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What is the Difference between Justification and Salvation in Swedenborg's Theology?

(Note: This post is a slightly edited version of an answer I recently wrote and posted on Christianity StackExchange. You can see the original question on StackExchange… 1,864 more words

The Bible

Thoughts on a Sweater

It’s autumn in my corner of the globe. Leaves are falling and fading, crunching under feet. The haze is getting cold and damp, nearly oppressive in a painful way. 394 more words

Halloween And The Last Days

This message was written by Steve Wohlberg of White Horse Media.

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Halloween is upon us. On lawns and rooftops, inside malls, and at parties, ghosts, ghouls, skeletons, beady-eyed bats, spider webs, and R.I.P. 1,077 more words


Sometimes we can't 

Sometimes we want to give and we can’t

Sometimes we want to feel and we can’t

Sometimes we want to act and we can’t

Sometimes we want to transcend and we can’t… 138 more words


Six Word Story Challenge: Heaven

It’s done.  No chance of redemption.

This week’s challenge, Heaven, is already revealing some amazing entries. Love these! Check out Sometimes Stellar Storyteller’s Six Word Story Challenge… 30 more words



copy the piece below and then put your cersor on center line. you will see the shape of the poetry come alive



What on earth is heaven all about? 263 more words

Biblical Lesson


By now, if you have read a few posts here, it is apparent that I am quite certain I will see Hans again.  Heaven is a real place, no doubt about it.   647 more words