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Who Owns Your Head?

This morning on Facebook, I was in a brief comment thread about the AFA. They made a Mother’s Day post that got some people’s pussy hats in a twist (which of course, now one cannot read because FB has deleted their page). 280 more words

Of Wuduwāsan and Wild Men

The “wild man” is a folkloric figure who appears often as a motif in medieval European artworks and literature.  In these depictions, he is frequently portrayed as hirsute, brutish and uncivilized, attributes which lend themselves well to the “wild man” moniker. 2,305 more words

Of Oaks and Sweet Tea

Góðan dag! It’s been a while since I wrote last time, and I woke up this morning with a profound sense of inspiration. There are two things that are VERY important to the overall of my heathen cultus. 213 more words


Fk the Haters: Question Everything

There’s a lot of advice out there on what to do in your spiritual practice. Some of it’s good, most of it’s bad. People throw around a lot of rules about what it is to be a real Heathen, or a real witch, or whatever else. 307 more words

Concerning Dweorgas

In the following article we will examine Germanic dwarf lore and how these beings might fit into Fyrnsidu cosmology.

In Anglo-Saxon Sources

While dweorg/dweorh appears a number of times in Old English glossaries, the most significant example appears in the… 1,466 more words

Winner of the Nerthus Agon Is....

Congratulations to Dr. E. Kelly.  Your submission won the agon. I’ll email you shortly to sort out the prizes. :) 

Everyone who submits receives a prayer card of Nerthus (if you already have Nerthus’ card, you can get a different card ) as a thank you. 38 more words