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Top 5 for Today, 5/2/2015

5) Suzi Quatro & Chris Norman – “Stumblin’ In”

This was posted to a Facebook group I belong to – NHA, No-Hipsters Allowed. Great group. I remember the song fairly well from its time on the charts in 1979. 290 more words

Top 5

J'adore commercial with Charlize Theron

This is the first of a series of posts where we will tell you the artist and the name of that song that has been ringing in your ears during the whole week because of that bloody commercial. 102 more words

Music In Advertisements


Note to attentive readers: I do seem to have mixed up the ads for Dior and Chanel, although I think both MM and Charlize appear in both? 705 more words

A) The Front Page

The sound of Fashion Weeks

Fashion Weeks are almost upon us, and while a lot of us will be booking flights, and sorting our outfits and itineraries, in that exact order, it’s the anticipation of what to expect in the way of catwalk soundtracks.   139 more words

Cool Things


O loving Jesus, meek Lamb of God, I miserable sinner, salute and worship the most Sacred Wound of Your Shoulder on which You did bear Your heavy Cross, which so tore Your Flesh and laid bare Your Bones as to inflict on You anguish greater than any other wound of Your Most Blessed Body. 74 more words

Prayers For Ordinary Time

The Gossip - Concert in Warsaw, Poland

On Thursday, the 22ed of November, two friends of mine and I decided to go to The Gossip’s concert in Warsaw. Those of you who listen to radio stations that play ‘popular’ songs may now the song… 129 more words