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Rusted Soul

They ache… all of them do

Some in agony and some in thirst

some survive , some face the consequences, and 

some… just die.

Sometimes it eats you away and sometimes it just haunts you… 122 more words


I’m scared. I think I might have made a big mistake. One that will change my life forever. Things are changing and I can feel it. 60 more words

My Heart

The Night w/ My Best Friend

I fell in love with my best friend. She’s beautiful, smart, hilarious, fun to be around, and gives the most amazing hugs. Too bad she doesn’t like girls. 435 more words

I am over you.

I do not want to be with you.

And now I know, that since I’ve meant that, that I am over you.


Poem: One to Two

One to Two


You were my infinity

No you were The Infinity

The one who polished me and left me to bake in the sun… 165 more words

Because you didn't love all of me

You may have loved my skin in your hands
Or they way I laughed
You may have loved that I held your pains
with gentleness… 108 more words

All of this to say,... / beyond the capacity to influence.

Discomfort, and memories of events that I wish had never occurred.

Mistakes, or missteps or circumstances that were beyond my capacity to influence.

Allow me to start over,… 408 more words