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Sin Will Wash Away

Jesus, equally God and yet came as a Human.

Born to a virgin for the redemption of sins.

Every year God’s people waiting for the solution. 118 more words

Alive and working in us!!!

Hello, today I read Hebrews 3-5, Ezekiel 33, and Proverbs 27.

In Hebrews today the writer is saying what I tried to say yesterday! So awesome! 101 more words

Dull of hearing

I came across this again tonight after writing it over a year ago. WOW, how God will keep circling us around the same mountain until we get it…….Sunday’s sermon was on this same scripture, and once again it wrecked me so I thought I would share this again. 449 more words

Dull Of Hearing

Learning From Mary’s Suffering

La Pieta

Dawn and I had the opportunity to visit St. Peter’s Cathedral when we were in Rome. We actually walked up to the top of the dome, which gave us a good work out and breathtaking views. 698 more words


Man Overboard

Are you a rat on a sinking ship?

Expending valuable energy pursuing the dreams of others?

Blindly seeking purpose?

Foolishly chasing the pleasures of life? 437 more words


Does God Control Our Circumstances?

Does God control my circumstances, or are the circumstances in my life just that—circumstances?

Well … uh … yes.

God often uses our circumstances to guide us and show us what to do, but sometimes the circumstances surrounding us have nothing to do with what God wants us to do. 703 more words

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