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Heaven Gained An Angel

You’ll have to forgive me for making today’s post short.

Today I learned that my past editor at the newspaper I worked for passed away over the weekend. 128 more words

Christian Teen Blog

Tickle My Ears Please

Do you know what irks me lately?
I can’t seem to stand it and I get very uncomfortable when its being done in my presence- interesting thing is, I also do it. 413 more words


In Her Words

Hey Boyfriend,

As my eyes struggled to ward of the last traces of sleep, beautiful memories of you began to saturate itself in my thoughts.. There’s nothing I’d say now that hasn’t been said before but who cares? 187 more words


Final Worship

The worship of God is the most eschatological activity of the church, since it will endure into the final kingdom and indeed become so all-pervasive that there will be no need for a temple in the city of God, for “its temple is the Lord God the Almighty and the Lamb,” and “the glory of God is its light, and its lamp is the Lamb” (Revelation 21:22-23). 11 more words



Life within

a euphoric dream

silently hidden…

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The Kingdom is At Hand?

For a long time  some terms used in the Bible puzzled me. This is one of them. From a Christian perspective I knew or thought it was referring to the presence of Jesus the Christ but John the Baptist was not a Christian. 304 more words

Miscellaneous Thoughts

the beauty of goodbyes

Goodbyes are hard.

Tonight, I had to say goodbye to a priest who has become a father to me. This is the fourth time that I’ve had to say goodbye to him in the last year, but instead of getting easier, I find that each goodbye does more damage to my heart than the last. 359 more words