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Blondie, the Redemption of All Things, and Why I Don't Have a Soul

Eric preached a great sermon on Sunday. Focusing on Ephesians 2:10 (“For we are God’s masterpiece”, NLT), he wove an eloquent message about the importance of seeing ourselves the way God sees us. 1,479 more words

Yom 119

This week ’s Hebrew Word is actually two:


Which translates as RIGHTEOUS JUDGMENT

“You are to appoint shoftyim (judges) and officers for all your gates Adonai your Yah is giving you, tribe by tribe; and they are to judge the people with MISHPAT-TZEDEK. 378 more words

Today's Hebrew Word!!

Yom 118

This Week ’s Hebrew word is


Which means


I am utterly and completely NA’ANEH (humbled; yom 117) and L’TISHTALET AL (overwhelmed; yom 117) at the M’PHOAR majesty of the Creator of the universe; not only at theM’PHOAR majesty, but at the overflowing outpour of His AHAVAH (love; yom 79), His CHESED (mercy-aka LOVINGKINDNESS-; yom 85), His SELACH (forgiveness; yom 65), His EMET (truth; yom 88), His EMUNAH (faith; yom 67), and His BRACHA (blessing; yom 33), which increase within my heart TIKVAH (hope; yom 82) and KO’ACH (strength; yom 83) leading to ARUKAH (restoration; yom 86) of every part of me on an intensely deep level. 21 more words

Today's Hebrew Word!!

Yom 115

This week ’s Hebrew word is


which means REDEDICATION!!

At a time when most of the world focuses on selfish endowments, it is vital for the message of CHANUKKAH to be boldly and unadulteratedly proclaimed. 166 more words

Today's Hebrew Word!!

Yom 113

This week ’s Hebrew word is


which means HONESTY

It is time for B’KAYNUT and EMET(truth; yom 88), at a time when everyone seems to want to justify and excuse away lies and deceit.  75 more words

Today's Hebrew Word!!

Yom 112

This week ’s Hebrew word is:


Which means WEEPING

And when reading through ‘Ezra, the book that touches my heart so much because it truly speaks to the nature of rejecting Yah’s Torah, walking in rebellion, the destruction it brings, and the TESHUVAH (repentance; yom 76) it should yield, in order to bring about SELACH (forgiveness; yom 65), ANUKAH (restoration/healing; yom 86), and CHI’DUSH (renewal; yom 108). 263 more words

Today's Hebrew Word!!

Yom 111

This week ’s Hebrew word is


Which means PROPHETS

The purpose of the NEVI’IM has been so distorted by modern religion, christianity in particular. People think that “prophesy” means seeing into and predicting the future, but what did the REAL NEVI’IM do? 69 more words

Today's Hebrew Word!!