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How to Prevent Heat Exhaustion

Temperatures have skyrocketed into sometimes dangerous ranges this summer. Excessive heat can lead to sunburns, heat cramps and heat exhaustion. Heat exhaustion, a condition which results in the body overheating, is one of the most dangerous heat-related syndromes. 229 more words

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Hampton Roads Heat Wave

Hampton Roads and many regions around the country are experiencing a heat wave.

Meteorologists are reporting temperatures hovering in the mid-to-high 90s and are trying to predict when the heat wave will end. 425 more words

Travel With A Friend – Baking Soda.

There are 100’s of uses for baking soda and more specific uses for the traveler. Better yet, baking soda can be found on any continent eliminating the need to carry a sack of toiletries. 287 more words


Some like it HOT, 3 Ways to Stay Safe in this Week's Heat

Some like it HOT.

But with toasty Northeast Ohio temperatures expected over the next few days, it’s important that you keep three key things in mind to beat the heat: stay cool, stay hydrated and stay informed. 131 more words

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What's New — Boiling Points

As the mercury rises, so too does the chance for what health professionals call “heat injury”. Know the three stages — heat cramps, heat exhaustion and the potentially fatal heatstroke — and how to avoid them by reading all about it in my latest piece for Yahoo! 9 more words

Keeping Your Cool in the Heat

By Anne Sheridan, MATC coordinator, employee wellness and risk management

Heat illness can happen to anyone at any time, indoors or outdoors. When the body cannot dispose of excess heat, it stores it. 413 more words

Fun in the Sun - or Defeat in the Heat?

Fun in the Sun—or Defeat in the Heat?

Did you know that the number of hot days—and warm nights—is increasing? In the U.S., record high temperatures now outnumber record lows at least two to one.1 What can you do to protect yourself in a heat wave—or simply in the hot summer sun? 574 more words