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Croquet in the Rain

Towering oaks helped diffuse the rain, though the grass was soaked and our mallets stayed slick and wet. A run of record heat had ended the day before and this Saturday a storm blew into Forest Grove with enough moisture to remind those of us flying up from California what a typical spring day in Oregon was all about. 618 more words



The workmen have been and gone. It took two weeks to get everything done and it’s been a strain dealing with the work, but it was worth having it done and the results are very good. 180 more words

Hearth And Home

The Kid Business

Some of us coach. Some of us teach. Some of us are parents. All of us are in the business of helping kids.

I’ve been a teacher since I was twenty-three and a parent since I was twenty-seven. 467 more words


Writing Crap

For the record, I am not claiming that any of the things I am writing or have written are awesome.

The Vampire’s Sister, a multi-path audio book choose your own adventure, was my first novel. 139 more words

Thoughts On Writing

Active April

We had a lot going on in April. E’s sister L was with us for a couple of weeks, which was wonderful. We got to spend a lot of time together talking, playing games, and eating good food. 271 more words

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Balance, not Terror

We’ve been, unapologetically, watching a lot of Star Trek lately.

This morning it was Balance of Terror, my seven year old son’s first introduction to the Romulans. 644 more words


Finishing Things

Neil Gaimen is my favorite contemporary writer, and as I cam upon this quote I was putting the final touches on Book Three, getting ready for its release. 128 more words

Thoughts On Writing