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Grab my hand, and let our fingers intertwine like laces on a pair of shoes.  I know we still have that fresh out-of-box type of love, but whenever you let go, and you untie yourself from me, I start to come undone, and find myself tripping over my own thoughts.  21 more words



Play upon my heartstrings, agonize the prose

Knowing full well joy, from you so freely flows.

Take my beating heart, pulled within my chest,

Whisper gently around me, giving only your best. 17 more words



A prisoner of your whim,
A bondsman enslaved
To your desire,
As capricious as the tide
That ebbs and flows
About the shores
Of this deserted isle, 57 more words


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Day 21 of my review and a poem about yearnings

Little whispers: listen to the heart

The universe works in perfect ways,
It always serves my higher good.

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Day 312 - Of Time We Tread

The Tightrope

Upon the tightrope

of time we tread

curiously frantic in

the vulnerability of

the spider’s web of

causality and the

effects of a choice… 38 more words

Single in the 6ix: Ebbing > flowing = crickets

The witty repartee has ceased. And instead I am left with crickets. To be fair the cricket-y silence is on both ends: I have lost interest and no longer have anything to say or contribute to my latest matches, and similarly it would seem, neither has the last two week’s major prospect have more to say to me. 369 more words


The Oregon City Chamber of Commerce Presents the “Heartstrings”

David Frasher serves as the city manager of Hot Springs, Arkansas, where he manages all the city’s departments as well as its funds. In addition to his commitments to the municipality, David Frasher also participates in community-based civic work as a board member of the… 124 more words

David Frasher