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Picture Facts: Batman

Here it’s your  pk and back with a new story. I know we are so called busy people but we might spend some time to read this picture facts. 9 more words

The Joker

What's wrong with Suicide Squad?


Are you asking? Or do you mean What was the worst thing about Suicide Squad?

Let me start us off by saying, I just didn’t believe in Joker and I think we need to believe him. 365 more words


Batman: The Animated Series Review #01. On Leather Wings

OK so here’s the deal – I need an excuse. An excuse to revisit one of my childhood memories Batman: The Animated Adventures. I never managed to see the series in its entirety due to the channel it was aired on becoming too expensive for my family and me. 748 more words

TV Reviews

The Bat Files - The Dark Knight (2008)

It’s hailed as one of the greatest contemporary films, and certainly one of the greatest superhero movies ever made.

Heath Ledger’s performance, made more tragically notorious as a result of the actor’s untimely death, attracted so much buzz and acclaim that he was awarded a posthumous Oscar. 1,057 more words


Well Hello, Beautiful!

As a kid we always used Chapstick, there just weren’t many choices back then. But that crap was never soft and the lanolin in it made my lips peel. 182 more words


A Benjamin Button Complex

There are few things better than watching 10 Things I Hate About You and drinking wine on a Tuesday night.

This weekend was easier on me than the rest of the previous week (mostly). 246 more words


The Joke's On You

My 4 Mafex figs arrived:

  • Heath Ledger Joker
  • Heath Ledger Joker: Robber ver.
  • BvS Batman
  • BvS Superman

I specifically order this rooftop diorama for the DC figs. 7 more words