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Moving Week

To say that this past week has been crazy, that’s a understatement.

First, as stated in my last workout post, I am currently in the middle of moving. 894 more words

General Information

My Gym 

So I walk in the gym this morning at 0600 just like any other morning. My workout partner is actually one of my bosses, for lack of better terms. 375 more words


Back at it

Welcome back. I took a year off and completed forgot about my attempt to make weekly/daily/whenever blog posts.

I am a year into heavy lifting 4-5 days a weeks and a failed attempt at my first Men’s Physique Compitition. 247 more words


June 14

From the facade of the Waldorf-Astoria two great diag-angled flagpoles extend out of the backs of hulking gilt-bronze eagles, reminding me again of the great responsibility of animalian architectural elements in this city.   22 more words

Exercise & Anti-aging

I am pretty sure you know how good exercise is for you. You’ve even made some significant changes in your life to fit the ideal definition of fit-spo. 608 more words




Going back in time to the Australian Census…

Well tonight, sorry last night was Census night! I’m going to presume you know what that is? 142 more words

Hell On Wheels

Fiction Stacks

Wonderful Wife: “Why has your backpack gotten so heavy again? We need to sort out the non-essentials.”

Danger Monkey, age 10: “It’s all essentials.”

For reference, this is a picture of just the FICTION books that were in his backpack. 18 more words