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Down the canals, West Yorkshire

Last seen in Croatia, I found Helen in her English habitat of Todmorden- a tiny market town in West Yorkshire. I had a very fun few days with her including getting roped into joining monday night badminton,  a lot of epic pizza making and a taste of Tod nightlife as well as exploring round the nearby area and of course some quality catch up and crafting time. 216 more words

Wednesday Favourites 1.04.15

Happy April guys!

My favourite things this week are…

1. The beautiful skyline

I went for a coffee with my brother and I just had to take a picture of the beautiful sky. 289 more words


The REAL food bank fast

Hi there!

Well, the last three days have been interesting. After 40 days of frugal living, with just £15 to feed ourselves every three days, we took a step down in the world from budget eating to food bank eating. 615 more words


Hebden Bridge, Pottery & The one where I broke my phone

I use my lovely HTC One to post all of my blogs and do most of my internet surfing. That was until yesterday when it refused to charge leaving me with 4% battery power and a looming sense of doom. 616 more words

Food & Foodie

Lili's Ladies of the Year 2013

As a gender, women spend a lot of time tearing down their fellow sisters, although this trait is mostly propagated by the haridans at the Daily Mail, (wizened old prunes that they are, oops, there I go again). 738 more words


Running In The Dales - A New Blog

I’m trying to get a bit more serious about running.  I planned to blog about it here amongst our other adventures, but started to feel like it didn’t really fit in and I wasn’t feeling very motivated to write about it.   746 more words


Running In The Dales

My need to run is ever increasing, so feeling keen I packed some kit to take up to Yorkshire for our holiday week. We arrive at our cottage in Hebden, pile in and unpack, I then realise I haven’t packed my trainers, how dumb. 625 more words