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Have you ever smelled the sun?

It smells of everything I love

Home and fire and content

It smells of burnt pies and hot chocolate and old ruins… 39 more words


I don’t think so.
I don’t think you heard a word I just said
Delving tipping other where
I can’t believe I’m still here
Sitting facing a corner… 165 more words

Standing in my storm
Overshadowed by my always
Screaming in the wind with no sound
The ground is wet
I cannot run
I don’t know how to hold innocence of encased barbwire… 44 more words

Human Being

What if I eradicated ‘failure’ from describing self/others? Humans can fail in actions, but I can’t see the love in judging being.

An action as driving a car can be a failure. 43 more words

As I Dance

As I dance
No matter what I know the music is the wisdom
I become vessel as I release
I give over my body to my higher inhabitant… 104 more words

Day 75 of Loving Men

Remove gender and see the individual before you

Each sex has their own unique needs, and yes it takes specific honoring of these differences. United we may stand, and never the same. 319 more words