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Crossroads and such

Thoughts once quoted by another read: “So which way shall I go? Right, where nothing’s left? Or left, where nothing’s right?”
Life has a tendancy of presenting one with numerous different paths to take, often all at once, ultimately leaving us with a choice to make. 121 more words

Short Reads

Operation Open Heart

The process of living in the heart center.

A dedicated practice of mine for over a year.

As the Moon came in conjunction with my Moon at 23 degrees Leo, both cusping the Ascendant, I sat in the hot seat during a meditation. 120 more words

Self Acceptance

Dream a BIG Dream...

Dreams are meant to be dreamed, dreams are meant to be lived. Make sure you don’t ever ignore your dreams.

What is a dream???

A dream is something you want to do… something your heart desires. 235 more words

What have you been searching for?

My spirit message today comes in form of a story…

In a forest far far away there was a tiger… searching for something he felt was missing. ¬† 730 more words

Spirit Messages

Your Heart's Delight

Our culture seems fixated on finding passion. Channel surfing on a Sunday afternoon shows sports fans that pay lots of money to attend games where they can be part of the crowd, enthusiastically cheering for their team. 566 more words

February 11, 2016: Day 14 of 60 day challenge- our heart's desires

Dear February,

love is in the air, St Valentine approaching and the big question for me is: do I know my heart’s desire when it comes to love? 241 more words

Personal Development

New Moon Energies ~ Setting the Tone for 2016

Completing an affirmation with an action or task anchors the intention, therefore your frequency raises and you’re supporting others in their manifestations as well. Good karma and authentic. 141 more words