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23rd WSJ Japan 2015 - Day 1

Friday 24th July 2015

The day has finally come to leave home and travel to Japan. It has been nearly two years preparing and saving up for this trip and I can’t quite believe it is now time. 480 more words


Police condemn 'idiots' who shone powerful lasers through cockpit window

Police have condemned the ‘idiots’ who shone powerful lasers and lights though the cockpit windows of planes near Heathrow Airport.

There were four reports of powerful green lights directed at planes within an hour on Saturday. 174 more words


5 things to do today at The Perfectionists Cafe, The Queen's Terminal, Heathrow Airport

5 things to do today dines at Heston Blumenthal’s ‘The Perfectionists Cafe’ in the departure lounge of the Queen’s Terminal at London’s Heathrow airport.

The restaurant was inspired by Heston’s TV series – In Search of Perfection. 750 more words


Enjoy Efficient and Cosy Drive with an Airport Taxi

A Heathrow Airport Taxi is considered as one of the most prevalent and demanding transfer service in all over the London city. A large number of international and local travellers feel provide to use this service for continuing their remaining journey inside or outside the city. 391 more words


The Perfectionist Cafe

Now, don’t think I’m boasting, because I’m really not, but in the past 15 days I’ve been on two long haul flights and am currently waiting for the gate to be shown for my third long haul of the year. 364 more words

Real-Time Tracking Shows How Batteries Degrade

How disposable Lithium batteries degrade during normal use has been tracked in real-time by a UCL-led team using sophisticated 3D imaging, giving a new way to non-invasively monitor performance loss and guide the development of more effective commercial battery designs.  518 more words

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Slipstream // Richard Wilson RA // aluminium

When I exited Heathrow Airport I was not expecting to see a work of art suspended from the ceiling. 45 more words