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He was a snowcapped mountain,

strong coffee on a Saturday morning.

He had ambition in his step,

and sexuality in his eyes.

He stood like an ancient willow tree, 53 more words

date like a pro: tips for getting what you want and avoiding what you don't

Lean in, ladies and gentlemen.  I’m about to give you some dating advice that will save you a lot of heartache:  Make sure early on that you and your partner have the same end game in  mind.  515 more words

Mundane Monday Morning Music: Adele - "Rolling In The Deep"

Mornin’ Readers!

March is almost over, and I am so looking forward to this upcoming 4-Day long weekend on the horizon! Baking, relaxing and the annual visit from the Easter Bunny are all big events my family has on tap to do! 250 more words


We need grace in heartbreak #truth

Today there were two things that were placed heavy on my heart.  The first, the impact of terrorism here in Tunisia, where I’m writing from.  The second, the heartbreak of a friend a world away from here. 1,578 more words

The Choke of a Ghost

Most people end relationships and go through a period of heartbreak. I never did that. I was shocked when I left my last relationship and essentially just moved on with my life, happier than I’d been for months. 404 more words

Chapter -2 Best friend or a lover

That night was the best night of tia’s life roaming around with the one and only love of her life.The time she fell because of drinking he was there to hold her.She was so carefree.To the contrary the roaming session in the park got over way too early because vansh was trying to be extra cautious so that no one suspects her for drinking.She wanted to kiss him and tell him how she feels but she tried to control hard so that she doesn’t seem to be much desperate and they were in the car again.She started talking about random stuff.She exclaimed m”my ex was so annoying!i feel like slapping him”Vansh on the contary said i found him smart.She slapped him in fun cause their bond of friendship had made them so comfortable with each other.He was teasing her again and again.He was dropping her back home.She didn’t want to go back home but she had to leave.By collecting some amount of strength she hugged him saying..”You deserve a hug vansh”.She felt so close.Both were speechless and she went away.At home she couldn’t stop thinking about the legit night.It was the best one cause she was with him <3.Next day they were texting.Vansh was happy too about the night.The only thing that was bothering tia was his girlfriend.She confessed that” i really love you vansh and i want to be with you forever but i cant stay in the middle of a situation cause these feelings are overpowering me.” Then vansh said there is “nothing left in my relationship with that girl.Even i love you alot” Tia was happy and she was waiting form him to talk to her.But he said it is not that easy for him to end it. 115 more words




i heard it distinctly.

the last breaths you gasped out in my presence,

bolstered by your firm indignation.

And as you turned to leave, 13 more words