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Happiness Is A Choice For Most Of Our Lives.

I had read an article about Heath Ledger, and his final moments before he overdosed on a mix of prescription drugs. The actor was 28 years old. 627 more words


A LOOK BACK: Out of the Chaos

Writing the Life-Giving Water devotionals is not only an important ministry, but is a deeply rewarding spiritual discipline for me as well. With that said, observing Sabbath (aka rest) is an important spiritual discipline as well. 58 more words


Heath Ledger’s Most See Movies

Aussie boy Heath Ledger who passed away in 2008 by a drug intoxication, has a documentary coming up next month, I know! I hear your excitement. 70 more words


Top 10 Movie Scars

Scars are a movie shorthand. Bad guys often have visible scars, gruesomely healed. Austin Powers’ Dr. Evil has a huge scar, from the corner of his right eye down to his jaw. 942 more words


Heath Ledger Is Coming Back To The Big Screen And The Emotions Are All Too Real

Heath Ledger has proved to be one of the greatest young actors the world has ever seen. He has been nominated for best Oscar in the award-winning “Brokeback Mountain” and has won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor as the Joker in 2009’s “The Dark Knight”. 169 more words

Heath Ledger's Doc Was Made For Matilda: He 'Pieced It Together' Just For Her

The documentary about Heath Ledger’s private life is gearing up for release, and in a new interview his sister, Kate, reveals that the personal footage shot by Heath used in the film feels as if he filmed his life specifically for his daughter, long before she was even born. 296 more words


Ranked!: Best "Scene Stealing" Supporting Characters (Movie Edition)

Everyone has seen a movie and remarked in some way, shape, or form something like this: “Yo, did you see **Insert Movie Here**?  Good flick, **Insert Main Actor or Actress Name Here** was good, but dude!   1,888 more words