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The Pursuit

You have heard it all
Hearts singing in joy
Souls fluttering like wings
Anguished cry of a boy
Soft lullabies of spring

You have seen it all… 63 more words



I always wonder about what happens when you pass. I know there is a funeral and your body gets buried. But what about after? I am one to believe in the “after life.” But honestly, it’s still really scary to think about. 341 more words



You truly can choose how you feel in any moment.

It takes practice.

And a willingness to be responsible for how you feel, and that you only care about how good you feel at any time. 43 more words


I have trudged through this journey called life for over seven decades. The voyage has been cluttered with obstacles, bumps in the road, giant roadblocks and danger all around. 189 more words


Why instruct those who oppose you?

We read yesterday that we are told to correct our opponents. But why?

It’s so much easier and comfortable to just mind our own business. 249 more words


7 Essential Tips to Crossdressing - Crossdresser Heaven

The first time a man puts on a dress he looks like – a man in a dress. In our minds we picture ourselves as dainty, feminine and gorgeous, but we're actually a man caught wearing girl's clothes. 29 more words

Four Corners Rally

As usual for this trip…the bike is fueled up, odometer set to zero, bags packed and money in wallet.

Now I can focus on re-packing a few times and polish the bike a few times and then re-pack one more time. 79 more words