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I lifted heavy sh** this week

Tomorrow (Friday) is the end of my eight week strength block, so I wanted to recap how it went.

The 8-week block was divided into two 4-week blocks.  424 more words


Heavy lifting

The story is usually related the same way after a divorce.

You hear all about the new girlfriend/wife of the divorced guy, and how she and he are dealing with his crazy bitch of an ex-wife. 1,831 more words

Deep Inside My Heart

My Favourite YouTubers

I seem to have a real obsession with lists, the majority of my posts seem to have taken on some sort of list form, but hey, it’s what I’m good at…lets roll with it. 1,035 more words


Love Your Back

All my girls with a wide back – where ya at?!

If you are insecure about, just plain dislike or not satisfied with your back then I got some news to change your mind and start loving your strength. 1,369 more words

Fitness Routines

Pumpin' Iron

There’s been a lot of heavy lifting going on around me lately. My mom moved houses and after an exhausting 72-hour marathon of pack and haul and pack and haul, I was about ready to put marinara sauce on my noodle arms. 599 more words

Heavy lifting, shift work could harm women's fertility, study shows

(CNN) – Jobs that involve heavy lifting on a regular basis could reduce a woman’s fertility, particularly among overweight and obese women, a new study shows. 867 more words

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6 weeks : GAINS PLAN for advanced lifters

*This lifting routine is for advanced lifters only.

Alternate rest days will ensure maximum strength gains which further facilitate increasing weight. The goal is to lift heavy – pick a suitable which allows no less than 5 reps and go as high as you can reaching failure. 53 more words

Fitness Routines