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Count Your Success

* puts on lab coat and heads to QLF laboratory also known as my room *

Recently I’ve been asked numerous fitness questions on twitter about nutrition and how to eat properly. 1,005 more words

Fit Life

My Nemisis

My nemisis has been thwarted once again.

The older I get, the heavier this bastard gets. Also, the heavier this bastard gets, the thicker my Boston accent gets as I bitch about how heavy it is. 23 more words

Home Handyman, Not Really...

Last year, my neighbors and I got together and had a contractor trench in front of mine and the next door house in an attempt to ward off the Oak Wilt that is prevalent in Oak Hill.It has gotten as close as across the street and two of my neighbors have lost beautiful trees. 2,133 more words

Other Stuff

Death by Coupon

It will be somewhere in my obituary.  “She died trying to redeem a coupon”.

The body ages; the mind refuses to recognize its limitations.

It happens to me all the time. 298 more words


Gym Update + Altered My Diet

I’ve been in the gym 5 times in the last 2 weeks.  Would have been more, but as per usual, I got really sick between the 3rd visit and two days ago.  760 more words


My Top Inspirational People

I’ve been thinking about a post like this for a while, I had an idea for this & have been dwelling on it.  I now think I have my list; the people who in one way or another drive me to be better, who show through their own achievements; that you can be greater than the sum of your parts. 459 more words


Deadlifts - Should You Be Doing Them?

Before I started medical school my background was exercise science and fitness training. During my degree and work experience I learned a lot about the benefits of heavy lifts like deadlifts and squats, but to be honest I never really learned how to apply them practically to my own training. 466 more words