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I Watched

I watched as:

She put her kids through hell making them live in an abusive drug filled house.

He married a woman who loathed everything about him. 122 more words



Must I continue this charade?

Each day I pretend to be content with this miserable parade.

Shutting my eyes at night seems to be my only comfort, if only I could prolong it. 58 more words


Her Mind?

I cry myself to sleep every night, but it’s not because i’m sad.

Blood runs from my legs, and its because of a blade.

I despise this world and it’s not because of my deadbeat dad. 112 more words



What happened to this family?

I thought you guys would always be there, I guess it was just insanity.

I live everyday alone since you all left me behind. 102 more words


False Hope

And again I was waiting for you. Every year you ripped and tore at my heart saying you would be here soon. I waited believing you would come, but somewhere in my scarred heart I knew you wouldn’t visit. 59 more words


Don't Worry

Don’t be afraid sweetie, we all break in our youth. It gives us a chance to rebuild ourselves even stronger. Even though some of us leave too soon it’ll still be okay cause in the end we all did what we needed to. 21 more words


His Mind #2

Can I escape this world of hate?
No I can not for it is my fate.
My demons weigh down my shoulders…
As if they were huge boulders. 28 more words