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Book Review: Perv by Jesse Bering

Today I’ll be reviewing a book which has received a lot of praise and attention – Perv by Jesse Bering. Bering is an award-winning columnist and psychologist who has written two other books on sexuality and psychology. 1,142 more words

Unsent Letters:the first chapter

Finding one’s voice, the manner in which one writes most effectively, often is the most difficult task a writer faces. In this novel I found a voice which overwhelms me, a voice which talks as though it is me, and not someone merely telling a story.

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"Unsent Letters" eBook

Quite a few people have asked why I didn’t publish this as an eBook. I had no good answer except that I personally do not like them. 66 more words



(warning: this short piece references hebephilia)

Push apart the bovine thighs; they are sallow, unformed as dough. These hotel rooms dotted through the city were meant to be breadcrumbs, devoured by thoughtless birds. 421 more words


More settled science?...

It usually starts out small, unnoticed; some obscure study or paper, published by a noted (or notorious) academic, supported by the learned bastions of academia like Cambridge or Essex University. 870 more words


Danger and Difference: The Stakes of Hebephilia

During the development of the DSM-5, a debate raged over whether hebephilia should be classified as a mental disorder. 508 more words