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my favorite ex-boyfriend

day three! ┬átoday’s writing exercise came a bit later in the day because–drumroll please…it’s my birthday! i had a wonderful time with friends and family and im looking forward to what 30 has in store. 538 more words



Trying to ignore what you’re saying I don’t want to hear that word again. Plugging my ears just isn’t enough anymore; so I decide to close my eyes. 119 more words


Talking to Smokey again...

I am talking to him and I wish it was all the same. I wish we could go back to being romantic when we first started. 706 more words


My heart breaks daily at silence, repeating,
My voice an echo into a world not answering
My family so far, beyond my reaching
Alone on this island with two girls I am teaching… 92 more words


I feel

Like a flower – picked even before it bloomed
Like a sad summer song, a contradicting noise
Like a love letter never sent
Like a rainy morning on your 24th birthday… 158 more words

Of Heartaches Blabs

let me drive

I was not made to be silent

or a pretty ornament on the wall

no, I realized suddenly just how sharp my tongue was and… 221 more words

About Everything



Lots and lots of them.

In past blogs I’ve mentioned that my whole life I have struggled with letting go of the past and recently I’m feeling wrecked over decisions I really regret making. 789 more words