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The argument against deregulation

The Higher Education Reforms put forth by Education Minister Christopher Pyne look set to disproportionately impact women, particularly those with children and people from… 548 more words


HECS Camo...Scam or Secret Weapon?

 Does the HECS Suit work?

There’s been quite a bit of controversy around whether the HECS suit actually works or if it is just another scam attempting to separate hunters from their money. 336 more words


Moment of Truth

This whole Shopping Ban is harder than I thought it would be. It definitely doesn’t help that I’m staying in a friends house for a few days right next to a Westfield Shopping Centre my friends and I have renamed the Mothership. 620 more words


Afraid of the restless, penniless poor, he BARRED THE UNIVERSITY DOOR.

The education of the hewers of wood and the drawers of water has long been seen as risky by any powerful elite that depends on mass deception for its survival. 1,159 more words

Pyne's advertising campaign is long-term LNP propaganda

Only days after the education reform bill was defeated in the Senate, the government has launched what it describes as an “information” campaign, funded by tax payers, that claims to educate the public about the failed proposed reforms to higher education. 396 more words


Pyne: Women study teaching not law

If you were the Minister for Education you’d hope that you had a decent enough understanding of the tertiary education sector to accurately answer questions about it. 481 more words


One + One = Three

Three things happened yesterday: The Guardian.com re-published a deeply personal commentary by Lucy Clark, journalist and editor of the Hoopla; actress Cate Blanchett gave her… 1,017 more words