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Beltane and Ritual 2015

Thursday evening is Beltane, the feast of flowers. I will be doing an ADF style ritual using the Solitary Druid Fellowship‘s liturgy format. For the Explanation part I use the following… 101 more words


Perseverance: My Interpretation

Here’s my eight essay on the Nine Noble Virtues.


Perseverance is interesting because it’s the “get up no matter how many times you get knocked down” attitude towards life. 656 more words

Label, label, label...must I have a label?

When I began this blog, I wasn’t sure where it would take me. I was even less sure anyone would read it. My previous efforts in joining the blogosphere haven’t been so successful, probably because I can’t see to hold myself to a writing schedule and because I have an aversion to any kind of self-promotion, for all sorts of reasons that I’m slowly learning to conquer.   552 more words



So I don’t tend to dream very often, and if I do, I really don’t remember them. I’m going to start out with letting y’all know I do tend to have some rather weird dreams. 268 more words


Industriousness: My Interpretation

Here’s my seventh essay on the Nine Noble Virtues.


It’s interesting that industrious ends up being the essay I write today, of all days, considering how much work I’ve done today. 557 more words

Hospitality: My Interpretation

Here’s my sixth essay on the Nine Noble Virtues.


To be hospitable is to be respectful. Hospitality is the willingness to share what we can afford to share with others. 736 more words

Sit down talk, a little loss, and other personal stuffs

So last Friday Frigga decided to she needed to have a sit down talk with me. Apparently this whole time she has been hanging around has been a bit of a test run, just to see if she wanted to work with me. 800 more words