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My Favorite Exercise

Hi! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I’m going to keep this post short, sweet, and to the point! :)

I wanna talk about my favorite exercise: … 266 more words

A Total Craftsman

I am blown away. COMPLETELY. BLOWN. AWAY.

Who is this man I married and how did I not know that he is SO FREAKIN TALENTED?! 110 more words


Silver Linings

I have to say, ever since I arrived back in SLC from my adventurous break in Moab, I have been right back in the grind, but even worse than normal. 404 more words

Vegan Journal

I've lost my patience

It’s gone. I’ve reached my limit. I tried to be a really good and understanding wife, but I can no longer live in a construction zone. 166 more words


Ladies Lifting Heavy!

Long time no blog! I’m sorry about that, life has been going 100 miles a minute in this neck of the woods. Quick mini update and then lets jump into today’s topic!! 904 more words


I'm Not Skinny: And That Is Okay

“You’re SO skinny these days!!”

“Of COURSE, YOU’RE not going to eat that…” followed by a sigh.

“What have you been doing?!” while looking me up and down. 996 more words

Battling The Inner Demons

WOD 2/13/2015

Skill: Jerk drills

Front Squat-Jerk

Work to a heavy single

Strength Day