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Heartworm disease in dogs

As the name shows this illness is produced by a parasite which lives in the heart  or major vessels of dogs .A study on “Heartworm in dogs in Canada in 2010” published by the Ontario Veterinary College’s Department of Pathobiology at the University of Guelph has revealed that  60 per cent increase in the number of dogs in Ontario with heartworm since the last study of its kind was conducted in 2002. 241 more words

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Part 2 - Mokey “Great Scott” Von Barkenberg: An Adoption story

This is part 2 of a two part post about the adoption of my dog and mascot, Mokey.  If you’d like to read part one, you can find it… 1,396 more words

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Protecting Your Pets: Heartworm Disease

In our newest Humane Education Blog series, ‘Protecting Your Pets,’ we will discuss a variety of issues that all pet owners should be aware of. Keep reading to find out how to best protect your pets! 409 more words

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What is Heartworm?
Heartworm is a serious disease that can kill dogs and cats. It is caused by worms that live in the heart, lungs and associated blood vessels of an infected animal and can cause severe lung disease, heart failure and organ damage. 726 more words

Protecting Your Dog From Heartworm | Dogs Naturally Magazine

So what’s your take on Heartworm preventatives these days Gordon Setter people? Are you using them? Are you doing annual blood tests instead? Are you simply letting nature take its course treating if or when your Gordon gets sick? 100 more words

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Heartworm kills: Test your dog and use preventative medicine

Heartworms are serious and dangerous canine parasites spread by mosquitoes. When these insects bite your dog they can transmit this parasite which can cause suffering and death. 508 more words

Runner Ray!

One long term goal, that I thought would be nice, was to have Ray as a running buddy. He was considered a “high energy” dog but his performance to date has been quite the opposite, and his claim to fame is more based on his ability to simply chill rather than any athletic performance! 461 more words

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