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Heather and Skye

After a rocky start this afternoon Heather and Skye worked well together

Every Day Stuff


my conscience is my crown
contented thoughts my rest
my heart is happy in itself
my bliss is in my quest


SPELLS: of self-discovery… 499 more words

Magickal Arts

Patient Profiles - Word Clouds Reveal Hidden Truths

Today I’m using Word Clouds to rewrite the patient profiles I’ve written for this blog. Word clouds are an excellent resource to create the mind’s eye view of a written piece. 63 more words

Daily Blog Update

The North Yorkshire Moors

Unfortunately it’s been a while since I picked up my camera. I’ll blame it on rubbish weather and work but it was probably just plain laziness. 307 more words


What the H???? An Unborn Twin Found in Woman's Brain!

Here’s some weird stuff you can talk about drunk this weekend: 

An Embryonic Twin complete with bones, hair and teeth was discovered in a 26 year old woman’s brain. 241 more words


Subject to Suffering asks…

I’ve read too much Marx and now I can’t help referring to my father as a bourgeois wage slaver. Is there any theory I might be able to read that will balance Marx’s totalising theory? 778 more words