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The same way some people make it to college while others make it to jail,is the same way some people will make it to heaven while others will make it to hell. 300 more words


After last call

We shall rejoice
and sit pretty
on forsaken thrones
emblazoned with dirty verses
and guarded
by inky wings.

© Nicole Lyons 2017

One Year Closer to the Return of Jesus: A Reason To Be Excited About 2017

We can get excited about 2017, as it is one year closer to Christ’s glorious return,
One year closer to seeing His splendor, and a bit closer to the day when the old earth will burn. 589 more words


A new poem

Shutter to think that one day you could end up aloneLeft with no one to hold you through you’re last moments

Shivering from the cold, you wrap yourself closer in a blanket… 134 more words


What the Beatitudes Match up with

Jesus chose with great care
which attitudes and in which order.

The Beatitudes (Matt. 5:3-12) are the basic foundational principles and attitudes of the Kingdom of God. 1,433 more words

Christian Living

Be righteous – November 22, 2016

I am Righteous and I do not change. I am fair and just. I am the Righteous Judge who will judge each one fairly and justly for your own deeds. 177 more words

The Most Scariest Thing~ Illustration by Heather Stinnett

I don’t usually draw things for Halloween, but this idea came to me and so I thought that I would post it! I wish it could have gotten done sooner, but at least I got it done today! 75 more words