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Interested or Interesting?

Lately I’ve been feeling very lonely. I was mostly blaming it on being online schooled, because internet friends, while they’re really nice, did not count as I.R.L. 907 more words

Heartfelt Posts That Uplift

Identity Crisis: The Purpose of This Blog

Hey guys! It’s been quite a while since I sat down to write a post. Oh boy. I hope this is not an epic fail. 968 more words

Exciting Things

It Isn't As You Think––Optical Illusions in Life

Optical illusions. I think they’re really fun, and staring at them trying to find the hidden pictures or try to see the two objects at once. 307 more words

Heartfelt Posts That Uplift

Dreams and Giftings––Walk In Them

Hey gals!! Today I have something that was put on my #heart to share, so I’m going to say it because well…I don’t have any content to post so yeah…. 648 more words

Heartfelt Posts That Uplift