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Twitter Talks: Top 90s Chick Flick

Each week we are going to be running polls  to see what our followers vote as the top elements of the 90s.

This week we wanted to see what you thought the best 90s chick flick was – and… 353 more words


Top 100 Acting Performances of the '00s (40-21)

40. Gene Hackman – The Royal Tenenbaums

3 years from retirement Hackman gives one of his best performances as Royal Tenenbaum, the hipster douche-bag absentee father of the Tenenbaum clan. 1,516 more words

Movie Reviews

Romantic but not Cheesy? A Knight's Tale is the answer!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s day, and whether you hate that day or not, it still a good motive for watching a lovely movie, romantic but not so cheesy that you’ll cough cheese. 913 more words


The Joker

Digital Painting: Photoshop + Wacom Intuos4

by: Christopher L. Smith

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Shakespeare, The Romantic

When we think about Shakespeare, we think about his comedies that aren’t really that funny or his tragedies where nearly everyone dies. In no way, shape, or form do we think about Shakespeare as romantic. 760 more words


Θα βάλει ο Joaquin Phoenix τη δική του πινελιά σε έναν από τους πιο πολυσηζητημένους ρόλους του Heath Ledger και του Jared Leto;

Πολλοί είμαστε εκείνοι που πιστεύουμε ότι ο Heath Ledger πριν πεθάνει υπερβολικά πρόωρα πρόλαβε να βάλει την ανεξίτηλη σφραγίδα του στο ρόλο του Joker με τη συνταρακτική ερμηνεία του στο … 17 more words


Italian Sentiments For Valentine's Day

Il giorno di amore is 7 days away and you’re shopping for the perfect Valentine’s Day card. Because just buying and signing that card and giving it to your loved one doesn’t quite cut it show how much you really care by adding your own personal Valentine’s Day message. 61 more words

The Foods Of Italy