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He Didn't Make It—He Lost His Breath

No actual photo of the incident: Privacy Policy And Purposes (And no one would think of taking one for sure!)

The other night I was pulled out to another station to assist other nurses. 458 more words


Aliens and Strangers

To live as strangers and pilgrims, traveling through a foreign land, is to gain Heaven and eternal life…

To plant both feet in Babylon and swear allegiance to her Prince, is to die as an alien and a stranger to the Kingdom of God and her King… 599 more words

(Philosophy Poem) We Chose This


Was the last thing we had no choice about: the womb

Did we have a choice to come out, or to stay in and die… 199 more words

Personal Thoughts/Beliefs

Dictators – February 09, 2018

There will always be dictators in the world. It is because they do not know Me and they have no reverence and no fear for Me for who I Am and for what I Am able to do. 204 more words


An invitation to penance and repentance… .

If men knew what eternity is, they would do everything to change their lives.

Our Lady of Fatima to Saint Jacinta.

When Seconds Count

If you knew that you potentially had seconds to live as a result of facing an unknown challenge that could take your life, what would matter most? 3,645 more words


Everyone Appears

The rich, the poor, the athletic, the genius, the gay, the straight, the down and out, the up and in.

All have at least one thing in common. 399 more words