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"He Will Crush Your Head and You Will Strike His Heel" – The Amazing Hebrew Explanation of the Battle Between Man and the Snake

Yesterday we talked a bit about the original Hebrew meaning of the word ‘Nachash’ {נחש}  which was translated to English as ‘serpent’ which can be found in the third chapter of the Book of Genesis. 642 more words

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God's Name and His Land Promises to the Children of Israel

On last Saturday’s post we discussed the transition from a “family” to a “people.” In Genesis, we learned about a family that was led by the three patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. 387 more words

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Israel's Destiny: More than Brothers

“Vayigash” {ויגש} (Hebrew for “and he drew near”) is the eleventh weekly Torah portion (parashah {פרשה}) in the annual Jewish cycle of Torah reading. It is found in Genesis 44:18–47:27. 548 more words

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How the Rabbi Got Her Name

“What about a Hebrew name?”

The question from an Intro student seemed routine.

“You choose your name,” I explained, ” but it is the custom to use ‘bar or bat Abraham v’Sarah’ for the second part of a convert’s name.” I focussed on the usual question (“Why Abraham and Sarah?”) but before I could trot down that line of thought, he pulled me up short. 246 more words

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He called me by my Hebrew name, a priceless exerpt of "Heart of a Savior"

As I was walking downtown, probably lost in translation, a sudden wake-up call sounded clearly to my ears: I heard Yeshua call me “Elisheva” as He placed His hand on my heart. 241 more words

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What is "Sevivon"?

“Sevivon” (סביבון) is the Hebrew name for a four-sided spinning top (also known as dreidel) which is the most popular Hanukkah toy. On the “sevivon” are inscribed four Hebrew letters that mean the following: 85 more words

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Why eat fried foods during Hanukkah?

When the Maccabees liberated Jerusalem and entered the Temple, they wanted to light the Menorah. But then they discovered that all of the oil flasks were desecrated by the Greeks except for one. 73 more words

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