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Go for PR's on a Monday

Recent weeks have highlighted to me just how much my training performance differs from Monday to Friday, AND chatting to friends I train with, it’s not just me. 371 more words

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How You Can Avoid Back Pain

The causes of back pain can come down to a number of things. How you sit, how you sleep, possible injuries and medical conditions are just a few of these. 2,183 more words


Lift with your legs (and your soul)

I have been rather scarce these days, because I’ve been completing a serious revision on my next book. So often, people talk about writing as a mental task only. 245 more words


6 Common Misconceptions About Women And Fitness | Ladies, Lattes, and Lifting

There are a lot of misconceptions about women and fitness. Whether from the way we will look to the way we will feel or be able to succeed. 567 more words

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Modern Electric Hoist - The Right Tool For Heavy Lifting

If there were ever an occasion as a business proprietor that will just go and get yourself a new hoist, this may be it. You are going to be spoiled for choice as a result of just how many manufacturers are coming up with these hoists and ensuring they run well constantly. 460 more words

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How To Increase Your Deadlift

The deadlift is a compound movement that requires both upper body and lower body power. Getting up to the next level in in your pull requires you gain strength in upper body and lower body areas. 374 more words


Day one, week one of a new lifting program from T-Nation. This one is gonna be fun, rough but fun! Alternating c&j days with snatches, lots of positional work, some skill complexes, and accessory lifts. 18 more words