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Innangeard and Utgeard

Due to the heavy Judeo-Christian influences in our culture, concepts like religion and its associated ideas such as cosmology and ethics are seen as universal. Divinity is usually interpreted as either omnipresent or far-beyond-this-world. 1,074 more words


Heathenry Belongs to All of Us


I have long said that it is not the Troth’s place to tell the AFA how to run their house.  We go our own way and have our own understanding of Heathenry, what it meant to our ancestors, and what it means to us today.  1,382 more words

update on Freya contest

I’ve decided to wait to select the winner of the Freya contest until Her day: Friday. :) Until then, I’ve each of the entries numbered and a bowl with scraps of paper, each bearing a number written on it, sitting in a bowl at Her shrine.  24 more words

A sort of timeline

Saying something about the religious history of Northwestern Europe, we can pick the first century as starting point. It is from then on that the Roman Empire started to move northwards. 646 more words


Our Germanic Roots

Who we are and where did we come from?

This sounds like a simple question to answer, however often when a person tries to answer such a question they quickly find out that what should have been a simple task has evolved into a complicated thought process. 630 more words


What Pagans can learn from the Aboriginal People's - How to re-enchant the land!

Recently I wrote a post called – What Pagans can learn from Asia. It was a summary of the things I discovered about people’s religious ideas in Asia. 824 more words


The Primeval Cow (or lack thereof)

Animal husbandry has an extremely long history among the Anglo-Saxons, with evidence of domesticated cattle stretching back all the way into Neolithic times. Though we as modern people might not appreciate it, raising cattle is a long and hard process, requiring specific knowledge and a great deal of luck. 609 more words