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Piccadilly Line Drivers Give Heathrow Express A Helping Hand

Yesterday, as the BBC reports, the drivers on the Piccadilly Line went on strike.

My view on the tube drivers and their constant strikes, is that it is not about safety, Night Tube or whatever, but a power struggle between the drivers union and Transport for London. 67 more words


Is my £225 on airport transfers good value?

The Heathrow Express is one of many ways to get to the airport but it is my favourite. Last year I wrote an article on it with a comparison to other options, and it has got even better. 246 more words


Heathrow Express Class 332 Trains Are Back

On my trip to Cardiff today, I took this picture of a Class 332 train back running the Heathrow Express.

When I got home, I found this recent… 110 more words



A fat blonde woman plops down on the Heathrow Express in front of me. She is disgusting, utterly unbearable to make direct eye contact with. I feel bad for thinking this as I’ve been trying to turn over a new leaf with regard to the women I find myself attracted to; it’s always a cliche sort of bird: tall, big tits, long brown hair. 601 more words

Genna Rivieccio

How Will Crossrail Fit Into Heathrow?

With all the unnecessary arguments going on about Crossrail and access to Heathrow Airport, that I wrote about in Heathrow Express And Crossrail, I thought it would be an idea to look at the layout of the rail lines at the airport. 813 more words


Another Reason To Hate Heathrow Express

I just received this advert for Heathrow Express, whilst looking at an article in the Belfast Telegraph.

What use is this offer to me, as no-one ever wants to travel with me? 27 more words


Heathrow Express In Trouble

I have used it occasionally, but I don’t use Heathrow Express much, as it is very overpriced and terminates in London at the difficult-to-access Paddington station. 589 more words