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Hearth of Inspiration Part 13

Shellese touched her finger to an indent on top of the mirror and whispered a few words which Plumwise couldn’t understand. Whatever Shellese had said made the runes which surrounded the mirror frame shimmer with a white light. 1,517 more words


Fall craft DIYs

Hooray, Lammas! Hooray, almost-fall! I know the harsh summers here are a small price to pay for the other nine months of gorgeous weather, but man, it’s good to hit the downhill side of summer after Aug. 788 more words


DIY Project-Touchable Wall Art

Here’s the deal: I finally hung frames and canvases in our living to create a gallery wall and LOVE it (even though I have yet to paint one of the canvases….)! 247 more words


Nostalgia is
Sepia pictures of
Red oxide floors

Side note: Someone asked me a while ago, “What is nostalgia to you?” to which I replied nostalgia is obviously sitting on iron oxide floors (that are incredibly rare now) at my grandparents’ home listening to grandpa’s stories and eating grandma’s food.

Haiku A Day

Ice 'cream' that's Nice-cream.

Had to share this recipe.

Not only is it vegan, but it’s dead-easy. (But looks like you really went to a lot of effort.) – Which is my favourite kind of recipe! 69 more words




Here the dusty fireplace, unclean, never used. The previous tenants left behind mounds of soft pressed ashes floating up to coat skin and breath. Here the rod, sharpened for fleshy thighs and never wood. 568 more words

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