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Patheos: The Lady’s Quill: Being Trans and Heathen

“One group I never had an issue with, period, was Heathens.  At the time most of the Heathen folk I knew I ran into primarily at festival space.   153 more words

Wights of Land and Homesteading

Weiß Alb was initially and endeavor into homesteading on a small scale in order to become better acquainted with how to organize, exist, and even thrive while centering myself on hearth and land. 1,161 more words

Looking back and compare.

Some 15 years ago I got involved in contemporary heathenry. Some 2½ years ago I was initiated into a Masonic lodge. Time for a comparison? Did Freemasonry bring what I hoped it would bring? 1,908 more words


Savitri Devi quote

But the gods do not need to be brought back. They never left us. We just have to see them.

The Jötnar

This is a serious topic.  Many will not be ready to read this, being too firmly in the grip of such things.  In this post, I’ll be drawing from numerous traditions – contrary to what I said earlier in this blog (that I would keep this page strictly Anglo-centric) – but I’m only doing so to illustrate that humanity has been part of an all-out war for a very long time.  2,528 more words


A Warning to Friends and Followers

What with Ragnarök on its way, things are really picking up right now.  The Gods are calling us to the fight – and the spirits of the Einheriar, of our divine ancestors, are entering those of us open to their power so that they can push fierce against the enemy in this final bout.  1,996 more words


Norse myth and mysteries

Johan Ernst Jasper (1874-1945) was a Freemason who lived in Dutch occupied Indonesia and who died in a Japanese camp during WWII. He wrote extensively and is mostly known for his books per grade. 772 more words