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Day 9: Nine Ladies Dancing

Hey guys!

Can you believe that the next two days have something to do with dance?

  • Nine ladies dancing
  • Ten lords a-leaping

So…yeah….two days of dance. 622 more words


Day 8: Eight Maids A-Milking

Okay you guys are probably getting super tired of tags and Christmas photos (I mean, you see enough of blogmas elsewhere). Sorry the past two have been really corny. 348 more words


Day 6: Six Geese A-Laying

Okay, so we’re back after a little weekend break with six geese a laying! Only, I don’t know what to make of geese. Well, except for this rhyme… 301 more words


Day 4: Four Calling Birds

Well hey again! Seems like I see you every day, XD! Today is Day 4––Four Calling Birds! You know, it’s really funny how this Twelve Days of Christmas song works. 433 more words


Day 2: Two Turtle Doves

Hey again! It’s Day Two of 24 Days, and I’m really excited to share today’s post with you!

Well, this isn’t exactly a turtle dove, but it’s a dove so it counts. 194 more words


Day 1: Partridge in A Pear Tree

Hey gals! Welcome to 24 Days––Day 1! Today we’re going to talk about fruits.

Pineapples……. *sighs dreamily* What sorts of fruits do you like?

Photo credit: http://givingtreesnacks.com/fruit-versus-cholesterol/ 214 more words


It Isn't As You Think––Optical Illusions in Life

Optical illusions. I think they’re really fun, and staring at them trying to find the hidden pictures or try to see the two objects at once. 307 more words

Heartfelt Posts That Uplift