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This edition – Virago Press 2018.  First Published in Great Britain in 1983 by William Heinemann

Book Description

Seven months into her pregnancy, Rachel, a cookery writer, discovers that her husband is in love with another woman. 

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Goodreads Review: Heartburn by Nora Ephron

In the introduction, Ephron humorously points out that Heartburn is often referred to as a thinly-disguised novel about the breakdown of her second marriage, in which she thinly disguised herself by making herself ‘considerably more composed’ than she was at the time, or thinly disguised her husband ‘by giving him a beard that belonged to one of my friends’. 230 more words


Sunday Sauce

I have never had acid reflux or heart burn in my life until now. These problems started around week 20, and I was told it was completely normal. 336 more words

Tips For Heartburn

When I was pregnant I had really bad heartburn. Heartburn in pregnancy doesn’t just come from eating spicy foods. I remember some days I would get heartburn after eating cookies or ice cream so I learned a few good tips to help ease the feeling. 267 more words


Pregnancy Survival Kit

This past year, I navigated my first pregnancy with our daughter, Della. There were a handful of items that were absolutely essential to surviving pregnancy for me, and I’m sharing them here for any women thinking about conceiving, first time mamas, or seasoned pros. 501 more words


No. 3 Linguine alla cecca (p.101)

This recipe I was most excited to cook, mostly down to my love and enthusiasm for Italian food – it always puts me in a good mood. 510 more words

Heartburn Drugs May HELP Increase COVID Survival

A study in Northwell Health in NYC is currently investigating if famotidine (sold under brand name Pepcid) and omeprazole (sold under brand name Prilosec) can increase chance of survival in critical coronavirus patients. 158 more words