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Heatmor Nicknames:

  • SpitFire
    (Heatmor is constantly spitting little flickers of flames)
  • Ant Heater (It’s melts Durants for food TwT
  • Rosuto
    (It is Japanese for “Roast”.
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Poké Monday 1/12/15: Heatmor


Smogon official tier: NU
Type: Fire
Base Stats: 85 HP, 97 Atk, 66 Def, 105 SpA, 66 SpD, 65 Spe
Abilities: Gluttony, Flash Fire, White Smoke… 464 more words

Video Game

Pokeddex 2012 Day 10

Heatmor is cool in design, but lacks variety in its moveset in-game.


The Monster in the Garden

There is a monster living in the garden. A fire-breathing, smoke-belching monster. I’m in charge of feeding him.
Here he is:

This monster eats wood, and lots of it. 251 more words