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Brain Craziness and a needy Goddess

I swear to the Gods, I have some sort of ADD.

Let me explain.

On a normal basis I go through these periods of time that I want to do one certain thing all the time. 813 more words


If you narrow it, you miss it

There’s been some online discussion on multiple aspects of reconstructed or revived forms of ancient polytheism. It started with Galina Krasskova’s piece on modern Heathenry… 1,228 more words

Religio Romana

Latvian Folktale: "The Wild Horseman"

Once upon a time, the country now known as Latvia was under the rule of German Barons.   The Latvian people were given homes, and the ability to have small gardens in addition to the farms and shops they tended.   1,651 more words

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Are Our Communities Ready for Theology?

I had an interesting conversation with my partner Sannion this morning. Over breakfast, I mentioned that my book “Devotional Polytheism” had gotten a good… 1,873 more words


Growing up "Heathen" (As I experienced it)

Hello cats and kittens, today I’m going to discuss the very confusing, convoluted, and strange life it was for me growing up in a clandestinely polytheistic European family from two ENTIRELY different traditional backgrounds; Lettish(Latvian) as well as Austrian/Pennsylvania Dutch (which I will spell and misspell in every possible way- and gave up on spell-checking every instance!) and attempt as well to create a compare/contrast between these two belief systems. 5,184 more words

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Fehu- It's the Cows!

The first rune of the first Aett is Fehu, meaning cow.

In Norse mythology, a great cow called Audhumla began licking the salt in the great chasm of Ginunagap. 458 more words


What's in a name?

This is one of those rare times I feel the urge to comment on contemporary matters in the western pagan/polytheist/etc. communities. Now hopefully I’ve been making it clear on this blog that I speak only for myself and not anyone else who calls themselves the labels that I also use (whether it’s “heathen” or “pagan” or the various cultural terms), but if I haven’t, hopefully I’ve made that clear now. 1,062 more words