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It's 'Batman Vs. Batman' in this mash-up video

So this year we’ve had Captain America and Iron Man square off, along with Batman and Superman. What if ‘The Caped Crusader’ the faced off against his real worst enemy…himself. 77 more words


Holy Batman Day, Batman! My 5 Favourite Things About Batman

If you didn’t know, today, Saturday the 17th of September, is Batman Day!

Batman is one of my favourite superheroes. I love how complex his character is and all the really interesting stories that have been created around his character over the years since his creation. 752 more words

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Celebrity Doppelgangers – Because, why not?

Whilst on a date last month, I was told I looked the spitting image of someone from a film. In the past, I’d been told that I resemble Rupert Everett, so I confidently guessed that this was the celebrity to whom they were referring. 425 more words


Joker on Joker meme

Imagine if Heath Ledger’s Joker hits on Jared Leto’s Joker…or at least sweet talks him…



Why Ledger Bettered Leto - What Makes a Compelling Joker?

It is not hard to find viewers who were critical of Jared Leto’s portrayal of The Joker in this year’s Suicide Squad.

“He tried too hard,” “he wasn’t necessary to the plot,” “he looked silly.” The list of complaints goes on. 692 more words