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Keep on Moving

The other day, my husband and I went shopping for our puppy. We bought him his first rawhide. We thought it would be the perfect gift because he loves to chew. 453 more words


JAMIE'S BLOG - DAY 44 :: love and cuteness overload

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. And I sit here with a Vizsla cuddled up on my lap as I try to write this post. It’s his way of saying I LOVE YOU in dog speak. 204 more words


50 shades of red

My dining room table has been covered in glitter and stickers and construction paper and glue for the past several days. My girlies have been hand-making valentines for all of their schoolmates. 789 more words

Day To Day

The Garden of My Heart's Desire, Part 3

I am stopped at the gate by a Keeper and asked to state my business; though I have never been here in current memory, the words I need come easily: “I have come to seek the guidance of my Lady Freya. 1,813 more words


The Garden of My Heart's Desire, Part 1

There is a forest by the river that flows from Freya’s City toward Yggdrasil, which you may know as the Tree of Life. On the banks of this river is a encampment of glowing egg-shaped tents, in which the Travelling Souls – those of are sojourning upon the Earth for a time – come to rest each night in complete protection, while their bodies remain here on the earth. 288 more words

Shiloh Sophia & Red Thread Cafe

A Little Boy's Heart Desire

What so many of us take for granted. . . . .

Thanks Judy. . . .

Song of City Blue

We ate and smoked the evening air …

We danced the steps we knew so well …

… we sang songs we thought would never end … with flames of heart’s desire… 66 more words