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7 Arrows - Light Arrow of Self-Actualization

The 6th Light Arrow is Self-Actualization.  When we choose this arrow from our quiver, we say yes to a new concept of self-respect.  We become successful because we are having fun and finding pleasure doing exactly what we want, our heart’s desire.  49 more words


Finding Love - Jone Victoria -- April 9, 2009

There is a great deal of loneliness on our planet. I’ve read blogs of intelligent, funny, loving people who are wishing, and a hoping, and a praying for someone to come into their life, be a companion, and share their life. 617 more words

Astrology Notes

A Wandering Heart

My heart is ever restless, until I find my rest in you!”

It is God’s will to give everyone, every righteous desire of the heart; provided one holds strong to the perfect vision of God, “My heart is perfect and its right place, doing its right work.” 57 more words

Son Day For Sunday

Psalm 40:8 What Is Your Desire?

I desire to do your will, my God; your law is within my heart. Psalm 40:8

Every person has desires of some type. The desires of most people change over time. 419 more words


January 2017 Liberate ThySelf Challenge Day 5: Self-Reflection in a Forward Fold


Liberate Thyself with Paschimottanasana

The intention for Liberate Thyself Day 5: I have hidden talents and gifts that I’m ready to unleash.

I look at this, and immediately I cringe. 307 more words