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Advent, Week 1 - Hope

A good friend of mine attended a funeral today. The woman who passed away was a member of her church, a member of the group of ladies who go to Sunday lunch together after the service. 953 more words


SelfLove365, Year 2, Day 335: (heaven + earth)

Sometimes I need to feel the energy of the Earth: my feet planted firmly on the ground, my arms around my favourite tree, the sound of leaves rustling, or waves crashing. 61 more words


WIGTW: 'Every Christian Should know these....'

Happy New Month!

I am not an ardent promoter of the ‘Theme for the month’ affair, not that I am against it, it is just what it is. 1,378 more words


Life is Fragile

What is the difference between life and death? How much warning does the average person have of impending death?

Yesterday afternoon, I stopped at our church building to set mouse traps. 552 more words

Advent hitch hiking reflection 2


Faith and hope are in many ways one thing. I believe in a God I have never seen. The evidence pointing toward his existence is readily apparent, even to the naked eye, but I remain far from the Beatific Vision and I can only read about the historical Jesus in books. 142 more words

Daily Reflections

I Got to Heaven

I got to heaven but God’s a black transgender.

Was he carrying?

Couldn’t tell, but he said Black Lives Matter so I figured I was in the wrong place and came on back down here.