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I apologize for the cut and paste spelling error on yesterday’s graphic.  I corrected it on my site after you had already received the one with the mistake.


I wish I was one of the world’s richest,
it would make me the happiest person on earth,
I would traverse the world, I would live where there are no fears, where angels tread, where the heavens, the stars and the moon, have made their homes, on earth. 123 more words


Goodbye doesn't mean forever.

Over the past month or so I’ve had to say a number of goodbyes to various people. Some of these have been more of a “see you later” although most have been an “I’m not sure if/ when we’ll see each other again” kind of goodbye. 253 more words


We're Leaving Anyways

A week from now everything we own, and everybody we have left, will be packed up in a U-haul that’s driving away from this place.  We are moving to Seattle, and with genuine excitement about the new things God has in store for our family.   2,468 more words


The devil was once an angel

In here between somewhere and nowhere
You know you better not care
Thinking about biting the hand that was feeding me
Is there a law against beleiving in yourself? 41 more words

How Would You Recognise?

If you do not know the voice of God

How would you recognise it in wind?

If you do not know the eyes of God… 110 more words


That One Person...

We all know that one person – the one who’s young, lively, beautiful, ambitious, and incredibly inspiring. That one person.

We all go to that one person for advice, for fun, for confidence, and for an ear. 179 more words

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