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PCV Public Yule Ritual

Hosted by the Pagan Collective of Victoria and the Heathens.

More information here: PCV Public Yule Ritual


Reporting on Heathenry, Responsibly

This would probably be considered a companion post to the role we can play in improving the image of Heathenry.

We know Heathenry has a racism problem. 934 more words


Quoth the Raven, Read Some More

Warning, what is written below is UPG (Unverified Personal Gnosis)

It’s been 6 months since I have written anything, I don’t mean just here. I mean anywhere. 743 more words


Let's Talk About Incarcerated Heathens

The general population does not have a very high opinion of people who are, or have been, in prison. I remember being as young as 12 and hearing rumors about plastic surgery, niche therapy and otherwise non-essential care being provided to people on death row. 901 more words


Let me change, a little, the foundation you think you have about Asatru.

There are so many diverse bits of information concerning the evolution and movements of mankind around the globe that it becomes almost impossible to make one coherent theory out of it. 1,612 more words

Odin - Lesson Two Part 1

The most well known and possibly the most revered God in Heathenry is Odin. He is a mysterious and magical God known for is many attempts to gain wisdom to aid in the battle of Ragnarok. 810 more words


Old Gods, New Tricks

Recently, as I was stuffing pork bones into a ziplock to make soup later, my dad said “you’ve become such a homesteader!”

Since I don’t have an actual backyard farm  678 more words