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Eat More! 

I remember thinking if I could just eat THIS many calories I’ll lose weight. And I tried it. And I didn’t lose weight.
In fact, I hung on to it. 50 more words


How To Cheat, On Food 

I looked at the calendar the other day and realized that in the next 25 days of 2015 are going to suck for health and fitness, why? 822 more words

Fit Life

Like a Boss!!!


Real talk.

You know when you go shopping for a pair of jeans? You grab the size you are “pretty” sure you are, and then grab one size bigger just in case? 159 more words


Hammer and Chisel

Have you ever known when two people were just “meant to be”?

I have always had a hard time only recommending just one program to people because I have 2 favorites! 103 more words


Three Ways To Hurt Your Back (2014)

1. Fall.
2. Heavy lifting.
3. Sitting in front of that computer.
Note to file-
Need to move around once in a while.


Bulking Season :The Rule Book 

The weathers dropping and that means two things… Workout hoodies are in effect and bulking season is upon USSSS!!!! * this is Sparta voice * What is bulking season you ask? 686 more words


The Top 3 Reasons You Overeat 

Very few things in life make me happy: Football, Family, and Food.Personally, if I could trade my family for food…I would. While that’s neither here nor there,one thing I realized from years of health and fitness is that “Food ” is coincidentally in most people’s top 3 ” happy moments”. 380 more words