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If I am free
I choose to be with me
with you

If you possess me
I am without me
with you

I cry out to be somebody’s… 33 more words



I did not know you, he who
Painted the kingdom with swirling glissandos
Plucked from the mouthpiece of God.
My words, they are of that font… 74 more words


Daring Truth

I dare to delve beneath layers and layers of half-truths, each one shedding leaving raw new skin, because you dare and they dare, and they dare because we do and we are here daring truth to face us, challenging her to challenge us to the edge of death if she must. 56 more words


Jesus Blogging … Your Heart’s Desire

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I want you to be free—always. Free to love, free to choose your heart’s desire. If only you will become little enough to discover it. 29 more words


Doing What Feels Good (Heart's Desire)

Since I’m (re)starting over, I’m going back to basics; keeping it simple; getting to the heart of the matter; being sincere. That’s one of the benefits of a new beginning. 309 more words


Listen to Your Heart

Psalm 37:4

Find your delight in the Lord who will give you your heart’s desire.

I am overwhelmed by the truth of this passage. How long I tried to find delight in my… 218 more words

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