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PODCAST: Vince in the Bay meets Hector "Sabu" Monsegur, ex-#Anonymous

As the year declines towards its end and we look towards the new year with new hope, let us not forget our past. And let us never forget Hector “Sabu” Monsegur’s past and what it means to our present. 123 more words


Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto News for June 21

Still hungover from Suits and Spooks (and Snitches?)? Us too, kittens. Now it’s time for healing, resting, and conserving our strength for CCC in August. Everyone’s least-favorite snitch will be there, so be sure to have the proper attire on hand for greeting him. 145 more words


The Face of the Faceless: Anonymous as Branded Activism

            “Suits and Spooks” is a series of cyber-security events one of which took place yesterday in NYC. The event includes former security officials, pundits, experts and famous hackers from the subcultural scene. 2,051 more words


Interwebbed Cyber & Crypto News for June 8

Okay, so it’s Monday, and that’s never good, but at least you’re not in Syria, right? 22 air strikes and counting. Well, back here where it’s comfy and safe, sometimes… 238 more words


Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto News for June 3

Did you miss us, kittens? First we were at Social Media Camp, then we spent a week in the arms of our old friend Post-Conference Flu, then ALL THREE of our computers died THANKS OBAMA, and now we’re back. 216 more words