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I really REALLY want to play silent hill 3 again


Silent Hill 3 Review (X-Box 360 HD Version)

Silent Hill 3 is a direct sequel to the original game & puts players in control of Heather, a 17 year old girl who has a very dark secret. 732 more words

The Disc

NSWF! Silent Hill still rulez – Heather Mason still sexy:-) Nasy Heather cosplayed by Ginger, less surviver-horror, more boobies:-P 32 more words

Have You Met Heather Mason?

The most interesting American in town wears a light-wash denim skirt, brown platform sandals, a cotton shirt and her sunglasses on top of her head like an Alice band. 1,580 more words


Now booking for September's Yoga Therapy for the Mind 8 Week Course for Stress, Anxiety and Depression

My next Yoga Therapy for the Mind 8 Week Course for Stress, Anxiety and Depression starts on Monday, 8th September.

If you’re local (enough) to Witham, Essex, and would like to learn how to use your body, breath and mind to retrain your nervous system and brain, offering immediate relief and long lasting (with practice) benefits, get in touch to find out more or visit… 6 more words


Horror Movie Challenge: Day 4 - "Silent Hill, Revelation"

Day 4 of my horror movie challenge, and this one was slightly disappointing. Yes, I had been warned that the movie adaptions of the games I loved were not too great, compared to the videogames, but I still wanted to experience them for myself. 605 more words

Silent Hill 3 - Beauty in the Dark

Silent Hill 3 was a fantastic addition to the series, which I played after purchasing the HD collection for PS3. The first thing I observed, after beginning the game and finding myself in the rotting, rusting depths of an empty fairground, was how it was instantly different from Silent Hill 2, which I found to be an extremely positive thing. 360 more words