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It's so hot in India that roads are melting

Hope’s note:  51 degrees Celsius = 123.8 degrees Fahrenheit!

The current heat wave in India is so hot that it is melting roads. Yes, it’s so warm that the tar covering the roads is melting as shown in those videos. 14 more words


Temperatures in India reach a terrifying 123 degrees

India is reeling from a heatwave so high that shoes are melting to roads, cities are banning cooking during the day, and hundreds have died. Nowhere is as hot as the northern city of Phalodi, where temperatures reached a staggering 123 degrees Fahrenheit last week, breaking the previous record set in 1956. 105 more words

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Thunderstorm in Delhi, 1 dead

Thunderstorm in Delhi, 1 dead

After bearing a heat wave which was touching almost 50 degrees, Delhi temperatures cooled down. Even before the people could rejoice, a thunderstorm hit Delhi and NCR region..…….Read More……..

Legends of Tomorrow Season One Review

Legends of Tomorrow is the ambitious spinoff show of Arrow and The Flash has ended its first season. The show was about a mix of heroes and villains who were popular in the shows they spun off from and banded them together in a time travelling adventure. 692 more words

India Just Set a Temperature Record

According to USA Today:

India sweltered to a scorching 123.8 degrees Thursday, setting a new all-time high that breaks a 60-year-old record, the India Meteorological Department said.

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India records its hottest day ever amid heat wave

NEW DELHI – A city in western India has suffered through the country’s highest recorded temperature – a scorching 51 degrees Celsius (123.8 degrees Fahrenheit). 423 more words