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God Provides

So often we feel


cheated and abandoned

lonely as the Moon

who travels alone

and we have anger

blaming, discourage

feeling the darkside

of every bit of the sunshine. 44 more words


Really, Nothing Is Impossible

Remember my previous post about open doors ? My friends, the power of God is REAL! You never know what God is preparing behind the scenes… 322 more words

Never Lonely

Recently I was asked if I ever get lonely. Without hesitation, my honest answer was, “Never.”

I love being alone. I love being at home alone. 442 more words

The Gifted Writer

Set Thine House in Order

“Four years ago at this time, you were in the hospital,” Katie reminded her dad. As soon as the words left her mouth, I felt my heart begin to race and knots form in my stomach. 1,163 more words

Oh The Paths Before Us

One of the most frightening moments in my adult life was the instant I realized that I was my father’s son. It was a fraction of a second when I realized it. 371 more words

the burning hut

Dear friends
One of my cousins passed this story to us, so I’m passing on, hoping it will encourage someone else :)

The only survivor of a shipwreck was washed up on a small, uninhabited island. 223 more words


The Mystery of the Holy Trinity

How are three one?

Please see my previous post Who is God? for an answer to who composes the Holy Trinity and where we find that information biblically. 38 more words