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A Homesteader's Guide to Preparing For Winter (not just for homesteaders!)

When I was growing up Autumn was a time for a new pair of shoes and back to school.  For getting excited about holidays and playing in the leaves.  755 more words


Heat Sources

Heat Sources

The principle behind a heat pump is quite simple: A heat pump extracts heat from a lower-temperature external heat source (the ground or the air) and then uses drive energy to emit that heat at a higher temperature in the form of useful heat. 81 more words

Green Energy


I’m referring specifically to the electrical power grid.   I did not list power outages as a type of disaster (although they certainly can be disasterous, in and of themselves), because it is actually a… 1,182 more words

Basic Foundational Information

Best Ways to Keep Your Furniture Looking Great

Our house is like our sanctuary, we want it to be the place where we feel most at ease and relaxed. Consequently, everything in our home must be flawless. 682 more words


Real Estate: October 2009 e-Newsletter

Under Lock and Key

While many homeowners say home security is a priority, they may not be taking the necessary precautions with their keys and locks. 852 more words

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How Does a Heat Pump Work?


Most of you have most likely heard mention quite frequently of heat pumps when any conversation is surrounding talk of heating and air conditioning systems.  Whether or not your completely understand exactly what a heat pump is could be the determining factor or your understanding how the heating and cooling systems work. 586 more words

Heating Up!

Our new home here in Northeast Ohio came equipped with two heating sources. We have an oil-burning furnace down in the basement, which heats the majority of our first floor and one room upstairs. 888 more words