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Heaven, How I Got Here

What if you woke up one morning knowing it was your last day on earth? That’s what happened to the thief on the cross, who died a few feet from Jesus. 557 more words


God created "heaven" and "earth"

God created “heaven” and “earth” (Genesis 1:1). They are His belonging!
Then He saved me and made me “His Son” after image of His Son- Jesus Christ…

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Today's Thought: Unable to stand

Quote from The Prayer of the LORD: Always in Scripture, when someone recognizes that awesome holiness of God, he falls on his face before Him 10 more words

Daily Thoughts

Sharing life's achievements

In seeking achievement
Sometimes we forget
About others, and others
Ambitions may include
And help others
For the sake of them
And your own

Make a master plan… 32 more words


Heavenly Perspective 

“Heavenly Perspective”

My mind is set on eternity.

The pain caused by this world, will one day be exchanged for glory.

Until then my mindset is eternity.

-Ashli Brown

I Get Give Grow

How Long Has it Been?

How Long Has it Been…

I was thinking of this old gospel song recently.It was written in 1956 by Mosie Lister at a time when he began to reflect upon his younger years,a time when prayer seemed to be more common.“How long has it been since some people have talked with the Lord?” he asked himself. 426 more words

God’s ideal is the creation of a universal family encompassing heaven and earth


In the world today, there are advanced nations and underdeveloped nations. In the advanced nations people have a lot, and end up discarding leftover things, whereas people in underdeveloped nations lack many things, especially food. 131 more words