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Poké Monday 1/12/15: Heatmor


Smogon official tier: NU
Type: Fire
Base Stats: 85 HP, 97 Atk, 66 Def, 105 SpA, 66 SpD, 65 Spe
Abilities: Gluttony, Flash Fire, White Smoke… 464 more words


Pokeddex 2012 Day 10

Heatmor is cool in design, but lacks variety in its moveset in-game.


I choose you!

I just found out the new Pokémon game got released recently. Everybody loves Pokémon. There are now 649 of them, more than four times the original 150… 151 if you include Mew. 87 more words

The Monster in the Garden

There is a monster living in the garden. A fire-breathing, smoke-belching monster. I’m in charge of feeding him.
Here he is:

This monster eats wood, and lots of it. 251 more words