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Top 5 Apps for Baby Name

1.Bible Names and Meanings

Bible is the most read and most quoted book in the world. Therefore, the names that are mentioned in are familiar for each of us. 185 more words

Day 206 Why My Name Is Rina?

Hi there!

Why was I named ‘Rina’? It’s really part of my birth name which I won’t further give the details. So my parents didn’t initially know that my name ‘Rina’ has Hebrew origins neither do they know the meaning of the name ‘Rina’. 227 more words

Our Fathers’ Banners

After the initial census of the people of Israel ended and before the Bible describes how the different tribes camped in the desert, the following verses appear: 339 more words

Biblical Hebrew

Why Did Aaron Feel Distressed?

Today’s ‘Parashah’ (weekly Torah portion) is ‘Beha’alotecha’  {בהעלותך} (‘when you step up’). This is the third ‘Parashah’ in the Book of Numbers and can be found in Numbers 8:1–12:16. 421 more words

Biblical Hebrew

What is ‘Lag Ba-Omer’?

Today is the 33rd day in the count of the Omer {עומר}  (or as we call it in Hebrew ‘Lag Ba-Omer’ {לג בעומר} ) which is a special day in the Hebrew calendar and is considered a holiday in Israel. 302 more words

Hebrew Meaning

“Yom Ha-Shoah” (The Holocaust Remembrance Day)

Today in the evening begins ‘Yom Ha-Shoah’ {יום השואה} which is Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel.
This date, the 27th of the Hebrew month of Nissan, was chosen to be the official memorial day for the Holocaust for symbolic reasons. 445 more words

Biblical Hebrew


Zilla: Hebrew name meaning, “shadow”

(Really makes you think about the name Godzilla, now, doesn’t it?)

I close the curtains up tight
so I can no longer         see… 145 more words

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