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Várblót - The Spring Sacrifice

Góðan dag! Today I’m going to be stepping back into the theological realm from any sort of political discourse, and I’m going to talk about my kindred’s recent blót. 287 more words


The Value of UPG

This is a brief interlude, but something that I’m thinking about. Online, the concept of UPG is a rather familiar one – but what is the value of UPG, exactly? 904 more words


Deep Waters: Mimisbrunnr

The next well in my little discussion is Mimisbrunnr, or Mimir’s Well. Again, we find it attested to in both the Poetic and Prose Eddas. 892 more words


Another thought on Hvergelmir

Edderkopper over on Tumblr brought up some interesting points in response to my post on Hvergelmir.

I found it kind of surprising that out of all three wells, you view Hvergelmir as the representation of aspects that are ingrained and unchangeable.

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Deep Waters: Hvergelmir

So, I’ve been wanting to do this “Deep Waters” discussion of the Well of Wyrd and the three wells that compose this concept for a little while. 1,393 more words



In this day and age, it is incredibly easy to go online and find resources. It is actually amazing that so many of us have small devices in our pockets that allow us to look up virtually anything. 587 more words


Brjóta ekki bein (Don’t Break the Bones): Sacrifice in the Northern Tradition

(I know that this is going to be a challenging topic for some of you. If you are bothered by frank discussions of religion and animal sacrifice, stop reading and go watch… 1,271 more words