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Why I hate summer

(Due to me not having any internet access and not being able to post anything, I have a huge build up of posts and ideas in my notes, so I’m going to be posting quite a lot today!! 765 more words

The Past, Present and Future of White Wine

Everything goes in cycles, and so it is with white wine.

In ancient times, much of the most coveted wine was white — typically sweet, and often fortified so it could be transported from the place of origin to faraway locales without spoiling. 218 more words

Editor's Journal

Chub Rub

After a couple of weeks break, this Friday we have Amy discussing the “Chub Rub” phenomenon, particularly relevant after the hottest June temps on record here in the U.K. 869 more words

Summer is here: heat advisory issued

The National Weather Service in Seattle has issued a Heat Advisory in effect through 9 p.m. on Sunday, June 25. Temperatures are expected to soar above 90 degrees this weekend. 576 more words


Tradition for the Sake of Tradition

The UK has been going through an immense heat wave. Many schools in the UK have dress codes for the students, such as collared shirts, shoes, and colors of the clothes. 748 more words


Hot sex is just the worst.

So this past week has had ‘the hottest July day in (however many) years!’ And one person pointed out to me that her coconut oil was now pure liquid. 306 more words


It's Cracking The Blogs

This week’s entry was meant to be about…. erm, hang on, it’ll come to me in a minute…. it was about…. damn it, I nearly had it then…. 1,315 more words