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What Pagans can learn from Asia

Since February 2015, I have been in Asia. I spent a year teaching English is Korea and since then I’ve been to Japan and Thailand, with Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam on the itinerary for the next few months. 1,489 more words


Happy Walpurgis

Happy Walpurgisnacht, folks. May the Gods and Goddesses of abundance, sensuality, sexuality, and joy be praised and honored. May our ancestors be remembered. May the land be refreshed and renewed. 155 more words

Living with pain: Lessons of the Tree Hanger

I live with chronic pain, and some days are better than others, but the key word here is live.  I don’t let pain keep me from work, from doing my duty to wife or children, or from doing such activities as bring me pleasure, like getting out and enjoying the physical comforts of my community celebrating together. 2,075 more words

A good article on sacral leadership

There is an excellent article on sacral leadership by Jon Upsal’s Garden here. This article likewise references one by Kiya Nichol on sacral kingship Kemetic style, which is also worth a read.  200 more words

Freya wants a book

From old diary:

Freyja wants a book or entire website dedicated to the point of view of the Vanir and why they were written out of most of the mythology we have . 1,125 more words


Poetry book for sale

I’m putting out a small chapbook of Nine Centos for Odin. Folks can order it directly from me at krasskova at gmail.com, or I’ll shortly have it up on… 6 more words

Light the Beacons - May 1st

Hello everyone, after another stretch of not posting anything I’m starting to ease back into blogging, starting with a brief notice about this heathen event occurring worldwide. 232 more words