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More submissions for April's Agon

Praises to Brigid
by Hugh E.

Hail Brigid, thrice great, thrice powerful, thrice blessed!

I arise today in praise of You,
O Brigid.
For the blessing of water I praise You, 139 more words

A Short Analysis of Neorxnawang

Neorxnawang is an interesting subject, considering the absolute confusion the word has elicited among scholars. While the second element of the compound, –wang (field, plain country, place) [1] is fairly straightforward in its meaning, the first element, Neorxna- , presents a serious problem. 684 more words

The JQ: Republished

This was published several months ago.  I took it down because I was worried it would be thought anti-Semitic.  On re-reading it I honestly don’t know how someone would construe criticism of a particular variety of tribalism as anti-Semitic.   2,149 more words

Common Sense

The Merit of Teachable Moments

When I was on a plane to Texas, I was seated next to a very chatty seventeen year old. In between randomly making assumptions about substance use (I’m generally sober, thank you), and incorrectly guessing my age by ten years (to be fair, nobody cards me) she asked me what I was reading. 500 more words


notes from the office #67

11:02a idk if i’m in an argument or not, but walpurgsnacht is a christian holiday. it wasn’t co-opted from pre-christian pagan beliefs. my friend runs a satanist-ish group and he’d posted something about doing a walpurgsnacht celebration and i told him, like dude that’s a christian holiday. 156 more words

Notes From The Office

Mani Agon updates

Mani’s agon is officially closed, but I had a bit of a cold over the weekend and was therefore late posting the final two entries. Here they are below. 149 more words

Who Can Worship The Norse Gods?

My partner wants to worship the Norse deities but runs into a lot of media that says that he only wants to appropriate them because he (as a white person) doesn’t have any connection to gods of his own.

314 more words
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