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Finishing Things

Neil Gaimen is my favorite contemporary writer, and as I cam upon this quote I was putting the final touches on Book Three, getting ready for its release. 128 more words

Thoughts On Writing


Two strikes, a tough pitcher on the mound, a runner on third and nothing I can do but watch. Being a dad of a softball and a baseball player is teaching me, pitch by pitch, the truth of the advice from Julie Lythcott-Haims’ book How to Raise an Adult: “Develop a capacity to wince but not to pounce.” 455 more words



It’s spring break, I’m on vacation, and I’m sitting in a laundromat. A large insect is buzzing  at my ear, a book of poetry occupies the sunken basin of a molded plastic seat next to me, and a cavalcade of tattooed locals have spent the last half hour reminding me, with their laughing vulgarities, that even in paradise people have dirty shorts. 369 more words


Kinky Romance

I just want to remind you that you should do me a favor and check out “Love & the Desert.

It’s the first in a trilogy of kinky romance novels. 150 more words


Getting ready to garden

I have seed potatoes sprouting on the windowsill. Yesterday morning I went out and pruned the fruit trees and the blueberry bushes. I’m planning on digging up another patch of the back yard for gardening. 34 more words

Hearth And Home

Rainwater channel

Since we had a few gutters installed last fall on the problematic corner of the house, we’ve been noticing that the runoff is eroding the dirt from under the downspout. 48 more words

Hearth And Home

Finding the Strike Zone

It’s hard to throw strikes.

Being a dad means knowing a little bit about a lot of things and learning more about subjects you never thought about that matter to your kids. 521 more words