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recreate the fragments wrecked after the fallout.
broken hopes and shattered dreams.
listen to the voice within that seems to call out,
instead of searching for a salve to soothe the sting. 8 more words

Daily Prompt

The way to my heart is through my......

Before I answer that, let me explain something.

Most of you probably know by now ( because I’ve mentioned it ad nauseum!) I’m the only child of divorced parents. 692 more words

thorny foes lie beneath the beauty of the red, red rose.
 drawing crimson; when all she meant was to protect herself, she leaves you stricken.

daily prompt:  8 more words
Daily Prompt

Pulling Heartstrings

She heard a distant baby cry

Heartstrings played a quiet lullaby

She felt the flaxen head upon her breast

Hush little one, be not distressed… 38 more words

Refind Nature

Clinton, NJ - Ramblin'

John &  I discovered Clinton, NJ last year.  We absolutely FORBID you taking an interstate to this small charmer, a village more than a town!  The ramble is half the fun! 948 more words

Creativity & Aging

Love affair with the jumbo

In a country where Lord Buddha is highly revered, the story about an elephant taking good care of him during his life as a hermit tugs at the heartstrings of the people The Thais since time immemorial have always had special affection for the elephant. 380 more words

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hi! i'm cindy and i'm socially awkward

Mark once joked that Sammy is like the dog version of me. I laughed it off at the time, but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. 1,511 more words