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Reusable Produce Bags (A Tutorial)

Lets take a break from talking about clothing to dig into something I’m really passionate about: FOOD.

And, Nature.

I love to eat, and I’m frugal, so I buy as much as I can in bulk. 669 more words



When I looked up, they were playing catch with a pine cone.


We were on the beach, a few plastic shovels and buckets strewn near our towels and umbrella, the perfect place for having fun. 406 more words


Almost done

I have had my last undergraduate classes of the spring; just one grad class left to go. I have graded everything but the final exams, which will come in next week. 122 more words

Information Vegetable Animal And Mineral


I was sunburned and my back hurt from trying to throw soft toss strikes to a lineup of six year olds. We’d played three innings over the course of an hour, and my team was more than a little ready for snacks. 711 more words


Counting the weeks

The spring slogs on. I have three weeks of classes left to go and three weeks has never felt so long. I am so very ready for my sabbatical. 105 more words

Information Vegetable Animal And Mineral


The kids are building a fort.

Three days into Spring Break, unplugged by Mom and Dad, they’re in the back yard deciding how to put up the ceiling and how many blankets they can smuggle out of the house before I tell them to stop. 503 more words