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We’re barely a month into 2018 and so far a lot of “change” has happened within my life. After literally two weeks of non-stop anxiety and panic attacks, I’ve decided to re-shift my focus back towards building a practice and looking at incorporating  393 more words


Submission for Sigyn's Agon

by Dr. E. Kelly

I made a mistake once
And took You for the loser girlfriend of a loser God.
You could sew my lips shut for saying so… 138 more words

Learning Seidr Magick.

So you may see this title and think great this is going to be some wizard craft like Harry Potter. However, what I am talking about is completely different. 694 more words


A Prayer to Sōl-Hǣlugifestre

Sōl-Hǣlugifestre, High-Leech
She who mends bone, She who removes pain
Oh, Radiant Goddess who illuminates the heavens
and swaddles us in warm embrace

Heaven-kind maiden… 121 more words

Blood Eagle...

As I write this I’m working my way through the awesome Vikings Tv series yet again, and I’m on season 2. One episode, in particular, will forever stay with me, not because the rest of the series isn’t amazing, as trust me they are (Fellow fans will agree), but because a Blood Eagle was performed. 387 more words


Regular Spiritual Practice: A Script

One of the implications of acknowledging the importance of the hearth cult, and our responsibility as Pagans to tend our “hearths” is that we should be engaging in some kind of daily spiritual practice. 598 more words


Submission to Sigyn's Agon

by Fiona Y.

Enfold me again, in white feather warmth
Blossom scented Sigyn,
Delicate, as the slightest breeze
Yet with Audhumlas’ nurturing strength.
You, whose sweet song… 83 more words