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Saw this first at http://www.cyclelicio.us

The new definition of 40%.

The 2009 study showed 40 percent of trips recorded by more than 300,000 participants were two miles or less.

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Most Epic Vacation Video Ever

This is episode 27 of Smosh’s Ian Hecox’s series Ian Is Bored. I am just in love with this song, even though it technically isn’t a real song. 165 more words


"Siri Tried to Kill Me!" by Smosh

These guys are hilarious. This video makes me wish I had an iPhone 4s, JUST to have Siri.

Video Log


Hi so the reason I published like 4 chapters of different fanfics yesterday was because I needed to delete them of my notes. I wrote them all on my iPod on the note section and my brother keeps going on my iPod, if he saw them I would probably die with embaracment. 317 more words

More Than Friends chapter 7

Korey couldn’t sleep that night. All she had in her head was that Anthony, almost kissed her yesterday. “Maybe he didn’t try to KISS me… Maybe something was on my face…” she thought, trying to convince herself that it wasn’t almost a kiss. 1,037 more words

More Than Friends chapter 6

Anthony and Korey stood there, in front of his house, without a sound coming from them. “This is kinda getting awkward…” Korey thought, swaying back and forth. 658 more words