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Wednesday 25.05.16

Woke up at 6am for a change woop woop a lie in, had coffee in bed and then wished Heather a happy 12th birthday

cycled to work, what a cold morning and a difference from yesterday, had another busy day in work but got finished handy and came home and cooked Heather a birthday dinner of pizza and garlic bread after we had eaten and tidied up I watched some TV till Lynne finished work and while Lynne had her dinner we chatted about our day and then got a early night, hope the rain goes off by the morning

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I can cook that!

Good Morning!

It’s early as I sit down to write this, and that is really my preferred time. My family is still asleep in their beds, so it is just me and my keyboard here writing about food. 194 more words

Finding a stone circle...

It had rained overnight… heavily too. The sky still looked ominous, but held the promise of a clearer day to come. I looked at the bag of boots in the car and shook my head… “No, it’ll be fine…” There was no excuse for leaving the sensible footwear in the car and setting off over the moors unsuitably clad. 736 more words


I love this time of the school year...

With just one more week – just 5 more days – left in the school year, we are slowly finishing things up. Fritz finished his vocabulary weeks ago and Fritz and Adrian finished Math-U-See Delta and Beta around the same time (though they are continuing with Epsilon and Gamma, getting a head start on next year). 114 more words


Sometimes, a flurry

While waiting to hear back from editors and opportunities, I’ve been submitting stories again. Often writing works like that. A lot of nothing but waiting, or a lot of nothing but editing, or a lot of waiting while submitting.  174 more words


Heather's Review of "Pete, or the Return of Peter Pan"

Earlier this year, I published a post about our visit to the Tempe Center for the Arts to watch a production by Childsplay called Perô or The Mysteries of the Night… 269 more words

Play Reviews

Tuesday 17.05.16

Had a really good nights sleep and didn’t want to get up this morning, had a busy day in work and the day flew by,went home and picked up heather and we went to her… 87 more words

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