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Cede: (v) to give up power or territory

The fear of insignificance generates the arrogance of self-destruction.

Somewhere inside each of us is a terror that if we cede our ego or talents over to a common pot or competition, we will dissipate like a ghost… 223 more words

B Words

Embracing Your Gifts – “Woo Woo” and All


It doesn’t just roll off the tongue. For nearly 20 years the cornerstone of the work I do has been a challenge to describe in a 30 second elevator speech…an answer when someone asks the ubiquitous question, “What do you do?” I often narrow it down to 5 words – “I do personal growth coaching.” Which is in essence true, but doesn’t give people much information. 1,342 more words

Wish I Were

Here’s a silly something I wrote during a Creative Writing prompt moment this past spring. The prompt was to write a poem beginning “I wish I were. 492 more words


What Does Your Heart Desire?

What do you desire most of all? To find love? To have kids? To become famous? To make more money than you could possibly spend? To build a personal relationship with your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ? 1,000 more words


Monthly Round-Up--- June Edition

Hello, and welcome to the second edition of the monthly round-up! (If you missed May’s Edition, you can find it here.) Can you believe June is over  474 more words

Are You A Quitter?

*First published on Candidly Christian – February 20, 2017

How many New Year’s Resolutions have you kept? How many goals and dreams have fallen by the wayside? 1,332 more words


So I'm Wondering...

Do I really want to write a blog on how to write?  Is that my heart’s desire?  Today, the answer is NO!  I want to write about what is on my mind in these very important times. 690 more words