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Letting it go

You are allowed to move on with your life while keeping the memories of the past.

You are allowed to keep the memories of the past while letting go of the people in them. 18 more words

World Around Us

When Love Promised Us Pain and Not Joy

Love happens to every person on this planet. But love takes on a different course on every individual. Some may have a fairytale beginning, some may have a tragic ending. 681 more words


Shout out to my ex.

This isn’t a hateful rant about how you broke me down, about how many tears I’ve cried, or even how much I begged for you back. 1,188 more words


And Still It Shakes

The long recovery of love.

10.25.16 – Opposition privy

Those specters hang about enough to be charged rent. I’ve got roosts growing out of my back like branches, an easy spot for vultures of shadow to rest and wait. 440 more words

The Elusive

No Shadow

There is no shadow.

So it is known to the ones who are turning

God who am I to deny Your perfect being or be inhabited by it? 62 more words


From A Closet In Norway (Oslo Blues)

I would rather be any place but here

Spin the bottle or roll the dice, my dear
‘Cause I can’t care, I can’t seem to break my fall… 160 more words


Remember last night

Don’t tell me you love me
My heart is a treacherous place
Filled with sharp rocks and pain

Life is a dangerous place
Heartbent or heartbroke… 50 more words