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"I Doodle" Club

I fidget – a lot! My husband doesn’t understand us fidgeters, even though he is his own breed of fidgeter. He gave his condition a clinical diagnosis: Shaking Leg Syndrome. 488 more words



There is nothing like the beauty of a good storm. I was actually hoping for one today. I watched in anticipation as the clouds began to over take the sky. 138 more words

Vintage ceramic liddle dream come true!

I found this liddle baby at the salvation army for $2.99 and i just love it when that happens! Not sure how old im gona guess and say possible 1950s and its only about 2 1/2 inches tall and 4 inches wide so sweet! 6 more words

Good Energy

Heart shaped box

Kurt sings, music surrounds the room
I look out
The sun disappeared too soon
Wrapped in covers
The ceiling is a wonder
Music plays on… 66 more words

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God's Appointed Season

According to one the wisest people to walk the face of the earth, there is a time for everything.  Solomon learned this during his reign as king of Israel.  170 more words


1st grade Coiled Clay Hearts

This was a big hit! I wanted to try something new, and the last time I made anything with clay coils was in my college ceramics class, so…just a little rusty on the concept. 468 more words