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How The World Ends As We Know It - part 13: Book of Revelation

In part twelve of this series, we saw Jesus bind Satan for a thousand years while He and His saints (those raised up in the ‘first resurrection’) reigned over the earth. 1,787 more words

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Day 2, Review of Heaven Revealed

“The notions about heaven that many people have do not come from Scripture; rather, it is their failure to study Scripture that has led to a lack of knowledge and understanding of the biblical meaning of heaven.” (pg.17)

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Digging A Little Deeper

Just A Shadow, Day 1 Review of Heaven Revealed

“Who has a loved one, a wife, a husband, a child, a parent, or a friend who is in heaven?”

It’s not my question, it was posited by Paul Enns, author of…

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Digging A Little Deeper

Author takes Biblical stab at what Heaven will be like

Heaven Revealed: What is it like? What will we do? And 11 other things you’ve wondered about, by Paul Enns answers all your questions about eternity in Heaven. 97 more words

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