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A God who does not punish.

What He Said About Hell; An Interview with Rob Bell

Having had many discussions and read many articles on the subject of God and Hell I can understand where Rob Bell is coming from. 555 more words



Sitting in church that Sunday morning listening to my pastor preach on the subject of eternity, I remember the following questions he asked in the course of his sermon: “How long do you think it will take to count, grain by grain, the sand in all the sea shores in the world? 647 more words

Sermon Recommendation: Which Way to Heaven?

Some days, days like yesterday, I miss church. On those occasions, Grace To You is often where I turn to find a sermon to listen to (since I didn’t make it to service that day).  49 more words

Christian Life

Help for a Heavy Load

Sunday 07/26/2015 message “Help for a Heavy Load” delivered by Pastor Glen at Pillar of Fire Ministries in Los Angeles, CA. View the message in it’s entirety at: … 32 more words


Follow Me all the way to reach the right destination – July 25, 2015

The only way that anyone will be able to reach the right destination in the end is if they follow Me all the way until the very end. 147 more words

Temporary – July 21, 2015

Do not forget that you are all temporary in the world. Live your lives in such a way that you are pleasing and worthy of Me and My everlasting Kingdom that is not of the world. 211 more words



How in the world could anyone conceive of such a thing? He is in charge of Hades or Hell, whichever you want to call it, and the torment of all of the souls who are there. 758 more words