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A Sunday Smoke

This morning I got to take a second run at my newest pipe tobacco, that being Hearth and Home’s Victorian Stroll and I must say that the second smoking was even better than the first.   230 more words


It's been a while

I know it’s been a while since my last entry but in the time since my last post I’ve gotten to take another run at two cigars I’ve smoked before and try out a new pipe tobacco.   393 more words


A few good things

A few good things from the past could of weeks, despite the snow.

I gave a talk to some middle school kids early in the semester about Roman archaeology in Scotland. 178 more words

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Hearth and Home

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What Matters

This winter my daughter, a serious fourth grader, made an amazing pilgrim diorama complete with balsa wood houses and goats made out of clay. She approached the hands on project with determination and imagination and came up with something she had a right to be proud of. 821 more words


Flu and snow


We’re both sick. I got it first and probably gave it to E. Sorry about that. It feels like a flu, which feels pretty bad. 259 more words

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