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but do not let me

i may try to dissuade you from entering
this territory
guarded by the spines and spurs of ancient, fragmented pillars of love.
but do not let me. 89 more words


There is no cure for Loneliness! Though if it is so, I shall digress.

Searching treetops far and wide; the forests where the faeries hide.  107 more words


on getting older and feeling "different"

While out on a Sunday afternoon walk with our furball Sammy, Mark said something interesting that’s been brewing around in my head: “I feel… different… 1,108 more words



purple lips, they’re all but tested.  neither tired, nor fully rested. 

purple lips, unable to become invested.

lips that reveal the state of the heart:  15 more words


Minimalist Poems


I danced

to the end

by your side

till you let go

my strings broke

and heart left bare

I was once yours

but now I’m not… 31 more words

Thai dramedies tug at heartstrings

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

You could be a fan of Thai movies and not know it.

Comedy-dramas such as I Fine… Thank You… Love You (2014) and Hello Stranger (2010) share many qualities with the narrative-driven Thai television commercials that often go viral on social media, despite what could be a language barrier for people around the world. 1,898 more words

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