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How does the Hebrew meaning of 'camp' relate to Jerusalem's most well-known market?

During this week’s posts we have focused on the way the different tribes of Israel’s camps were organized in the desert. Today we will discuss the Hebrew meaning of the key word for this topic – the Hebrew word for ‘camp’ and its various meanings. 474 more words

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Israel’s Grand Old Flags: A Study of Hebrew Roots

The previous posts from this week dealt with the camp order of the people of Israel in the desert, so today we will discuss the original Hebrew meaning of words related to this issue. 385 more words

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Our Fathers’ Banners

After the initial census of the people of Israel ended and before the Bible describes how the different tribes camped in the desert, the following verses appear: … 338 more words

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New name!

Ever since I left Christianity, I’ve been thinking that I should change my Hebrew name. The biblical name קמואל (Kmuel/Kemuel“raised/established by God” 184 more words


Choosing a Name

One of the most fun parts of conversion is picking a Hebrew name. Since hearing that I would be allowed to do this, I have been researching names that connect with me on some level and names that are fun to say. 340 more words

What's in a Hebrew Name?

Your Hebrew name is your Jewish ID. You will need it every time you are called to the Torah, when you sign your ketubah, and when you are sick. 238 more words

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