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“Yom Ha-Shoah” (The Holocaust Remembrance Day)

Today in the evening begins ‘Yom Ha-Shoah’ {יום השואה} which is Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel.
This date, the 27th of the Hebrew month of Nissan, was chosen to be the official memorial day for the Holocaust for symbolic reasons. 445 more words

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Zilla: Hebrew name meaning, “shadow”

(Really makes you think about the name Godzilla, now, doesn’t it?)

I close the curtains up tight
so I can no longer         see… 145 more words

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Lectures: Converting to Judaism: An Explanation Guide - BimBam

Shalom everyone! The following is a video explanation guide released by BimBam about converting to Judaism. Non-Jews are not obligated to fully convert to… 119 more words


Biblical Closure!

This year we will celebrate the Festival of Purim {פורים} in the upcoming week and that is why this week we have a different “Haftarah”{הפטרה} – weekly prophet’s portion. 193 more words

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"He Will Crush Your Head and You Will Strike His Heel" – The Amazing Hebrew Explanation of the Battle Between Man and the Snake

Yesterday we talked a bit about the original Hebrew meaning of the word ‘Nachash’ {נחש}  which was translated to English as ‘serpent’ which can be found in the third chapter of the Book of Genesis. 642 more words

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God's Name and His Land Promises to the Children of Israel

On last Saturday’s post we discussed the transition from a “family” to a “people.” In Genesis, we learned about a family that was led by the three patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. 387 more words

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Israel's Destiny: More than Brothers

“Vayigash” {ויגש} (Hebrew for “and he drew near”) is the eleventh weekly Torah portion (parashah {פרשה}) in the annual Jewish cycle of Torah reading. It is found in Genesis 44:18–47:27. 548 more words

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