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That time the Runic Talisman worked!

I just wanted to write a short post about something that happened to me recently. It could have been coincidence but I’m not so sure. Since I finished my travels, I have been staying with a friend while I searched for a job. 359 more words


Why Make the Move to Heathenry?

     Since the Asatru Folk Assembly (AFA) was founded in ’94 by Stephen McNallen, Heathenry has sprang to life throughout the US. Groups of likeminded individuals have come together to celebrate their heritage. 727 more words


ANNOUNCEMENT: After a vote of its membership the Heathen Special Interest Group has chosen to go their own way and are no longer part of White Oak Grove CUUPS.   64 more words


Seasonal Affect Disorder as Evolutionary Good? Heathen Survival and Sacred Herbs

Many people suffer from Seasonal Affect Disorder where the lack of light causes depression. There may be a natural, helpful reason for SAD. With so little to do and so little food to eat, staying in bed sleeping (a sign of depression) conserved energy and food. 128 more words


More Gaelic German Mythology Crossover

Balderich (“prince ruler”), a giant in the Baltic Sea on the Island of Rugen, was frustrated with having to wade to the mainland of Pomerania. He decided to connect the island with the continent. 315 more words


Loki and Skadi's relationship, from another angle

From River Devora, a Loki dedicant (as well as many other roles). Speaking of Skadi’s revenge on Asgard from the POV of Loki Himself:

“She, standing in her fiercest, most male expression of her woman power, dominating the men in the room using their own tools and tricks. 87 more words


Bronze age apron?

An image I stole from the website of the Ullensaker museum. The image is a bronze age figure wearing what looks like an apron with runes. 20 more words