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Northern Tradition Heathen August Holy Tides

The most common Anglo-Saxon name for August is “weed month.” Obviously there was a lot of weeding the garden at that time! One Anglo-Saxon source calls it “Thor month.” In many places thunderstorms frequently occur in August. 394 more words


Resacralizing our world

(another oldie but goodie:)

I recently read an exchange online between a polytheist (what type, I do not know) and a Heathen that to my mind, highlighted what I consider to be the biggest issue in Heathenry. 1,294 more words

Building a Better Heathenry

(This was initially posted at polytheist.com. I plan to be posting a series of articles on Heathen theology over the next month and I want to start with my older pieces so I’m sharing them here). 2,495 more words

Honey Moon - a Poem for Mani

(I”ve been meaning to share this since I returned from my OR retreat but somehow with everything that has been going on offline, it fell through the cracks.) 105 more words

Loki, Spiritual Threesome- Oops, no, got it wrong- best sleep ever

When I went to bed I could feel behind me Sigyn spooning me and Loki was in front and I thought ” oh, I’ve never had a threesome with humans I don’t really know if I’m up for this . 70 more words


Explaining Protestant God to Loki's Family

A lot of people think that Gods know everything. It’s a hangover from monotheism. I’m often trying to discuss how Protestantism has made most Heathens act like atheists – or Protestants. 1,458 more words


Reverence the Dead

I was looking for interesting readings to include in my upcoming Novena booklet for Eir and I came across this passage from the Sigdrifumal:

I counsel you ninth; cover the dead… 1,087 more words