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Are you...still mine?

Don’t know why I am suddenly filled with doubts and uncertainties these past few days. Nothing out of the ordinary had happened, yet something inside me just bubbled up. 48 more words


The Final Peek: The Guest Room and Outdoors

Nothing is ever final until it is final, right?  As I wrap up the tour of our previous home, we are also wrapping up the details of an era.   539 more words

Family Life


Okay so at this point I’m just a little addicted to blogging, I WILL GET OVER IT, DON’T WORRY. SO now I will inform you about the scientifically proven best dramas. 127 more words

And I wonder...

… what are you doing?

… what are you thinking?

… what are you feeling?

And I wonder…

… do you wonder the same?


Lyrics: Park Shin Hye - Teardrops in the Rain (Hangul, Romanization and English translation)

Title: Teardrops in the Rain

Artist: Park Shin Hye

그럴 겁니다 잊을 겁니다
geureol geomnida ijeul geomnida
I will forget you

오늘부터 난 그대란 사람 모르는 겁니다 194 more words


Lyrics: Park Shin Hye - The Day We Fall In Love (Hangul, Romanization and English translation)

Title: The Day We Fall In Love

Artist: Park Shin Hye

Album: Heartstrings OST Part 1

언제부터였을까 내 맘에 자꾸 들어와
eonjebuteoyeosseulkka nae mame jakku deureowa… 273 more words


Lyrics: M Signal - Give Me A Smile (Hangul, Romanization and English translation)

Title: Give Me A Smile

Artist: M Signal

Album: Heartstrings OST Special

그래 웃어봐 행복이 오게
geurae useobwa haengbogi oge
Yes, smile so happiness will come… 461 more words