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Day 56

Have you ever had those moments when you just burst out crying because you felt bad for yourself, the you who went out of your way to fix something that wasn’t even worth fixing, the you who chased and begged to be loved back, the you who cried so many nights over rejection, the you who knew deserved so much better but decided to settle, the you gave your all to someone who has already treated you a stranger? 235 more words


Day 55

The fact that I could wake up late for the past few weeks is a sign that my mind has finally accepted to let go. Day by day it’s finally learning that there’s no point in thinking and asking the what ifs and whys. 46 more words


Day 54

It really is true. What they say. That you’ll forget day by day. That the urge of wanting to know everything about him becomes less and less. 24 more words



At first you strummed my slender heartstrings

And produced a mellifluous sound

Your hands worked delicately like angel wings

Producing harmonic symphonies all around

I wished for your graceful playing to never end… 166 more words


And it will be alright

I was never one to dream of the future. Never one to plan. I live day by day, and it may not be the best way there is to live, but somehow it worked for me. 94 more words


Day 53

People should stop asking and updating me. Please! And yes, I saw the photo on Facebook.


Ohh that tugging on the heartstrings...

It’s the simple moments that make life…life. They make it wonderful and special. That can make you happy or sad. Yes, there are big moments in life, but I feel it’s the little moments added up that make the biggest impact. 92 more words

The Norm