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Mural of Heaven (WIP03)

The mural is progressing. I’m working my way down so I don’t need the scaffold anymore. I probably need to adjust some of the buildings. I can’t always see what I’m doing when I’m right up there next to it.


Jesus is the Second Adam

Jesus is the Second Adam

“For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ all shall be made alive.”  1 Cor. 15:22

Back in the late 70’s my sister moved from our hometown in PA to Denver  to work at a new job after graduating from college.  1,623 more words


Thin Places

There are times when God’s presence feels so palpable that it seems like the veil separating us from Him is paper thin. For just a moment, heaven and earth seem especially close together and God’s presence is so real and so powerful that your mind and heart are unmistakably in the presence the Holy God. 610 more words


Oh, you heavenly being…

I need you near.

Let me hold you close

So I can have you hear

Me whisper in one soft breath, 41 more words


Before Death

A child will sometimes ask me what happens after death. I answer what I believe, having no definitive knowledge, as adults once answered me, and as older adults once answered them, going all the way back to Adam, or the curious ape, or the alien engineer who brought consciousness to Earth, each of whom had not yet died and also wondered.

In Love, we live forever

For a long time now, Spirit has been guiding me to speak to people  about Death.  I’ve been meditating and blending with their energy as much as I can so I can find a way to pass on this message.   490 more words

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