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Being Spiritual without Being Religious

As Easter approaches, a popular morning TV program has been doing a series on the topic, ‘Can you be Spiritual without being Religious?’.

Now I don’t agree with every opinion given, but that the topic is being discussed is a good thing, bringing to light that there is a difference between being spiritual and being religious. 457 more words

Christian Life

The Falling Branch - II

My problem is with God. Why does he want us to die? What is he hiding from us in the winter that is so precious we can’t see? 338 more words



Can God forgive when hearts are turned

From seeking Him, to sin?

Against His tender loving care?

Try proving, come to Him!

The proof is found on that one cross… 136 more words


Explaining Death to a Toddler

As of last week we have had 3 deaths in our families.
I say families because we were related to them, but they weren’t related to each other. 319 more words




Don’t bind yourself to names and shapes,
For ours is a dance that doesn’t conform,
Yet in another step we celebrate all these forms. 53 more words



In Jesus’ day
There used to be
A solid piece of fabric
Studier than carpeting
Woven in one piece
Used to keep
People out of the temple room… 56 more words

God's Love

The Tower of Intercession

Beatrice was a little old lady when she died a week ago.

Now, she is still a lady, she is not old, and she is very much alive and enjoying the wonder of Heaven. 651 more words