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Absent Apologies

“I’ve been fucked over too many times to be satisfied with anyone but myself. I know I should be apologetic for being so angry with the universe but, with the way the cards have been dealt, it’s hard to be anything but disappointed. I’m just disappointed.”

Abigail Hebert

The Pelletiers | Pioneer Families of Shippegan

Lambert Pelletier (son of Athanase Pelletier and Marie Claire Jean) and his second wife¬†Julie St. Pierre (daughter of Joseph Dessein sit St Pierre… 107 more words


For gallantry and devotion to duty: five sons of the Sevenoaks clergy

The vicars of Sevenoaks and the surrounding district took an active leadership role during the war. The daily life of the churches continued, despite some unavoidable changes, such as the alteration of service times because of the evening curfew. 1,681 more words

The Heberts | Pioneer Families of Shippegan

Benjamin Hebert and Colette Scolastique Duguay are the first Hebert couple in Shippegan. He was a Quebecker and is believed to have been from the Gaspesie. 114 more words


The Alberts | Pioneer Families of Shippegan

Isaac Albert (son of Isaac Albert and Osite Mailloux of Caraquet) and Marie Duguay (Germain Robichaud’s widow) were married in Shippegan in 1886. Their three daughters were ( 79 more words