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Learn to Read the Hebrew Old Testament in A Single Lesson

Reading Biblical Hebrew is as easy as one, two, and that number between two and four.  That’s right.  Its a matter of logic and applying knowledge commonly found in the scriptures.  2,708 more words


The Amazing Biblical Language: The Importance of The Letter Chet

The letter Chet is a very straight-forward letter.  It evolved from a pictograph of a wall which serves to ‘separate’ things and is also relative to things which are ‘separated’ from each is other.  389 more words


X-axis direction in Right-To-Left languages (part two)

I already wrote about my interest in data visualization in Right-To-Left (RTL) languages. Recently, I got copies of high school calculus books from Jordan and the Palestinian Authority. 371 more words


Patach Dalet, An Open Door

Beyond the Dalet – Through the Open Door

In the Spirit While in the Earth

John’s day started out like any other day. He was overly aware of his earthly situation and the limitations of this earthly physical existence. 1,123 more words

The Dalet

Dalet is a Hebrew letter and symbolizes a door, It suggests a gateway or the energy or force which transfers us from one state of being to another. 2,369 more words

The Writings of Vavasor Powell in the John Rylands Collection: A Jewish-Christian Encounter

Lawrence Rabone, PhD student studying seventeenth-century Jewish-Christian relations, shares some of his early findings from his research as John Rylands Library Research Affiliate.

Four rare works by the little known Welsh preacher Vavasor Powell (1617-1670) in the John Rylands Library offer a fresh perspective on the tumultuous years of seventeenth-century England. 1,970 more words


5 Biblical Mysteries and The Answers That Have Been Right In Front of Us

The answers to many long standing questions (and arguments) regarding the exact meaning of certain Hebrew words found in the Scriptures may have been right in front of our eyes the whole time.   919 more words