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Administrative Note

If you are a Nokean (Loki-hater), white supremacist, neo-Nazi, or you fall into any associated or compatible categories of low-life, you are not welcome on my blog, or any place else on the web where my content is posted (including Google +). 276 more words


July for Loki - Day One

Several years ago I began dedicating the month of July to the Norse God Loki. During that month, every day I would post something specifically for Him. 440 more words


Why I Am No Longer Recon (And Why That's Okay)

This post might get a little heavy. Something I realize I haven’t discussed at length here is my history with Heathen reconstructionism and why I eventually made the choice to step away from that mode of thought and religious practice. 3,016 more words


Sources Cited - Credit where Credit is due.

Now that we’ve come through the first eight runes of each runic system. I’d like to take care of some housekeeping chores. I’d like to cite the sources from which the runic posts draw on. 254 more words



Elder Futhark: Wunjo

Anglo-Saxon Futhorc: Wynn

Younger Futhark: ***

Armanen Futhork: ***

***- There are no separate rune forms for the Wunjo rune in the Younger and the Armanen systems because these rune rows had shorten the number of runes to preserve the ideographic nature of the runes as their language was changing. 1,051 more words


Loving Savage Gods

A thing came up today amongst some colleagues: the difficulty of loving savage Gods. I belong to Odin: I know a thing or two about loving in the midst of Terror. 841 more words


Odin, Breath, and Wyrd

So this morning I was reading through my own book “Neolithic Shamanism,” which I co-wrote with Raven Kaldera, looking up some random information on the Norse Wind spirits and Gods which I’d forgotten and I came across this line: 1,062 more words