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Day 16

You are in my mind. Constantly torturing and filling my thoughts. I want this to stop. I can’t sleep.


Day 15

It’s probably going to hurt for a long time, but maybe I’ll be able to live with it and there will be a time I won’t be bothered so much.



let’s pretend that we just met
that you had not yet made promises
you did not know you couldn’t possibly keep
to me
that this light… 268 more words

Life Or Something Like It


They were best friends, soulmates, so what could force them apart? 1,979 more words


Day 14

Today, I woke up feeling better.


Day 13

When do stars fade their light? How do you say good bye?


a lost tune – always in my heart

Los Indios Tabajaras were a just another ‘one hit wonder’ in the 60’s, so most of their later music didn’t get much attention. But their music never fails to stir up the kind of sentimentality and longing that only strings can. 14 more words