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Making a 1:12 Fire Chimney Breast & Hearth

I bought this Mantel in an Ebay auction, can’t remember what I paid for it but it wasn’t very much.. the shipping was more because it came from the UK. 584 more words


DIY Project Profile: Brick Hearth and Built-In Cabinets

When we bought our house nearly 4 years ago, there was a small free-standing natural gas stove in the northwest corner of the living room. It was nice, and produced good heat, and gave us the ambiance of having a fireplace. 745 more words

Life On Vashon

simple fireplace update 

• • • •

(I know, I know….the lighting and picture quality is terrible. That is something I vow to work on this year)

The other day I decided I was tired of looking at our dated brass fireplace…so I ordered spray paint on Amazon and updated that bitch. 123 more words


What You Can See...When the Clutter Is Gone

A row of tiny, shiny rubber rain boots. The lyrics of a song that bring back memories of anticipation and romance. The way light pours through old, decrepit windows. 72 more words

not-so-lightly sketched

Most of the time, the drawings I post on frame are more complete, polished, and thought out.  Often, they are the reworking of previous ideas, or different ways of representing an already designed form.   110 more words

Entire Buildings

Fire- Part II: Hearth

The apartment was quiet. It was always quiet on a working day like today, when Sean and James were out doing who-knows-what, who-knows-where. Solving mysteries and shooting the bad guys and getting shot at, it assumed. 789 more words


more dueling hearths

Following the last post, this long hall also features two heaths, though here they’re in the form of the modernist cone fireplaces popular in the 60’s, and are placed along the length of the structure rather than at its ends.   58 more words

Entire Buildings