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How The Dark Knight Made Me More Tolerant

When I was 16 years old, news of a new Batman movie from Christopher Nolan was announced.  To continue what he had done in Batman Begins, it was announced with a modicum of secrecy.  2,572 more words


Heath Ledger’s Daughter Matilda, 10, Looks Exactly Like Her Late Father — See Pic

OMG! Little Matilda Ledger isn’t so little anymore, and she’s grown into a spitting image of her late father Heath. You’ve got to see the pics of how much she takes after her daddy. 354 more words

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Here's What The Cast Of 'A Knight's Tale' Has Been Up To For The Past 15 Years

What happens when you mix medieval history with David Bowie? A Knight’s Tale. When it was released in 2001, the film was a modest hit… 2,078 more words


Feeble DC Universe Will Never Catch Up to Marvel

As a fan of DC Comics, I’ve been dismayed to see many of their greatest characters completely butchered as of late. I’ve loved almost all of the Marvel movies that have come out (with the exception of Ant-Man—ugh!), which is why Warner Bros’ efforts to bring the DC Universe to life have me all the more disappointed. 1,357 more words

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The Joker

MBTI: ENFP Socionics: IEE-Ne Enneagram: 7w8 Instinctual Stacking: Sx/So Tritype: 784, The Messenger Notes: • Often mistyped as ILE, due to the fact his strong Ne subtype “boosts” his Te, making him appear more like an NT. 34 more words

Margarita Monday vol. VI

*blogged while drinking  mango juice and listening to  David Bowie 45’s*

Oh Monday, what can we say about you?  For most of us you mean… 850 more words