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i hate goodbyes

i hate goodbyes.

i think its because I’ve had too many.

it doesn’t even need to be a goodbye.
it can be a cya later, 85 more words

A reason for everything

I moved to Denver from Wisconsin about seven months ago now. Even though it’s only been seven months, so much has changed I can’t even comprehend it sometimes. 495 more words


Yogi Body, Yogi Heart, Yogi Bear

What I always liked about Yogi the Bear was the simple fact that he was very transparent with his objective. Picnic baskets. He loved them. Wanted them. 688 more words

I Heard a Rumor About You

Do you ever hear something about yourself that you know isn’t true?

You know you never did something, yet everyone thinks you did.

Most of the time, what you’re being accused of CAN be logical and true. 859 more words

(Warning: Personal themes) Mental and Emotional Abuse


When you think of the words, ‘’abuse,’’ what are the first images that flash across your mind?

Being the naïve, inexperienced girl that I was, I only thought of things such as domestic violence, cutting, candid insults, use of weaponry, sexual violation or physical restriction. 1,700 more words

Memories In The Dust


I don’t know what to say. The picture could be interpreted two ways.

I’m letting go of the love I had for my best friend or you could look at it as I’m letting go of my own heart. 181 more words


Some people Only want you when someone else has you. Steer clear of those who are happier when you’re Sad and Sad when you’re happy. These types of people will go to extreme lengths to have you where they want you & still not want you…. Listen to your INTUITION. Focus.