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I'm Playing Today Smart

My makeup failed by lunchtime yesterday. Mostly from sweating profusely. I was sad. I had my lipstick in my purse to fix that, but the rest of the face just couldn’t be helped. 228 more words

Article Review: Strength Training for Distance Running

One of the perks of using UCLA’s (hospital) free web is the access to their library of journals.  I downloaded this 2010 article from the NSCA Strength and Conditioning Journal on strength training for distance running.   437 more words

Marathon Training

Why Is The 20 Ton Gantry Crane One Of The Most Functional And Popular?

Are you aware that harbor cranes were devised in the Middle Ages to go shipping freight? These are nothing new. Yet, they may have definitely improved since then. 485 more words

Gantry Crane

A Short Overview Of The Way A 10-Ton Electric Hoist Will Be Able To Lift Such Heavy Loads

Electric hoists are generally employed in industrial applications. Typically, they are affixed to movable trolleys which, in turn, are connected to overhead beams or girders. Together, these three components serve as an overhead crane, allowing workers to lift and move incredibly heavy ( 465 more words

Electric Hoist

what counts

Have you lifted anything heavy lately?


Not unless you count a heavy heart. Not unless you count the heavy shackles of an un-free life. Not unless you count the footsteps I took as I walked away from the crumbles of “Before” or the gratitude that weighs more than all of those other things put together. 263 more words

My Name Is Ra.

Wet Women

Ok, I know what you’re thinking but you couldn’t be more wrong!  Today we will talk about urinary incontinence and the way it affects our daily living. 883 more words


Our own course. 50 years of Heerema Marine Contractors

Today I received my new book : Our own course. 50 years of Heerema Marine Contractors (Een eigen koers 50 jaar Heerema Marine Contractors).

It is a gift from my late father’s employer… 54 more words