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How I Got My Steps

Today the husband and I went on the great furniture hunt. We traipsed all over a couple of furniture stores. Some we walked circles around a few times looking and comparing different items. 124 more words


Paleo Fitness Guidelines

The schedule below is my workout “template” for the upcoming year. It is based off of Mark Sisson’s recommendations from his blog MarksDailyApple.com. In his free fitness eBook, Mark explains why focusing purely on cardio is not the most effective way to transform your body and in fact can be harmful if done too often. 294 more words


We Love To Cancel Our Vacations

For the second time, Mark and I are cancelling our beach vacation to work on the house.

This happened last September.

That was when we were still living with my parents (best time of our lives) and we were THIS CLOSE to getting the house to a point where we could move in. 137 more words

Home Renovation

Rogue Wave

A rogue wave is something that happens when regular waves get on the same wavelength and combine into a freakishly huge wave that crashes down on happy little boats. 853 more words


Heavy Lifting Leads to Faster Gains

This from Men’s Health:  Lifting to failure with a heavy weight activates 53% more muscle fibers than doing so with a light one, according to a study in the… 101 more words

Strength And Conditioning

The Positives of a Slow Negative

Damn, pull ups are hard. I’ve been strength training at local fitness centre, East Coast Conditioning and I absolutely LOVE it. And I barely ever use caps lock. 306 more words

Day 1

Yesterday was pretty successful! I received a lot of amazing support on social media from everyone and I felt really good about the decision I had made. 608 more words