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Before The Sun

hurried to drink in
before the sun takes her drops
the thirst will find her


365 Day Photo Challenge 99/365 "Nesting Mom"

She built her nest on a island in our parking lot.  How crazy can that be.  Her partner was hanging around helping to guard the nest while she stat there.   107 more words


The Heat of the Day by Elizabeth Bowen

It is wartime London, and the carelessness of people with no future flows through the evening air. Stella discovers that her lover Robert is suspected of selling information to the enemy. 564 more words


Rattlesnake season is here! Respect the snakes!

It’s rattlesnake season! Do rattlesnakes live in your neighborhood? Don’t be afraid! These snakes fear YOU more than you fear them, so give the snakes a break! 241 more words

Get Active!

Funkyfacecat’s #CBR4 Review #26: The Heat of the Day by Elizabeth Bowen

The Heat of the Day (1948) is a novel of fire and glass, of broken people in a shattered city. Set in London during the Blitz, it deals with careless talk and even more careless silence. 197 more words

Do Not Accept Anything From Strangers!

Didn’t my parent’s tell me not to accept things from strangers…rides, food, drinks, candy, etc.  Well, yesterday I seemed to have let this age-old advice slip to the way-side.   528 more words


Amica 19.7 Series 1/2 Marathon

4:45 AM the alarm goes off, this is one that I don’t want to wake up for.  I signed up for the Amica 19.7 Series Half Marathon.   1,077 more words