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Trees and crossroads

So. I seem to be re-engaging with Heathenry.

It’s good in that I shut that door some years ago and have only flirted with re-opening it prior to now. 221 more words


HreĆ°a - the goddess of the vernal equinox

Yes, I know the vernal equinox is dubbed “Ostara” by many, but it’s a bit of a misnomer, as that’s a derived Old High German word for the Christian festival. 279 more words


clothing type stuffs

So I was too happy about this. I had to share.

Just got this awesome shirt in the mail last night.

Have I ever mentioned I love Lagertha? 36 more words


Happy Equinox, Everyone.

Today is a mighty day lol. It’s the first day of spring (i.e. the Spring Equinox, celebrated by a lot of us as Ostara or Eostre after Goddesses of the same name), there’s a super-moon, and there’s supposed to be a solar eclipse. 647 more words


Just a Thought

I am a customer service representative. I take calls and talk to many different people every day.

Quite often I have customers say “God bless you” or “have a blessed day”. 295 more words


Celebrating Ostara 2015

Happy Ostara everyone. Also known as the Vernal Equinox, Eostre or Alban Eiler (Light of the Earth), this day marks a time of balance, when day and night are of equal length. 523 more words


Sons of Odin

I currently have votive candles for three of Odin’s sons in my shop, and since today is Thursday (and one of those three sons is Thor), I thought it would be a fine time to show them off. 480 more words


Robert Lee Brown reblogged this on The Blind Druid and commented:

I've been eying the devotional candle for Thor for a little over a week now, but didn't think I had enough money to grab it - I wanted to buy a copy of Beth's book first! And speaking of her devotional tales for Odin, I'm in the process of reading it right now and I'm loving every bit of it so far! So much so that I hope to do a book review of it, either on here or on Youtube, sometime in the near future! Anyway, reading this little promotional entry from Witch of the North first thing I woke up, and being prodded by Brigid to grab a candle for my buddy The Big Guy Himself and assuring me that I would have just enough left over to buy it, I went for a mad scramble to grab a candle before anyone else read Beth's post and they end up becoming sold out! Seeing the order goes through makes me really happy! See I bought a brand new statue of Thor on my last day of Canada (in a way that makes it obvious to even someone who is as dense as a brick wall that the Gods had it waiting there for me) and I sstill have it sitting in a box on what will become my devotional shrine to Brigid and Tuirenn (I have a ton of personal imbas or Doxa as a lot of bloggers seem to call it lately that Thor and Brigid's husband Tuirenn are one and the same and that Tuirenn is simply a very young Thor - Something I hope to write about one day) Anyway I am overjoyed at having something that will allow me to start the process of putting the little shrine beside my new bed just the way I like it! I'll be sure to use the candle to sain the shrine and then use it as a devotional candle in my workings with Thor/Tuirenn! Hail Thor on this blessed Thor's Day! Hail the Allfather and the Sons of Odin! Hail Beth for what I'm sure will be an awesome candle!