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Sun ready?

Yesterday’s heat was insane right? It reached 28 degrees where we are! Thats hotter than it was in Marbella last week!

As much as I loved sunning myself and pottering around the garden like an old biddy, I was constantly chasing Henry around with the factor 50 and a beaker of water (Hydration is key kids, remember that!) Children and heat waves are an interesting combo! 335 more words



Back to normal. Mr. T has left building and our country but the heat is still on. Temperatures are set to soar above 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) the next days. 52 more words


Boo: happiness in dog form

Wow, how hot have these days been?!

28*C today, and I know I bitch about our house every summer, but the entire row of houses we are a part of are all phenomenally warm. 281 more words


Seattle’s Gettin’ Stabby

I’m an expert on local crime trends because I listen to online police scanners every day.

I’m also an efficiency expert because I play time-management genre video games while I listen to my crime. 217 more words


Sunshine and lollipops

The sun has come out with a vengeance. Starting yesterday. Or at least starting properly yesterday. The couple of days before yesterday alternated between blazing sun and pouring rain. 218 more words


Point Breeze is soaked in perfume and heat

The windows are all rolled down

The man sitting next to me is speaking French,

Asking someone how drunk they are… 56 more words


It’s so hot in India, you could fry an egg on the sidewalk!

We have all probably heard the saying “It’s so hot you could fry an egg on the sidewalk!” Turns out you could do just that if you happen to be in Titlagarh, Odihsa in India  where tempratures have touched a scorching 45.5 degree Celsius, second only to 45.7. 120 more words

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