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A Couple of Things...

Orthodox Ritual Praxis

This morning I read an article on Greek and Russian Orthodox Church services and it was fascinating. The services, particularly around holy week can be quite grueling. 694 more words

Third submission to Nehalennia's Agon

by Dr. Emily K.

Welcome Home!
We shouted from the docks on the day You arrived,
Splendid and sailing up from the South,
Your barge trimmed with beaten gold. 103 more words

Submission #2 to Nehalennia's Agon

To Nehalennia
By V. Morelli

I do not know You, Lady of bogs and marshes,
Goddess of all the liminal places that are home,
sometimes, to those of us who fit nowhere else. 218 more words

Excerpt from Mimir's Well

Once we have crossed over the societal boundary of monotheistic faith, we are vulnerable. More accurately, our ego is vulnerable. We have risked exposure to ridicule in sacrificing the standard manner of living so many other people seem to enjoy. 1,143 more words

Mimir's Well on Kindle

The Kindle version of Mimir’s Well can be purchased here

Finally, a real book about Heathenry which will allow you to grow and develop in today’s world.


Study Notes from The Culture of the Teutons by Vilhelm Grønbech | Prologue + Chapter 1


Frith means keeping the peace between oneself and the people in one’s inner yard. 1,514 more words