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The Problems Facing Heathenry:

Well that is an interesting topic.  Well I would say the first and most compelling issue confronting Heathenry is the hypocritical attitude towards leadership.

What is this conflict you ask?  1,509 more words


I never thought that I would be giving thanks to be practicing a Diasporic religion but the past couple of months have clearly shown that there are some perks. 1,011 more words

Baldur During Ragnarok, Hidden with Hela

During this time of Ragnarok Baldur and Nanna, the soon-to-be new leaders of the Aesir, are hidden safely away with Hela. Why did Loki and Odin send them there? 156 more words


Meet the Team! (Appalachian Pagan Ministry and ME!)

Appalachian Pagan Ministry is kind enough to include me in their pagan prison ministry! The ministry has already celebrated Samhain at a woman’s prison in West Virginia and is branching out into two maximum-security prisons for men in Ohio. 828 more words


A Ritual for Thor

Tor såsom Freya” by Carl Larsson (1853-1919) and Gunnar Forssell (1859-1903) as described above. Photograph by User:Haukurth. – The image is found on page 105 of Fredrik Sander’s 1893 edition of the Poetic Edda. 1,669 more words


What the Volva Really Said

The Eddas did not finish the message from the dead Volva. How could it? Her message was to blood brothers Odin and Loki, about the coming of Christianity, the destruction of Midgard by lost humans and the only way to save Midgard – the death of each other and their tribes. 6 more words


The Call of the Vaettir

By Ryan Smith

In the modern Heathen movement everything is alive. From the breeze at our backs to the ground beneath our feet we live in a world filled with spirits. 994 more words