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Nora's Revenge

It’s a cliche that necessity is the mother of invention. Before she really made a name for herself as a crafter of witty film repartee, Nora Ephron was an essay writer for the New York… 1,168 more words


જિંદગી માં કોઈ દિવસ એસીડીટી નહીં થાય

અત્યારના સમયમાં વધારેમાં વધારે તકલીફ વ્યક્તિઓ મા એસીડીટીની હોય છે કારણ કે લોકોના ખાનપાન અને ફાસ્ટ ફૂડ વધ્યા છે એસીડીટી માં પેટમાં ગેસ વધી જાય છે અને પેટમાં બળતરા થાય છે વ્યક્તિઓ આ સમસ્યા ની સારવાર કરાવે છે પણ જડ મૂળથી સારું થતું નથી હોમિયોપેથીમાં એવી ઘણી મેડિસિન છે જેને એસીડિટી જડમૂળમાંથી ખતમ કરે છે . 855 more words

હોમિયોપેથીક સારવાર

Starch for Dyspepsia

After a cup of bad coffee, I unfortunately hit by a killing pain of gastritis. I took antacid and lansoprazole as usual, but the discomfort feeling still ruin my mood and of course my productivity. 371 more words


These Heartburn Drugs Cause Alzheimer’s

by Scott Davis / Aug 16, 2020

The use of specific acid reflux drugs has increased significantly in the past few years, and so has the occurrence of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. 448 more words

General Health

Just Chill and Enjoy Life

The Gods (and Demigods) of Mount Olympus 🏛⁣

The beauty of having healthy and genuine friendships lies in being able to enjoy unique moments without having to… 432 more words

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My Favourite Writers: Nora Ephron

We all have our favourite writers. The people whose words we come back to time and time again, whose wit and wisdom we savour or whose writing style we adore. 408 more words

Strings 4.14

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Like always, Meagan’s eyes blinked shut as she imagined the point of her emergence. A point not that far away, within line of sight appeared in her mind’s eye. 4,110 more words

Kensington Effect