it out!)

Mary groaned as her alarm clock screamed at her, warning her to get up at six. 856 more words