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The Culture of the Teutons by Vilhelm Grønbech | Prologue + Chapter I: Frith


In the modern age, as a modern Heathen, frith can still be upheld and valued. 1,531 more words


Midsummer heathen thoughts

The tide is coming in, turning the little valleys and hollows in the mud flats into streams and salt- pools that glow when the sun hits them. 121 more words

Heathenry Musings Pt. 2: Frith

I started reading Vilhelm Grønbech’s The Culture of the Teutons in an effort to further my study of Heathenry. It is one of the most highly commended books for understanding the Heathen worldview. 1,232 more words


Submission to Loki Agon

To Loki
by Amanda Forrester

My head is on fire.
I can see it all –
The threads of destiny, of wyrd, coming together,
I see the ghastly fate of my sons, 139 more words

Norse Mythology - Thor The Transvestite

Norse Mythology has the most amazing stories, all about the Gods themselves and a wealth of information to learn from. It shows most of all that anything can happen to the Gods, that they are not immune from death or mischievous acts. 602 more words


Finding The Right Path

Growing up I never followed any religion, I believed in only science nothing else. Yet often I found myself wishing that there was something else to have faith in so that in turn I could find more meaning to life.   379 more words


The Meaning of Beltane and why people celebrate it.

Chances are at some point either online or on the news you’ve heard the world Beltane pop up or even had someone wish you a Happy Beltane. 514 more words