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A new vocabulary

My parents flew back to Australia on the weekend so I’m left feeling a bit more alone again. I think I’ve mentioned this before but, without mum and dad around, my little English-speaking enclave narrows and the isolation of not knowing the local lingo presses more heavily. 177 more words


Hausmittel bei Erkältung in der Schwangerschaft

Jetzt ist es mir passiert! 8 Monate bin ich durch sämtliche Erkältungswellen unbeschadet davon gekommen und nun hat es mich doch erwischt und das so kurz vor der Zielgeraden. 287 more words

Cabbage Boobs

The last time I put cabbage on my boobs was 7 years ago.
“What?” you uninitiated ask. “Cabbage ON your boobs? Why, for the love of god and all that is holy, would you put a food item . 120 more words


Hebammen - German Midwives Bring Happiness

While visiting my family this Christmas, I learned that midwives in Germany are under a lot of stress because the cost of their liability insurance is growing, and therefore, their potential clients are increasingly choosing c-sections. 125 more words