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I tied her to a chair,

in a clustered room,

sort of a storage space,

with photos of people and events occurred,

with materialistic possessions all around, 66 more words


To the man I’ll fall in love in the future, wherever you are right now I know someday our path will cross without us even knowing it, without our knowledge that will both end up for each other.

574 more words

Indian Serenade: The Last Tune

On a rainy day, with a heavy bag on my back and a camera stand in my hands, I walked into a dimly lit restaurant by the highway. 992 more words


The Bachelor Catchups Episodes V1 - V111

Who ever survives the dates, the drama in the mansion and Matty’s sister, Kate, undoubtably deserves to be his true love.

How many buildings does a gal need to jump off or planes to fall from … not to mention finding the skimpiest bikini to wear; the challenge being to keep you bikini in place while you perfect your water sport … remembering to demonstrate maternal instincts wherever possible because Matty wants a family, plus … hold ladylike conversations with his sister in order for her not to be suspicious of your intent?? 718 more words


The thing we had 

It felt so magical

The first time we met

Your eyes look at me like i’m the fragile one

And yeah you know I tried so hard to hide my broken pieces, but when you saw eyes… 32 more words


There's a first for everything.

When it’s 3am, and you can barely sleep.

Haunting thoughts, echoing in your dreams.

I hope every breath hurts you, like your words did to me. 51 more words