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I’m not a terribly adventurous person (I know, I know what you’re thinking, but hear me out…). I really am, by nature, a seeker of comfort and stability. 1,062 more words


Not Back to School Day 2016

Tomorrow we’ll hit the books, but today, while everyone else went back to school, we celebrated Not Back to School Day with a trip to the… 406 more words


Welcomed #midnighthaiku

August, I muttered to myself, ruddy August.

Roadworks, holiday traffic, hold-ups… For the first hundred miles, that was the litany playing through my disgruntled mind as I drove north. 228 more words


Canoe Trip

Yesterday was a lovely Sunday, with a little warmer weather and sun on and off, perfect time for a canoe trip with a swim afterwards. You need your hiking… 135 more words


So this happened...

I tested for my black recommended belt on Thursday.

I passed!

For the first several months we took taekwondo, I didn’t believe I’d ever make it this far. 54 more words


Capt.Cook's Monument

I recently read an article which suggests a Masonic connection to the obelisk and with the great man himself. Apparently obelisks symbolize the Egyptian sun god Amon Re and its cap  or ‘benben’ is actually a pyramid. 95 more words

Roseberry Topping