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10 Movies About NYE To Watch This NYE

New Years Eve is a time of new beginnings, new romance, new resolutions, blah, blah, etc. NYE can be totally fun if you have good plans but for most people I think, the expectations get turned way up when the reality is any NYE party you go to will probably be just like any of other parties you’ve gone to. 55 more words


Betches Love This Video

I only just discovered the word “betch” when the first “Sh*t Girls Say” video released, but according to the College Candy chicks, it’s been around for a while. 166 more words


Charlie Brown Is A Creep, He's A Weirdoooooo [VIDEO]

Fun fact: Friends, family, and everyone with normal vision calls me Charlie Brown. Keep in mind, I’ve never once said, “Good grief” nor have I ever owned a dog that even remotely resembles Snoopy and my sister is awesome and not obsessed with some piano playing p*ssy. 92 more words


The Baseball Struggles of Tall/Heavy Players After 30: Is Prince Next?

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Monday January 16, 2012

Doug Booth-  Baseball Writer:  I am still astounded when I hear that Prince Fielder has not been signed yet.  This man is a powerhouse that would help any ball club.   964 more words


Gettin' That New Year's Beave With Alex [VIDEO]

I’ve watched this video no less than a dozen times and I laugh harder with every additional viewing. It comes from YouTube user Kyle who you might remember as… 51 more words


New Year's Eve: Expectations vs. Reality

If Ke$ha and Prince had a love child, and then proceeded to pour some glitter on it, that child would be New Year’s Eve. Full of alcohol and lowered inhibitions, New Year’s Eve is the most fun you can have with your pants on…or off, depending on how you party. 829 more words


Is This The Scariest Snowman You've Seen? [VIDEO]

I guess the new, hot thing for television shows is to get people with phobias and then mercilessly put them right in front of their greatest fear. 60 more words