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Heartworm Disease In Cats: Getting To The Lung Of The Problem!

As the weather gets warmer outside and you seek the outdoors, you should consider your cat and how the upcoming season may affect your kitty’s health. 502 more words


Ray's Annual Checkup!

Today’s Post was planned around Ray’s annual vet appointment (it was yesterday) but it was almost (stress almost) uneventful! 609 more words

Dog Stories

Changes in the Battle Against Heartworm

Every year you bring your dog to the vet, we do a heartworm test.  It’s habit and routine and most people are aware of heartworms, what they are, and what we do to prevent them.   935 more words

Cats & Heartworm

Yes, you read the title correctly. Primarily when we talk about heartworm, it’s in relation to dogs, but heartworm can and does affect cats and it affects cats quite differently. 342 more words


Heartworm prevention for cats

In particular America, but also several other countries around the world, heartworm is a serious issue. I always thought heartworm was a poor cats disease. Homeless and/or mistreated cats, who lived in filthy conditions or who lived outside. 824 more words


Heartworm Awareness Month

April is heartworm awareness month. We find this very timely as our newest rescue Penelope was recently found as a stray, starving and neglected, and was diagnosed with a severe case of heartworm. 353 more words

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Vendetta Magazine: Easter Rising Edition

From 1995 – 2002 I published a fanzine called Vendetta. I’m proud of the interviews I conducted back in the day, especially ones with artists who weren’t getting much press in the USA, even in non-mainstream outlets. 182 more words

Whipping Boy