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I was walking up St. Giles’ Hill this morning and noticed the sun bathing this wall and picking out the ivy. I just had to photograph it. 18 more words

Andrew Hardacre Photography

Lovin' the common garden ivy.....Hedera helix!!

The common ivy, Hedera helix is an all-rounder in the plant world. It provides excellent ground cover, thrives very well in shade, it cleans your air and can withstand really harsh climatic conditions. 253 more words

Interior Design

Chapter 50---In Which The Adventure Begins

Chapter 50—

“Be careful,” Dr. M says.

He sits at a little round table in the kitchenette. He hands are wrapped around a mug of coffee with a gold M emblazoned on it. 269 more words

Chapter 49---Intermission

Chapter 49—Intermission

He lets you in.

You fall asleep between him and Polydeuces with the sound of terrible children’s programming in your ears.


H̹̪͎͖̠͈͔͡e̺͉͙͖͔l͏̱̯͓͇̲ͅḽ̬͍̀o͈̠̭̬.̗ 889 more words

Chapter 48 --- In Which There Is A Revelation

Chapter 48—

You’d spit your drink out if someone hadn’t stolen it.

Ushmesh-ne-Gallima? Like, the fabled lost empire of Ushmesh-ne-Gallima? It’s said that being vaguely connected to such a magnificent place is so mind-blowingly amazing that several other decently awesome empires have torn themselves down in their attempts to be associated with the no-longer-existent paradise. 306 more words

Chapter 47---In Which There Is Tension

Chapter 47—

“Nalis,” Dr. M says. “This is Hedera Helix. He’ll be helping you with your assignment.”

The robot’s cross-hairs flick to an inquisitive shade of purple. 327 more words

Chapter 46---In Which The Author Cements The Science Fiction Portion Of This Story

Chapter 46—

“Have either of you seen Obsidian?”

The two boys freeze. Their eyes dart from Dr. M, to the hallway, to you, then back to Dr. 320 more words