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Oliver - The diagnosis

I have been quiet this week.  There has been a lot to digest and still not quite sure what is happening.

Two weeks ago, Oliver #gooddog went to the vet for his annual heartworm meds and checkup.  349 more words

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Heartworm Preventative: Heartgard PLUS

*Disclaimer: below is a picture of a real dog heart. I know some people don’t think it’s as cool as I do.*

Working at a veterinary clinic gives me the opportunity to educate our clients about the best preventative health care for their pets. 571 more words


For the Love of Ticks

Hey look this is really cool a tick is crawling on your dog, and another and another!  When you work in the veterinary field as I did for 6 years you find that everyone has something that fascinates them.  767 more words


Heartworm - Mosquitoes and Dogs

Ever wonder how your pet could ever contract Heartworm?   It’s those same mosquitoes that are buzzing around you when you are trying to relax on your deck in the evening.     188 more words


Meet the Parasites

The Pet Supplies Delivered Guide to Common Pet Parasites

They lurk in dog parks, back yards, and sometimes even in your carpet: pet parasites. They’re tiny, gross, hard to get rid of, but easy to prevent. 303 more words

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Mason's adventure at the Vet

Mason went to be checked up before getting his flea and heartworm meds.  He is thankfully, heartworm negative! Woohoo. And all in all he had a nice time with the folks at Bakersfield Veterinary Hospital! 46 more words


Heartworm disease in dogs

As the name shows this illness is produced by a parasite which lives in the heart  or major vessels of dogs .A study on “Heartworm in dogs in Canada in 2010” published by the Ontario Veterinary College’s Department of Pathobiology at the University of Guelph has revealed that  60 per cent increase in the number of dogs in Ontario with heartworm since the last study of its kind was conducted in 2002. 260 more words

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