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What is heartworm disease?

What is heartworm disease?

Heartworm disease is a serious and potentially fatal disease in pets in the United States and many other parts of the world. 2,475 more words

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COLD CAVE: You & Me & Infinity.

Some bands stay consistently good, but there are a select few for me that are just always mind-blowing. My love for Cold Cave will be approaching its tenth year next year, but my love for Wesley Eisold and his words go back further. 590 more words

Heartworm: A Parasitic Roundworm

Many of you have heard about heartworm disease. If you have dog, you know that we collect a blood sample once a year to make sure your dog doesn’t have the disease, but how much do you really know about heartworm disease? 416 more words

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April is Heartworm Awareness Month

As dog owners, we are the first and last line of protection for our pups. Sometimes that means dealing with serious issues such as heartworms. April is Heartworm Awareness Month so we have a few helpful facts about the disease and some tips to keep your pup protected. 192 more words

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Top 6 Pet Supplies Manufacturers with their Excellently Performing Products

Over the years our dedication towards pets has increased tremendously. And so has our spending capacity. We do whatever possible to keep our furry companions in good health. 570 more words

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It was so gorgeous last weekend that I took Pax to the park every day without his crutch, Brodie. He was fantastic.

It was baseball opening day which meant kids and bouncy houses and a PA announcer and pennant flags everywhere. 190 more words

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I love my personal dog, Brodie, so much. He’s silly and smart and so loving. But he is special in a frustrating kind of way. I thought I did a good job socializing him as a puppy. 307 more words

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