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Shrine Design Part 2

I’m surprised by how the shrine for my deities feels like it will resemble Candyland. There is supposed to be a small grove, almost like a diorama, with twigs and a few of them have little masks taped on to resemble the trees where the… 1,454 more words


Offerings and Sacrifice Redux

So once again the subject of offerings and sacrifice has come up on a discussion thread; specifically, the comment was made that food offerings shouldn’t be wasted, that if something is given in offering or if a sacrifice is made, unless human beings get to eat it, it’s going to waste. 964 more words

Shrine Building with MCS - and a lot of help from my friends

As I said several posts ago I decided that this would be my first real birthday since the Titanic hit my life 12 years ago. In fact it would be great, as good as 13 years ago! 1,074 more words


different Anglo-Saxon paganisms! (trust your Goddess and she'll trust you)

The Freya Festival of my birthday does not stop! I actually found someone, a total stranger, who offered to – for free -give me access to the book I wrote about wishing I could read. 706 more words


Sale on Poetry book

I’m running a mini-sale at my Etsy shop: 

Purchase a copy of my new poetry chapbook “Nine for Odin” and receive a free prayer card of Odin, and a surprise free gift.  67 more words

Baduhenna and Hludana

I just began making my first offerings to the following Goddesses and found sensing the connection quite easy. Baduhenna in Frisia, who had a grove dedicated to her. 264 more words


The Ingvaeonic North - home of Vanatru?

Freya gave me a wagon load of Vanatru information for my birthday! It’s actually more than I could’ve dreamt of! This was definitely a birthday filled with wealth of all kinds! 1,194 more words