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An apology

I would have imagined us walking down a street in the midnight of Venice with glimmering lakes and the smell of serenity

I would have imagined us spread across the cold sands in a beach with frozen sunlight, someplace where it’s okay if the sand sticks a little too much to our palms… 131 more words

Sometimes we have to let go of what’s killing us, even if it’s killing us to let go. 

Have you ever been in love and it just didn’t work out? Have you ever been hurt by someone and still care deeply for then? Well i have and it was was not easy for me emotionally. 200 more words


Giving up on love at 22

First About People Blog piece! Participant numbers permitting, there will be a new post each week pulled from interviews with friends, family or total strangers sharing whatever they choose to share – that could be popular or unpopular opinions, life lessons, personal stories, etc. 1,099 more words



Alone I sit in the darkness, demons drawing closer.

I felt the warmth of your embrace, the gentleness of your hand and I was no longer afraid. 106 more words


Be the Adventure You Wish to Live

She wore flowers
And wasted my time,
She dressed light
And drank my spirits

Halfway through my life
And I realize
For the very first time… 31 more words


His Last Vow (headcanon)

Moments after Sherlock is seated and the jet’s door shuts quietly behind Mycroft—no ceremony there—and the plane begins to lift off the ground, he collapses. 82 more words