Tags » Heartbreak

To the love that never was. #Ramblings 2 

I was at a very low time in my life. You came in like a ray of sunshine and my dark dull gloomy days were taken aback. 220 more words


Old Letters and Cologne #Ramblings 1 

My love is gone.

My life has fallen apart.

And I miss it. Miss him.

There is a gaping hole in my heart.

That nothing can fill. 28 more words


Haunting Night 

​The night sky was filled with haphazardly located twinkling stars. The night which usually brings calmness to everyone’s life would bring storm to his life everytime. 231 more words



U stoopy hoomin. I judge yew.

You were going to cross the ocean?


You have a course to complete. I have a contract to fulfil. 154 more words


The boy who got away - Part 2

There is a certain magic in human connections, the chemistry that 2 individuals can recognise and come together as one. An unexplainable force that compels us to do more than we thought possible, for someone other than ourselves. 402 more words


White Sheets and Peaceful Dreams

#28 | 31 Poems for August 2016

The battle with cancer is won but unfortunately the war is not over.
White sheets and peaceful dreams, this hospital is starting to feel like home but you feel all alone. 260 more words