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A Very Good Place To Start

I’ve been struggling with exactly where to start this story. Obviously, the ski trip I took the other weekend where I did not partake in skiing but did partake in the hot tub (among other things) is the misadventure most fresh in my mind, despite heavily imbibing. 355 more words

To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord

When meeting with a client today I was asked the question “What do you believe, do we immediately go to heaven or are our spirits still here” 279 more words

War in Heaven, Part 5: Israel Back to the Wilderness...The Result on Earth of the War in Heaven - Pastor David

Now, we get to The Fourth Vision, which is, “on Earth” (Revelation 12:13 thru Revelation 13:18).

This Vision, as a whole, is occupied with the Result… 1,068 more words


a heart of worship

I remember when I went to Chicago last summer for a missions trip, we had this crazy worship night. Now, let me tell you now, it. 862 more words


It's been a week since we had to say goodbye...

Remember in my little intro how it states that we have one BIG dog (one *tiny* dog and one spoiled rotten kitty)? Well, this post is about that “BIG” dog. 190 more words

Kristi Hughes


“I’ll just bore me a hole and pull myself in.” A man said as he related how he would get into heaven.

“That’s funny,” I replied, “But where would you start boring? 235 more words