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Silent Hill 3: Feminist Perspective!

Note: This is a cross post from my Tumblr. (And on SH wiki) Spoilers are abound for Silent Hill 1 and 3! It’s also dated, being about 4 years old. 841 more words


Today's Art (17th March 2017)

Well, a couple of days ago, I planned to make some “Silent Hill” fan art but ended up making an original painting instead.

Still, due to a combination of my imagination levels fluctuating wildly and suddenly thinking of a hilarious idea for a parody of the content warning screen in “ 95 more words


Silent Hill 3 (2003) Review

Silent Hill 3 is a direct sequel to the original 1999 game, where you play as a teenage girl, Heather Mason who is drawn to the town of Silent Hill, creepy through industrial looking otherworlds,the frightening Lakeside Amusement Park which are all appropriately disgusting, bloody dirty and grimy, like a higher fidelity rendering of the original’s aesthetic.   718 more words

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