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Hestia is the name of the Greek goddess of the hearth, home, family and domestic life, and the Greek counterpart to the Roman goddess Vesta. The name comes from Ancient Greek  11 more words


By the fire (Anthology: “Places where I enjoy reading”)

Thought it would be a one-off, didn’t you? You’d just write that silly post about the toilet and then forget all about it. Face it. These type of posts are way more difficult than your usual book reviews, aren’t they? 1,370 more words


Do you remember the first time you got a watch?

Shiney, new, and all yours to own.

Do you remember how it stole your heart? 113 more words


Chapter Nine: §6

January – 1027 YD
Gesula, Lenyol

Ànlisia woke in the dark of night to the familiar scrape of her front door grinding against stone. She drew a flame to light her candle and made toward the front of the house, certain Tàvae had returned. 580 more words


City skyline

I spent part of the day sipping tea at Cha-an Teahouse, a cafe that I kept on my bucket list since working at a boba shop in college. 87 more words



The fire burns low and the orange lights it casts flicker lazily in the comfy little living room I had made my home. The muggy atmosphere promised an eminent and swift transition into unconsciousness, but for now I was still lucid enough to gaze forlornly around the small room. 1,684 more words