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What The HEC's This?

When university student Matthew Bench found out that he would have to start repaying his HECS debt as quickly as July this year, he couldn’t believe it. 365 more words



Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, the Great Australian Dream was an island oasis of home ownership and attainable wealth smack bang in the middle of one’s horizon. 1,083 more words


Turnbull Government's University funding cuts sparks online outrage among the Australian public

Malcolm Turnbull’s early release of proposed cuts to University funding, ahead of Tuesday’s budget, has disillusioned many young Australians and led to the beginnings of an online phenomenon. 431 more words

HECS Debt (should I prioritise paying it off?)

Writing this piece at the end of 2016, the Australian HECS system (which I’m for better or worse, part of), is probably the cheapest form of debt that you could ever acquire. 217 more words


15% universal loan fee for HECS/HELP

The Grattan Institute released a report calling for a universal 15% loan fee to be added when student incur a higher education HECS/HELP liability.  Reasoning behind a 15% loan fee is that it would go towards offsetting the interest-rate subsidy students receive as a result of their HECS/HELP liability being indexed at the rate of CPI ( 872 more words

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Why I ignore my student debt

Whilst our US buddies are straddled with high-interest student loans, Australia is mildly lucky that the government provides ‘interest-free’ loans for higher education (IT SHOULD BE FREE!). 277 more words