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Lets Talk About HECS

Lets talk about HECS baby.

For part 2 of our salary packaging series, lets talk about HECS.

HECS debt is understandably a major concern for any student. 337 more words


I Paid Off My Student Loan

I mentioned in my September monthly recap that I did my taxes for the year and received a refund. Along with that my accountant gave me more good news which was that I finished paying off my student loan. 358 more words

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Student Stories: How Australia's tertiary education system is letting her down

This week I met with Mary* to catch up and interview her about her future career plans. I’ve known Mary for quite a few years now, having met when we were both still in high school, her a few grades behind me. 567 more words

How university students around the world pay their fees

Thanks to American TV shows and movies, we Aussies have some idea of just how expensive University fee in America can be. Payment options seem to include: having rich parents, becoming an exotic dancer by night, taking out ridiculous student loans (with lovely interest rates) or quitting your job as a mild mannered chemistry teacher to sell meth. 275 more words

HECS Debt Denial

I have been in denial about HECS for many years now. After I finally finished my Masters Degree for Architecture, my brain shut down and immediately went into Recovery Mode and I have been living blissfully ever since. 70 more words


HELP debt when Overseas

Are you living overseas and still have a HECS or HELP debt?

Or are your kids overseas with such debts?

New rules in 2017 require… 124 more words

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