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Animals feel the heat too: This picture will touch your heart

As several parts of the country reel under a spell of heat wave, a farmer decided to do something very nice and touching for his bull. 19 more words

Vicky Nanjappa

spring a ding ding

lately i’ve heard a handful of people say stuff like, “holy hell, when are we going to get some warm weather??” as if they expect beach season to begin in april. 208 more words

Yesterday was HOT!

Yesterday (09.04.17) was so hot, I had to rub sun lotion on Max! At this time of year, he was wearing shorts and a t-shirt.  37 more words


Heat Wave Review

By Matthew Hunter

The New York Times bestselling novel Heat Wave is a special case when it comes to writing fiction, particularly when it comes to the book’s author. 486 more words

Opinion & Editorial

Get roasted, stay alive!

एका वाचकांनी सुचविल्यामुळे हे लिहितेय.
कडाक्याच्या उन्हात हे जरूर सांभाळा
स्वतःच्या काळजी बद्दल तर बोलूच परंतु हे नक्की करा.
सुदैवाने आज या क्षणाला घरात गारव्यात सावलीत बसून उन्हाचे बाहेर पडू नये असे डोस देणे विरोधाभास वाटतोय कारण, मला तुम्हाला कदाचित शक्य होईल बाहेर उन्हात जाणे टाळणे.

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Reverend Meningsbee (Part 47) Increase and Decrease ... March 26th, 2017

June in Nebraska is a celebration. It is a festival of survival.

Until the end of May, winter threatens to clamp down on any enthusiasm about the arrival of warmer weather. 860 more words

Reverend Meningsbee