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Fighting Evil By Moonlight - Heartcatch Precure!: The Novel

Heartcatch Precure! is, to date, the strongest entry in the Precure magical girl franchise. It’s a series that works incredibly well in an episode-by-episode basis but also in terms of long-term narrative. 762 more words


Análise: HeartCatch Precure!

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Depois de uma certo tempo, trago a vocês uma nova análise!  Estou certa que esse anime quase ninguém assistiu, mas ao menos ouviram falar por aí. 886 more words

Heartcatch Precure! Review

Heartcatch Precure! is a japanese anime by Toei Animation about a team of young girls who transform into magical heroes called “Precure” who protect the world from a group of villains who summon a monster in each episode which is defeated by the precure’s combined strength. 560 more words