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Blood is Thicker Than Mead

For awhile now, a lot of my social circle has given me flack for my friendship with Joe Bloch, some even insisting that I cut ties with him or they would cut ties with me. 270 more words

Praxis: Miasma and Why I Don't

The subject of the week has been Miasma, a word used in Hellenismos to describe a spiritual pollution that affects an individual in a negative way and ultimately could end up disconnecting them from their gods. 2,029 more words


Schrödinger's God

A colleague posted this image on facebook and it got me thinking and I’m going to share some of those thoughts with you now. The statement in the image implies that since at some point Loki was bound, He cannot now be an active part of the pantheon. 1,848 more words

For my Ancestors

Who requested I learn to play the basic tune on the kantele for Them.  Sometimes the things the Ancestors ask of us hurts the heart, and others, it lifts us up.   48 more words


Gods of Rot and of Decay?

In a private discussion, a colleague told me that someone argued against the need for cleansing on the basis that Gods like Hela and Ereshkigal were Gods of rot and corruption and decay. 761 more words

A Prayer to Odin

These two prayers were recently commissioned by my Patreon supporters: 

To Odin, for Dreams
(written for T.)
By Galina Krasskova

Ravenous for knowledge,
hungry for wisdom, 438 more words

Praxis: Some Thoughts on Piety 

My dear friend, Anna, over at Sweet Delicate Thing has always been a sounding board of sorts for me and I have been blessed in that I have had the opportunity to help guide her down her own path and find footing in a practice that she probably never would have approached but for my entry into her life. 84 more words