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Praise from Prison for book Candles in the Cave

Out of the 900 pages of Pagan related handouts (written by top writers in their traditions) and Starhawk’s Spiral Dance I’ve sent to Dublin Women’s Prison the most appreciated has been Asphodel Press’s… 362 more words


Snorri's mythology affected by Iceland's large Gaelic population: Reflecting on Sayers paper Irish Perspectives on Heimdallr

It has been interesting looking at all of the different sources that came together to create what Heathenry calls “The Lore.” The pre-Indo-European Old Europeans, the massive Finn lands already established around the tip of Sweden, the intermingled Germanic and Saami communities, the Celtic tribes that overtook Jutland until there was a flood, the Celtic sea faring Veneti coming from the Baltic lands and the Lore’s own words about Freya being known throughout the Baltic lands although in other names. 2,076 more words


A Prayer to the Goddess Fulla

36 Adorations to Fulla

I adore You, Fulla.
I adore You, Bountiful Goddess.
I adore You, Sister of Frigga.
I adore You, Her most trusted retainer. 200 more words

Respectfully for the Our Troth Member who didn't know what Invisible Privilege is

I was reading an interesting blog essay by a Heathen man about how he thought that Heathenry, especially his own community Our Troth, was where women had equality and there was no sexism. 1,558 more words


Women In Heathenry: Their Words


I have been excited to meet heathens of so many local communities over my time in Heathenry, often inspired by the presence of known and well respected members of that community who have been esteemed for some time.  5,049 more words

One True Troll on the Internet

Grimm Mordingi was a troll.  Living under the Sun Death of Sunna, for him to be touched by the sun was to die and crumble into naught but gravel and rock.  1,476 more words

Skeleton found in well confirms Viking Saga - The Archaeology News Network

Excavations of a well in Trondheim, Norway, have revealed the skeleton of a man. Archaeologists say this may be evidence that the saga of King Sverre is actually based on historical events. 12 more words