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Heartcatch Precure! Review

Heartcatch Precure! is a japanese anime by Toei Animation about a team of young girls who transform into magical heroes called “Precure” who protect the world from a group of villains who summon a monster in each episode which is defeated by the precure’s combined strength. 560 more words

Top Ten Magical Girls

In June of 2016, I posted a list of my top ten magical girls. Little did I know at the time that later on in the year, I’d be introduced to at least sixteen new magical girls – and that’s just from one show. 1,620 more words

Magical Girl

Heartcatch Precure the Movie

The Heartcatch Precure movie is the best Precure movie. For the reason that it actually feels like a real movie and not just a sequence of events. 1,684 more words

Heartcatch Precure

Heartcatch Precure. It’s easily the most well received and popular season amongst general anime fandom, inside the Pretty Cure fandom it’s likely still that but it’s kind of hard to say. 21,445 more words