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Day one, week one of a new lifting program from T-Nation. This one is gonna be fun, rough but fun! Alternating c&j days with snatches, lots of positional work, some skill complexes, and accessory lifts. 18 more words


Hydraulic Truck Cranes

For great service and the best offerings on the market, when renting hydraulic truck cranes for your lifting project, contact Delta Cranes.

Performance – the capability to lift 100% of crane’s load capacity… 125 more words


Update to Healthy Living 47 - Random thoughts

I have a few topics rolling around in my head I wanted to put on paper, but none of them warranted a major post at this time.  1,530 more words

Healthy Living

Weight Training for Beginners

Welcome to this amazing world of weight training. I can safely say that you are about to unlock a new level of your personal success. I hope you are not just weight training to lose weight. 1,279 more words

Get leaner, faster, and stronger by lifting heavy

I’ve heard countless excuses for why people don’t want to lift heavy (or heavier). Women often times don’t want to get “bulky.” Bodybuilders don’t want to lose mass. 1,691 more words


Team Vertigo

Sure enough, woke up yesterday morning and found myself on some invisible amusement park ride. I knew it would catch up to me. All the running around, all the life events, all the sleep deprivation, all the mental Tetris. 1,115 more words

Chiari Malformation

The Main Reason Women Should Build Muscle

I am obsessed with building muscle, (naturally off course).

Building muscle isn’t just for men. We women need to focus on strength gains too. Long past are the days when muscle used to be enjoyed by body builders. 1,019 more words