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University = Schoolies?

I think an analogy can be drawn between University and Schoolies.


  • Great way to waste time doing useless stuff
  • They are both one big party and once you’re in you don’t want to leave…
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15% universal loan fee for HECS/HELP

The Grattan Institute released a report calling for a universal 15% loan fee to be added when student incur a higher education HECS/HELP liability.  Reasoning behind a 15% loan fee is that it would go towards offsetting the interest-rate subsidy students receive as a result of their HECS/HELP liability being indexed at the rate of CPI ( 872 more words

Education Policy

Why I ignore my student debt

Whilst our US buddies are straddled with high-interest student loans, Australia is mildly lucky that the government provides ‘interest-free’ loans for higher education (IT SHOULD BE FREE!). 277 more words

To HECS or Not To HECS - that is the Debt Snowball question!

This a question that has plagued many an Aussie Dave Ramsey follower.

Should I include my HECS / Fee-HELP debt into my Debt Snowball?

According to Dave, all non-mortgage debt is to be paid off in BS2 (Baby Step 2 – “Pay off all your debt expect the house”) 419 more words

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Now HECS census date has come and gone

That’s it now. HECS census date, March 31st, has come and gone. I am financially committed to the course units I am currently enrolled in. No turning back, no turning back without financial disincentives. 695 more words


HECS ‘cash grab’ would hurt those already doing it tough

Government considers a suggestion to call in university debts from low-income graduates.

Published: The New Daily, 31/03/16