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Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - March 2015

A late foray into the garden and the combination of low light, macro lens and windy conditions have made for rather fuzzy photos, so apologies! 487 more words


In a vase on Monday - beautifully bruised

A very simple ‘plonked’ vase today, inspired by a late afternoon pop into the garden.

I noticed for the first time that the pink of the hellebores was pinked up by the tips of the (inherited) hebe, and a simple two item arrangement was born. 151 more words

In A Vase On Monday

Rebecca at the Well Fountain

Location: Block Island, Rhode Island

Following a convention in 1874, local chapters of the National Woman’s Christian Temperance Union were encouraged to erect drinking fountains as an alternative to men quenching their thirst in saloons. 638 more words

Cast Iron

Time Marches On

Lions they keep Marching-
Across the sands of time.
Passing years remind us-
How short lived is our prime.

Body, blood, of brother-
Flows fast within your veins. 132 more words


Our own beach!

Well yes I know we are only yards from the beach anyway. But that one is shared by hundreds of people on a sunny day. And we couldn’t justify buying a beach hut, so we just painted the garden shed like a beach hut, and surrounded it with shingle. 257 more words


currying favour (Helichrysum italicum)

This one was a Seaford survivor. It thrived over the Winter, and it’s silver foliage brightened up the little bed, that would eventually be replaced by a big brick planter. 38 more words



With 1500mm/60″ of reliable rain falling across almost 200 days each year, I don’t really need drought-hardy plants, but when establishing a garden on sandy soil, I certainly don’t want to be dragging the hose or watering can 60m/200′ up a 20° hill just to water plants in dry weather. 436 more words