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Taking Sides

Tomorrow’s ‘Parashah’ (weekly Torah portion) is ‘Korach’ (named after the biblical figure ‘Korah’). This is the fifth ‘Parashah’ in the Book of Numbers
and can be found in Numbers 16:1–18:32. 364 more words

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Spy Explorations

When the Bible tells us about the famous story of the spies, who went to explore the land of Canaan, it uses some Hebrew names which are not very clear to the English reader. 340 more words

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Why Did Aaron Feel Distressed?

Tomorrow’s ‘Parashah’ (weekly Torah portion) is ‘Beha’alotecha’ (‘when you step up’). This is the third ‘Parashah’ in the Book of Numbers and can be found in Numbers 8:1–12:16. 421 more words


The Great Name Debate

When Tova was born, Yitzchak and I debated how to spell her name in English.  Tova isn’t her real name, of course, and we wondered which vowels to use in which places, and in which name (she, unlike Shlomo, has a middle name).   398 more words

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The wonder of the Nazirite

Yesterday we mentioned the connection between the weekly Torah portion (‘Naso’) and the weekly Prophet’s portion which speaks about Samson. The connection between the two biblical parts is the focus on the ‘vow of Nazirite’ – a person’s decision to separate himself to God. 356 more words

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How does the Hebrew meaning of 'camp' relate to Jerusalem's most well-known market?

During this week’s posts we have focused on the way the different tribes of Israel’s camps were organized in the desert. Today we will discuss the Hebrew meaning of the key word for this topic – the Hebrew word for ‘camp’ and its various meanings. 474 more words

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Israel’s Grand Old Flags: A Study of Hebrew Roots

The previous posts from this week dealt with the camp order of the people of Israel in the desert, so today we will discuss the original Hebrew meaning of words related to this issue. 385 more words

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