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One million heartbreaks and a matching tattoo later...

One million heartbreaks and a matching tattoo later, I am still praying that we’ll work things out. I can’t help that I love you so much…I cannot even put our love into words, but if I had to it would be how we meet for coffee every Monday when I get out of class..or how you never go to sleep without telling me goodnight. 216 more words


The Ultimate Breakup Playlist

Are you coping with a recent split from an ex, or trying aimlessly to get over someone you wanted but couldn’t have? Has the emotional pain left you crying on your bedroom floor at two in the morning, screaming Taylor Swift’s… 845 more words



You pity him because he liked you first.

You pity him because you aren’t in love as much as he is no matter how much you convince yourself you are. 43 more words


Pure & Whole

You visited me again last night.

My subconscious sought a time when I had last felt a pure and unadulterated love.

I drew breath on a beach, surrounded by my peers – the graduating class of 2007, celebrating the completion of our studies. 149 more words


New Heart, Who Dis?

Over the past few months I have been in a real “I don’t give a fuck” state of mind. And I don’t mean like a rebellious “I don’t give a fuck” type of thing. 920 more words


Heartbreak Princess Chapter 9

‘Ironically enough, I wrote this chapter after making valentines for all of my friends (I just realized how many friends I have). I just released Paris; Take Two! 1,156 more words

Purification 2

To get your attention, I remove myself. Definition by negation. Neither one of us is enough of a savior to help the other, and I learn what I am by what I am not, so what can you teach me? 205 more words