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The Biggest And Best...

This image shows the pumpkin awarded “Best Looking Pumpkin” at this year’s Indiana State Fair. This pumpkin also weighed 941 pounds which, technically, would be sufficient to fill between 45 and 65 pumpkin pies. 66 more words


The Heaviest Objects Ever Moved On Wheels

How do you move something that weighs 55 times as much as the Statue of Liberty? Something that big takes more than a few trucks and elbow grease!! 124 more words


Gym in sickness and health.

I try to go to the gym 5 times a week but sometimes it may end up being just 4days which I still think is good. 515 more words

انڊيا دنيا جو سڀ کان وزني راڪيٽ خلا ۾ موڪليو

انڊيا جي خلائي تحقيق ڪندڙ ڪمپني (آءِ ايس آر او) دنيا جي تاريخ ۾ سڀ کان وزني راڪيٽ خلا تي موڪليو، هي راڪيٽ مختلف سيٽلائيٽ خلا ۾ موڪليندو. راڪيٽ جو وزن 640 ٽن آهي ۽ راڪيٽ جي اوچائي 43 ميٽر ڊگهي آهي. فيبروي ۾ انڊيا هڪ راڪيٽ سان 104 ننڍا سيٽلائيٽ خلا ۾ موڪلي عالمي رڪارڊ قائم ڪيو هو ـ

'Heaviest woman' needs further treatment

Image copyright EPA Image caption Doctors say Eman Abd El Aty has lost more than 250kg An Egyptian woman who was believed to have been the world’s heaviest is now being treated for several health conditions at a hospital in Abu Dhabi. 146 more words

World's heaviest woman leaves hospital after record weight loss

An Egyptian once believed to be the world’s heaviest and fattest woman left an Indian hospital Thursday for the United Arab Emirates where she will continue treatment following drastic weight-loss surgery, doctors said. 259 more words