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I love Saturdays. I love getting the papers in the morning (although the editorial material is shrinking as the commercial material increases). It’s the only day of the week when I read papers – the rest of the time it’s just headlines that come under my nose and half-read articles that I come across. 203 more words

Beat the Heat!

Weathermen are saying that this summer has seen the longest period of steaming hot and sunny weather in Taiwan in history. Usually the summer sizzling is interrupted by periods of rain and wind, but this year it has been one bright and sunny day after another and there is no end in sight yet. 92 more words


Countin' My Eggs!

Gayle has a friend with 16 hens. Those girls should produce a bunch of eggs every day, BUT it’s August. Chickens under stress, particularly heat stress, don’t lay eggs like they do at other times of the year. 152 more words

Camels by the Sea

Photographed along the shoreline of the South Sinai Peninsula. f/1.8 @ 1/600 sec. 10 more words


Beer Mania


/bright, light color

/foam was very fine

/a great beer because very pleasant for the throat, light, still flavorsome and thus wonderful for a hot and sunny day. 8 more words


Dehydration and Heat Stroke

Summer Heat

Imagine going outside in the summer, doing errands in hot, scorching sun, without any shade and water. Now imagine the same scenario, only this time, you are wearing a fur coat. 269 more words


Quick Thoughts: SUMMER SUCKS. Bring on Fall!!

Just bring me a pumpkin, a sweater, and a cinnamon spice candle . . . or something.

Am I the only one who is completely over summer? 149 more words