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iJoy Massage Chair Review & Product Line [Update: Oct. 2017]

So, you’re in the market to bolster the amount of relaxation you have in your life currently, right? And you want to add a lot more stress relief? 57 more words


Icy Hot Smart Relief Review: Tens Therapy Relief [Oct. 2017]

TENS, or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, therapy is the process of administering small doses of low voltage electrical current to a pain source in order to relieve it. 59 more words


Best TENS Unit Reviews: Top Models TESTED [Oct. 2017]

TENS therapy, or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation treatment, is designed to relieve non-chronic pain by administering pulses of electricity directly onto the skin (we pick the best TENS unit below to help with that). 52 more words


We Tried Hello Fresh

For the second meal kit service, we tried Hello Fresh. We got three two-serving meals and like when we tried Blue Apron, we made them for lunch so there was plenty for those of us at home during the day. 1,038 more words


Coconut Vegetable Curry Over Quinoa

A nourishing, aromatic curry full of anti-inflammatory veggies, herbs, and spices is one of the easiest (and most delicious) ways to support your health. This vegetable curry recipe packs tons of flavor with spices like garam masala, and aromatics like ginger, garlic, and onion. 336 more words


Why We’re Sweet on Honey

By Amy Sherman

Ancient remedies are squarely in vogue, with bone broth, essential oils, cupping and others enjoying plenty of press and celebrity Instagram love. 528 more words


We're going to Puerto Rico!

Hey everyone!


These past two weeks Joel and I have put together and sent around 25 packages to different families in Puerto Rico that need access to food. 610 more words